Greek Students Protest Education Reforms

Greek Students protestNearly Some 2,000 Greek university and technical college students protested outside Parliament on March 6 after Education Minister Constantinos Aravanitopoulos submitted the government’s plan for an overhaul of the system that allows students to stay in college without graduating and to close down unnecessary departments.

The scheme, called Athena after the ancient goddess, has prompted complaints from students and local officials in parts of the country where the institutions are located, although a recent report found, for example, that colleges produce seven times more civil engineers than there are jobs and that many regional schools are operating to serve small numbers of students in other courses.

Arvanitopoulos said that the current number of university departments was not sustainable. He said that they had increased from 334 in 1993 to 534 today.

“All that was needed (for a department to be created) was the desire of an academic and the support of an MP,” said Arvanitopoulos, who added that he was open to suggestions from opposition parties about potential changes to the draft law.  He argued that through the mergers of departments, deficit-cutting measures and overhaul, Greek students will enjoy better studies.

Students said they didn’t want any changes. The closing of departments means that some students might have to move to different cities to continue their studies or end up with a different diploma regarding to their initial choice. “We want our diplomas, not worthless documents,” protesters chanted, vowing to return to the streets until the bill is overturned.


  1. A mere 2,000 protesting is a minute number of students, and hardly worth mentioning in an article. GR trying to make something out of nothing again?

  2. We need more PhD in Medieval Porn Literature!

    Here is a novel idea, have students PAY for their education. If they want to get a civil engineering degree with no chance in hell of getting a job, then by all means, have them waste THEIR money. 

    Oh, I forgot, Greece is a half wit socialist country with great ideas….but no money…..

  3. These are the traitors that become unproductive and suck the life out of our beatiful country. Instead they prefer to laze away and blame the elites and fascisit for their and the countries issues while cruising through uni..join a welfare loving political party..then obtain a civil service job that adds to the beracracy and deisncrages entrepenurship through theivery and bribery.

    For shame….

  4. The problem is the faculties in these universities are left leaning so these students just absorb their propaganda. Thats why tenure should be based on merit not on ideology Left or Right. And when you’re that age naive and dumb.

  5.  Yes they should pay, or at least, a means system implemented. There are kids sitting on their arses in uni’s and sponging off the state for years, that are from families who can well afford to pay.

    And aside from those universities, who barely warrant the name, being closed down. The pass marks into university should also be raised, there are a lot of time wasters who got into uni on grades that wouldn’t have been accepted in many other countries.

    But the attitude toward tertiary education needs to change here first. University is not an automatic right for every lazy numbskull. It is a priviledge for the hard working who merit it.