Greece, Troika Talks Far Apart

Troika_StournarasEnvoys from Greece’s international lenders are squeezing the uneasy coalition government led by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, the New Democracy Conservative leader to push the pace of reforms – including firing public workers, privatizing state entities and ending professional monopolies – before releasing more rescue loans.

Inspectors from the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) have been meeting with top officials, including Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras, Development Minister Costis Hatzidakis and Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis to tell them to get going.

Speaking to the newspaper Kathimerini, a high-ranking Finance Minister official said negotiations had “a long way to go” as government officials met with the IMF’s Poul Thomsen, the ECB’s Klaus Masuch and the European Commission’s Matthias Mors. Discussions centered on issues such as the demand of the country’s international creditors for layoffs in the public sector as well as the opening of closed professions, market deregulation and privatizations, among other pending issues.

The coalition government is in the process of identifying civil servants who have violated the code of conduct or used false documents to obtain their position looking for 7,000-8,000 to fire in hopes of fending off the layoffs of 25,000 workers this year and 150,000 over the next three years. The government fears a backlash from labor unions and workers if it proceeds with reducing the hugely bloated public sector.


  1. Why can’t they give us the money and get lost? We’re Greek, we are PROFESSIONALS at wasting money, we don’t need any advice. Nor oversight. 

    As for firing civil servants? NO. In fact, we need more shovels so we can hire a lot more of them. In fact, we can hire at least 100,000 civil servants to dig a hole and ANOTHER 100,000 to fill a hole. 

  2. “The government fears a backlash from labor unions and workers if it proceeds with reducing the hugely bloated public sector.”

    Our governments job is to make decisions that serve our entire country, not only to suck up to special interest commie union thugs using mobster and terrorists tactics to get what they want. The laws of economics will not change because someone thinks they deserves more money than the market is willing to give him. It is that sort of unprincipled buckling to unions that made the last ND administration such mess.

    Thus far Samaras seems to be focused on results and doing the right thing for our country not his personal popularity. One can only hope he doesn’t change to appease shameless rioters that constantly hold our economy hostage. We have to balance budgets. Period.

    Better to risk losing doing the right thing for our country rather than following mobs of self-righteous fools.

  3. Alex if the Italian election is any indication and I think it will be ND and Pazok are gone 26% unemployment effects everyone, sacking more workers will not improve the situation .No doubt they deserve to be sacked but when there is no alternative employment all it will do is focus anger against the elected coalition and pro Euro governments who promote Germany’s need for austerity will dissappear.
    Its pointless carring on about commie this or that its happening throughout Europe not having a job not only affects your spending power but it also effects people standing in there community if you like there self belief in them selves The pro austerity Government of Mr.Morsi recieved 10% of the vote Italy’s unemployment is 11.7% we are reaching a crossroad the government of Mr. Samaras needs to make tough choices if it is to survive . Personally I don’t believe they will be there after the next election.       

  4. “Alex if the Italian election is any indication and I think it will be ND
    and Pazok are gone 26% unemployment effects everyone, sacking more
    workers will not improve the situation”

    You talk as if you are papandreous making empty promises of “more money”
    What many Greeks fail to understand sacking jobs is not a choice. We have no money to pay all these government employees, services and ultimately spending.  Its just a matter if we want austerity within the context of the Euro or as a soverign state.
    Austerity was and is not an option with such a small tax base and economy that produces very little. We cannot live like Germans or Americans because we do not produce like them. The sooner Greeks realize this and focus on their own business… rather than ranting how a handful of politicians are supposed to fix everything for them… the sooner we can mutually fix our economy.

  5. “Its pointless carring on about commie’

    Complaining about communists… communists.. is “pointless’?

    Forget the cold war? The millions that suffered under communist tyranny? The extreme poverty under communist that makes Greece today look like a economic powerhouse? The Greeks that were MURDERED by communists for IMRO? (see treasonous Syriza who are great friends with the Skopians yet again).

  6. “we can hire at least 100,000 civil servants to dig a hole and ANOTHER 100,000 to fill a hole. ”

    Lol. Communist Potemkin village economics.

    Papandreous won his election on promises of there is “more money” Even today our leftists are selling their vote to parties that promise them there is “more money”. Most of them have learned nothing and moved on to Syriza. They are in complete denial that there is no more money for them to sponge off. 

    I am never more ashamed to be Greek when I listen to Greek far leftist degenerates constantly shamelessly rioting for more money.  They know our country doesn’t have money but they don’t care. They are proud “anti-nationalists” so they don’t stop to consider how they can help our country. All they can only think about what our government can give them.

  7. Alex you did not finish my quote ….ND and Pazok are gone 26% unemployment effects everyone, sacking more workers will not improve the situation” unless you create alternative employment austerity will not solve the problem it will only exaserbate it further the fewer people employed the less money is spent the less money the government has.the more people are sacked when will it stop.
    The only answer is for Greece to get out of the Euro

  8.  You claim they are :”gone” but hey are in power.

    You still haven’t clued into the fact austerity is not a choice. Even getting out of the Euro, we will still have austarity. We cannot break the laws of accounting. Inputs have to match outputs. Complaining about polticians, austarity, the price of goods, high unemployment, yada yada achives nothing.

    No amount of socialist money redistribution will fix our economy. If we want to do that, we have to stop focusing on our government and focusing on business and productivity.

  9. I agree there has to be alternative employement but the responsibility for that ISN”T OUR GOVERNMENT.  Its we the people

    Our leftists are continuing to teach Greeks to be whining parasites dependent on the state. (as opposed to entrepreneurs that take responsibility for their own lives) Without production no amount of money redistrubution will make a difference. The more we centralize our economy (beuracracy) the worse and worse it will get. (which is exactly how we ended up i the debt mess situation we are in now)

  10. Easy for Troika to say fire the civil servants ,but offer no alternative as to what these people will do and how they will survive.While i agree the civil service is a problem, even here in the USA,i have found the Greek Embassies to be run poorly,and inefficiently,and these are people who make US wages,not 4-500E a month.Until the Greek people,decide they have had enough of the poor service they get from the civil service,they will continue to have problems.Only Greeks can get themselves out of their situation,not Troika,EU or those of us who are Philhellenes.

  11. The EU and IMF are a disgrace to humanity and the human race, more like Nazis than people.
    Run them out of Greece and send them back to Brussels tared and feathered. 

  12. Austerity measures NOT WORKING.  We all know this.   What’s the alternative?   EXIT the EU or get all 2000 plus corrupt people with Swiss accts to return their ill gotten money and save Greece?

    The latter will never happen.   GAME OVER…………………………..

  13.  One thing is clear – no matter who bizarrely recognizes obvious SLAVS as “Macedonians”, ancietn Macedonian artifacts will never rewrite themselves from Greek into the Bulgarian dialect Yugoslav communists modified renamed “Macedonian”.  The Hellenistic age will never be renamed the Slavic age.

    Nor will the records of ancient Macedonians competing for centuries as self-identifying Greeks at the Olympics every go away. Is your master Gruevski planning on competing as a self-identifying Hellenes at the next Olympics just like ancient Macedonians did?

  14.  I am 100 percent pure macedonian — except that all my ancestors were ethnic Bulgarians!

    We are Bulgarians more than the Bulgarians themselves!

    The population of Skopje is pure Bulgarian!

    means only Macedonian Bulgarians!

    No matter whether
    we call ourselves Bulgarians or Macedonians we shall always feel as a
    nationality with a Bulgarian national consciousness!

    the question of racial similarity and difference between Bulgarians and
    Macedonians comes to be resolved on the basis of the national name, language
    and history, there is no doubt that we should resolve it as a Greek priest did
    in 1804; author of a four-language dictionary Greek, Bulgarian, Rumanian and
    Albanian and who regarded as Bulgarian the Western Macedonian dialect.
    Therefore when in Macedonia and Bulgaria there was no mention of the Bulgarian
    Exarchate, the Greeks, obviously well acquainted with the Balkan nationalities,
    do not make any distinction between a Bulgarian, a Macedonian and a Macedonian
    Slav. We the Macedonians, cannot, and have no reason to ignore this and similar
    facts, which can be quoted by the hundreds. We cannot ignore them because to do
    so means to distort our history, to hide the truth and to deceive ourselves.”

  15. I am 100 percent pure ancient Macedonian DNA.

    ” SKOPJE — A six-year long DNA research of the Balkan peoples conducted by
    Skopje Forensics Medicine Institute has showed remarkable resemblance
    among them. “The analysis of the data has showed that residents of
    Macedonia have the most similar DNA with Bulgarians and Serbs, Croats
    with Bosnian and Serbian population while Kosovo Albanians have the
    fewest similarities with the others”


    “Men of Athens,
    that which I am about to say I trust to your honour; and I charge you to keep
    it secret from all excepting Pausanias, if you would not bring me to
    destruction. Had I not greatly at heart the common welfare of Greece, I should
    not have come to tell you; but I am myself a Greek by descent, and I would not
    willingly see Greece exchange freedom for slavery”  Alexander I of Macedonia, Herodotus, Histories, book 9)

  17.  There seems to be more than one. They keep handle swapping pretending to be Greeks or 3rd party foreigners (I have observed this behavior on other websites as well). What the Skopians are trying to do is undermine our current government (because they want communist Syriza to win)

    Its tricky trying to figure out which is which though. Our clueless leftists have no idea what’s going on around them so they end up sounding like potential false flags. This is especially true or the morons that support Syriza (that think the Skopians are their fellow “comrades” — while meanwhile most of the Skopians vote for crypto-fascists Greuvski that  trying to delete us and trying to annex a 1/3 of our country while their foreign apologists pretend not to notice)

  18. “Lol. Communist Potemkin village economics.”

    Actually Ricardian but I wouldn’t expect you Alex, to know that because you have a weak intellect, a lack of curiosity and substance. Basically you’re an asshole consumed by self-hatred.

  19. Actually, you are both wrong. 

    “Dig a hole, fill a hole” is the short form and was based on Keynes “example” in his book “The General Theory”. basically, for him, government should be employing people to dig holes was better then doing nothing. 

    Problem with all this, Greece has been doing digging and hole filling for 30 years and that is what got us to this mess. 

  20. No, only returning to the Drachma, or having our own currency can we ever recover. Please educate yourself on economics, rather than promoting racial hatred.