Mercouri Remembered 19 Years Later

    mercouriThe passing of famed actress and former Culture Minister Melina Mercouri on March 7, 1994 was noted when a crowd gathered at her burial spot in the First Cemetery of Athens to pay continued respects.

    Among them were ere gathered at her grave to pay tribute to Melina Mercouri. The memorial was attended among others by her brother, Spiros, author Alki Zei, her close colleague Manuella Pavlidou and the Laliotis family.

    Serving as Minister of Culture Mercouri believed in the cultural dialogue between the European nations and was the inspirer of the European Cultural Capital idea and she began the Municipal Regional Theatre and campaigned tirelessly for the return of the Parthenon Marbles from the British Museum.

    Several awards have been named for her including the  theatrical Melina Mercouri Award and the UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage Award Melina Mercouri  given every two years since 1997.

    As an actress she made her film debut in Stella (1955) and met international success with her performances in Never on Sunday, Phaedra, Topkapi and Promise at Dawn. She won the award for Best Actress at the 1960 Cannes Film Festival, and she was also nominated for an Academy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and two BAFTA Awards.

    A political activist during the Greek military junta of 1967–1974, she became a member of the Hellenic Parliament in 1977 and the first female Minister for Culture of Greece in 1981.


    1. Immortal freedom fighter!
      Your courage outweighed a whole phalanx of junta fascists! You fought with zeal for the right of every Greek to vote without angst!

      You acted pretty good as well!

    2. The only thing that this ugly stupid cow will be remembered for is that she and her leader the American puppet Andreas Papandreou laid the foundations for the corrupt, crooked and bankrupt Greece we have today

    3.  Freedom fighter…..what a joke, she was from a wealthy family in Athens that lived comfortably during the war and Nazi occupatin and she was in Drama School till she graduated in 1944.
      Who did she actually free???????????
      What other crap did they teach you at the communist training camp Savas?

    4. A fascist need not be able to agree but you will need to do reseach, otherwise you remain part of that ignorant fascist group!

      The current situation my fascist friend is due to evey successive governemt since the overthrow of the fascist junta.

      Not one government had the foresight, intelligence, or courage to stop the impending financial bubble that burst.

      So read before you speak! 

    5.  What a pathetic and poor response but then again you communists cant deal with the truth and facts.

    6. Funny, I would have said none of you fascists can deal with the truth and facts!

      Maybe you should apply yourself to red neck politics in the diaspora I’m sure they would love a Greek fascist soap!