Gold Mine Protesters Clash With Police Again

gas in schoolJust weeks after arsonists set fire to equipment at a gold mine project in northern Greece – which led the pro-development government to swiftly give approval for the work to proceed – protesters who say it will harm the environment and tourism battled with riot police again.

Some demonstrators complained that police fired tear gas into a school and authorities said they had been conducting frequent searches in the village of Ierissos, looking for evidence in connection with a February nighttime raid on the mining company’s facilities in which intruders torched machinery.

Residents on  March 7 set up a roadblock at the village’s entrance, burning tires to prevent the riot police from entering Ierissos. Police said tear gas was fired at the roadblock, according to AP. A local former mayor, Michalis Vlachopoulos, said gas was also fired inside the village, including in the yard of a high school, and that students were suffering breathing problems.

Police spokesman Christos Manouras denied allegations police had fired tear gas in the village. He said chemicals were only used to clear a roadblock preventing police from reaching the village. The Canadian company Eldorado Gold, through a Greek subsidiary, Hellas Gold, is developing the project it said will bring many needed jobs to the area which, like the rest of Greece, has been hard hit by unemployment caused by harsh austerity measures imposed by the government.


  1. “protesters who say it will harm the environment and tourism battled with riot police again.”

    Any protester that uses violence should be put in jail and criminal prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  2. The enviro’whackos claim that there will be loss of tourism…..that doesn’t even exist. REAL, high paying jobs is anathema to these whackos. 

    Obviously, Greece doesn’t need any jobs since there is plenty to talk about sitting in the local cafes and then, on occasion, protesting. 

    I’m ashamed to be Greek. 

  3. They claim it will “harm tourism”. This a ridiculous claim because no foreigner is going to remotely care about some Gold mine in some tiny region Greece as part of their decision making process on whether to visit Greece.

    The irony they miss is that they themselves are harming tourism. All foreigners keep seeing in their newspapers  is Greeks resorting to violence in the streets.

  4. “has been hard hit by unemployment caused by harsh austerity measures imposed by the government.”

    Leftist gibberish Andy repeats over and over again until he believes it.

    We have been hit hard by unemployment because past adminstrations, with the egging on of Greek voters, spent us into the ground. We were living on credit.

    Our current problems is our economy’s reaction to that initial blunder not due to austarity which was absolutely necessary to balance budgets. Unfortunately some Greeks are intent on continueing to shoot ourselves in the foot by constantly rioting. Ergo what incentive is there to invest in Greece?  Who would want to invest money in a business when communist thieves want to steal all your profits? Who would want to invest money in Greece when masses of people are out the streets lawlessly attacking police, throwing molotov cocktails,  and murdering pregnant women for “democracy”.

    Focusing on handouts and just whining about politicians produces NOTHING. Until Greeks start focusing on their own business by actually producing something beyond whining someone else owes them money, we will be stuck where we are. We need Greeks that take ownership of their lives. Greeks that have a can-do attitude towards achievement. What we don’t need is anymore Greeks shamelessly dependent on the state to survive. What we don’t need is any more excuse making weasels trying to shift moral responsibility for their own lives onto the backs of others.

  5. If you’re ashamed to be Greek go and get a Turkish passport and be a proud Turk we don’t need the likes of you.

  6. It is these treasounous traitors that are harming Greece.

    These traitors are harming industry and our ability to generate wealth while at the same time they will sit and whine about the governemnt and how curropt they are and why they havent received this and that type of handouts.

    As a nation it is this type of wealth creation which we should encourage…if we dont and fall sway to these treasounous leftists then nobody will invest in Greece. If nobody invests then how can we pay for things…..

  7. He’s suggesting that some Greeks are looking for scapegoats rather than looking more carefully in the mirror. He is right.

    Before getting angry get to know a bit about the posters. Alithia is a good guy that cares deeply for our homeland. He realizes carrying isn’t only about trying to talk other Greeks out of their hard earned money. Its also about what we ourselves do. The actions we also take as individuals.

  8. According to our leftists nearly everyone is victim (except those that work hardest to make a better life for themselves)

    Unfortunately this unpatriotic mentally of shamelessly sticking out our hands and demanding the wealth of other Greeks, rather than thinking what we ourselves have produced and what we ourselves have given, leaves no one to pay for things.

  9. I’d like to point out that Hellas Gold, regardless of the name, is not Hellenic. It is owned by European Goldfields which in turn is owned by Eldorado Gold: Eldorado Gold –owns–> European Goldfields –owns–> Hellas Gold.

    I suppose they chose to use a Greek-sounding name to make the locals feel good about it.

  10. I noticed that too. The word trickery is a bit annoying  and I wish we had negotiated a better deal but ultimately the thousand of decent paying jobs will still be a good thing for the local economy. It will also give Greeks some mining experience skills (which will help for any future mining projects elsewhere in Greece).

    Once the mining company has set up its operation the government should  have a little renegotiating room for a bigger slice of the pie. (the way the mine was acquired was rather shady but because of our current predicament we currently have little leverage when it comes to foreign investors)

    My main concern though is what happens after the mine is completely tapped. Is the company on the hook for cleaning up after? This is an absolute must.

  11. Unlike yourself Alex l don’t spend 90% of the day studying and making assumptions about other posters on this site.
    I Am proud to be Greek unlike the moron Alithia who is ashamed to be Greek its that simple.

  12. Eldorado Mines is one of he better mining companies. Sure, they want to make a profit, but they are also not a fly by night company that will destroy and disappear. 

  13. So you are proud that Greeks collectively have run the country into the ground and the most vulnerable people are dumpster diving? Killing themselves? Resorting to prostitution? Old people not being able to heat their homes? People dying from resorting to 18th century heating? 1.4 million unemployed? Laughingstock of the entire world? Are you proud that every country in the world is using Greece as the boogeyman of borrow and spend economics?

    Are you proud of that?  Or should all that be ignored under a blanket of nationalism? . 

  14. People like you who support the traitors that ruined Greece are the ones that are ashamed to be Greek and the people like me and the Golden Dawn who are proud to be Greek are the ones that will fix Greece.

  15. Did they ever engage in a “largest bid” auction? I don’t recall this happening, so we may have lost out on a lucrative deal.

  16. Golden Dawn will fix Greece? 

    Let me think about this……thinking…..thinking…. Okay…..only if they were blue shirts. Black and brown shirts are so yesterday! 

  17. Great try ilithio but you got it wrong, New Democracy blue, Pasok green and anarchist red are so yesterday and i cant see a brown shirt anywhere.
    Black is very in today just ask the majority of the Greek youth.

  18.  And also Cypriot in case you didn’t know Bobolas who owns Mega channel sold his share of the mine to Eldarado for 11 million euros and not 1 euro went to the Greek state.

  19. Perhaps if you spent more time first knowing the people you are arguing
    with before shooting your mouth off like an all-knowing troll you’d know both Altithia and Alex are patriots.


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