Refugee Tells Her Story on Women’s Day

refugeeOn the occasion of Women’s Day, a refugee from Syria narrates the story of her difficult life. She was forced to leave her homeland to live a better life in Greece. Everything she experienced in Greece made ​​her prefer war to racism.

Twenty-nine-year-old Zihan is a mother of six children. She used to be happily married until the Civil War began and her husband was arrested and jailed. Leaving Syria seemed to be the last resort for her and her children.

The young mother had never imagined what she would live in Greece. She thought she was in a country where she and her children could live a peaceful life. Instead, she has to deal with disregard and racism. One day a woman in the market, started pushing her little daughter. “I have thought even to return to war. I prefer it to Greece. We escape from war and death, to live this? ” she says.

It all started with the dissidents’ protests and then life became expensive. Gradually explosions started, bombs in schools and gunshots in cold blood. From the massacre in a nearby village, no one knows how many people were killed. My husband used to photograph the protests until he was arrested and jailed “Zihan said.

When things got worse, her husband urged her to flee to Turkey illegally. In a war you cannot have a passport issued.


  1. These sorts of disgusting articles are against the human rights of greeks.

    Greece is a soverign state not the world’s garbage dumb for illegals. It clearly cannot maintain the huge amount of illegals flowing in and remain a Greek state for much longer.  While this woman’s situation is sad, lets keep in mind she desrespects our borders and slanders out country in a manipulate way to get to stay.

     This woman could have stayed in Turkey or gone to any other state. For those pointing fingers why aren’t the UK “racist” for not accepting her? Why is not the US “fascist” for not accepting her? Russia? China? Sweden? Finland? Qatar? Brazil? Aren’t all those states more equiped than Greece is to accept this many illegals? (and don’t they call also deport illegals).

    The natural consequence of the continued unrestricted flow of illegals into is the eventual deletion of Greece and the Greek people. ts incredibly sad some Greeks are so incompetent they are more interested in destroying our homeland than protecting it.

  2. She was forced to leave her homeland to live a better life in Greece. Everything she experienced in Greece made ​​her prefer war to racism. TRANSLATION: Racial & Religious conflict between Sunnis, & Alawites in Syria which has claimed the lives of 70000 Syrians, caused her to flee her war torn 3rd World cesspool homeland and to ILLEGALY VIOLATE Greek national borders, break Greek immigration laws, & presently reside illegaly in Greece, where “Greek racism” has thus far claimed the lives of zero illegal Syrian immigrants.

    “I have thought even to return to war. I prefer it to Greece. We escape from war and death, to live this? ” she says.” – Typical arrogant illegal immigrant. She comes from Syria where Alawite verse Sunni racial-religious conflict has claimed the lives of 70000 Syrians and she dares to launch into a tirade of hate speech against Greece, a nation she entered illegally, where not a single Syrian has been killed.

  3. Israel, & Turkey should accept her, after all the Syrian civil war is a result of the Israeli mossad organizing dissent in Syria, & Turkey flooding Syria with weapons, directly supplying Syrian rebels with the weapons needed to keep the conflict going. Ofcourse not a single Syrian refugee has fled to Israel which borders Syria, despite the Americans pathetically labelling Israel to only democracy in the middle east. Syrians won’t flee to Israel because the Israeli army thoroughly gaurds it’s borders and is notoriously trigger happy!

  4. The Turks won’t accept her or her children, MSMlies. They push the illegals VOLONTARY into Greece to weaken us and some Turks even say that openly.
    Also, if I remember well, an ex-turkish prime minister said that Turkey didn’t have to fight us to get ride of us but just to push 3-4 millions of muslims civilians to Greece to destroy us once and for all. I think that’s what the turks are doing now.
    Let’s also not forget this international Pakistani ring of Human traffickers which import many illegals peoples from Pakistan (including women and children) to Europe. Javed Aslam, the leader of the leader of the Pakistani community in Greece was even arrested following an interpol warrant. He is still in Greece because he asked for political asylum, claiming he risked to be tortured if he would be deported back to Pakistan.

    What many peoples don’t understand is that behind illegal immigration, there are human traffickers and so to support illegal immigration is to support human trafficking. And let’s not forget the potential effects of illegal muslim immigration in 20-30 years if the illegal muslims stay here : What will happen to our families if there is a war with Turkey and we have 4-5 millions illegal muslims in Greece ?
    Also and even if there isn’t a war with Turkey, if muslims become the majority, what will happen to Orthodox and Atheists ? Because History has shown that when muslims become the majority they threat all others minorities as inferiot beings (much like the nazis) ?
    Also, even without that, how to take care of millions of peoples like this woman if they make 6+ children per family ? Will there be enough food for everybody ?
    Her stroy (if true) is sad but as a muslim, it’s the duty of other muslims to help her. Why the muslims don’t help their own peoples ? Saudi Arabia, UAE, ect … are very rich country.

  5. You are right, theses kinds of articles are very hypocrites.
    If Hellas and other European countries have to welcome immigrants from Syria, it’s only Christians from Syria who risk being killed by the islamists if they win the war against Assad.
    But strange how many of the Middle Eastern Christians, instead of fleeing massively to Europe, try the best they can to stay in their country of origins and as contrary, it’s millions of muslims (who persecute Christians in the Middle East) who come massively to Europe …

  6. Greece is not only prone to this ninja & six children. All Western countries have this problem. Why have six children for & expect somebody else to feed them? This is a worldwide problem.

    Greece has this problem because they bragged about being alongside the Westerners with EU welfare backing them up.

    I was on vacation in Greece a few years back & this arrogant old man saw that I wasn’t Greek and pushed me aside roughly to get in front of me at a supermarket. I think he heard me speak Macedonian. Well, I hope he is starving today.

  7. There is ONLY one political party that will rapidly deport ALL ILLEGAL immigrants residing in Greece, there is ONLY one political party that will secure Greece’s border with Turkey, by laying landmines & stationing more troops to create a barrier illegal immigrants are unable to cross even with Turkish support. There is ONLY one political party that will end the increasing practice of allowing non-ethnic Greeks (many of them muslims) to serve in the Greek military.
    This party is Golden Dawn.
    The Turks will either end their meddling with Greece, or there will be a new Greek-Turkish war, a TOTAL WAR, a war more total and radical than anything ever fought before between Greece and Turkey.

  8. I know that but I had hope XA would have stabilized to 15-20% and indirectly force a party like ANEL or ND to do their job.
    With ressources under the Aegean Sea, imperialists from other countries would be very happy to have a pretext to invade Hellas and to turn it into Irak just so they can take over theses ressources. 1 mistake and they will surely invade like they did in Serbia.

    What is worrying me regarding your party aren’t the peoples who vote for it (most are normal peoples fed up with the invaders) or the Chrysavgites who act in the streets but it’s because some guys from your organization as well as some of your representatives seems to me a little bit too immatures and unable to control themselves so if the situation would escalate, I have the impression they could commit very stupid and dangerous acts.
    So if your party would keep his tone but change his image into a more mature, more serious one and canalize his wildest elements so they wouldn’t do stupid things which could embarrass the country, then I would find your party more interesting (even if I would vote for you hands down if voting you in power could stop Syriza to take over the country because this internationalist party would destroy Hellas and turn it into Yougoslavia in a couple of years).
    For ANEL and ND, like I have said, if I know your party would be just behind in score, I would vote for them because for the international image of the country it would be easier to have them officially as ruler parties while XA would rule unofficially by pushing the elected right wing party to do his job.
    Now if you would manage to solve the problems I cited below and appear more “professionals”, I would rethink my position and I also think that by doing this, you would have more support too with others voters but still, your improvement from a fringe political party to where you ar now is rather impressive.
    Also if you would manage to unite all the nationalists whaterver their ideas (Ultra-Orthodox Christians, Greek pagans nationalists, Metaxists, ect …) under the XA banner and manage to turn your party into the only big nationalist party of the country, then it would be very interesting and with different tendencies (excepted nationalism) inside the party, it would be more difficult to attack it.

    True be said, at least, you guys appear honests and you have the merit to have put back the politics where it should be : In the streets with direct consequences into the life of the local peoples while most leftist groups respond to the problem of the local peoples by traveling in motos with banners and flags or by organizing speeches with concerts, which don’t solve nothing for the locals.
    Also Syriza and others parties promise to solve all the problems of the peoples when they will be in power while you guys try and manage to be useful to your countrymen with only 7%. That is real politic and it would have been good if the others parties would have the same kind of mentality as you : Acting for their country and ideals, giving a share of their salary to the poors, organizing distribution of food, ect …
    Whatever the ideas of some of your leaders which for some of them I don’t like, I really like the mentality (to act) and the efforts of the common members of your party.

    To give justice to the leftists thought, there are some of them who try to be useful individually and there are some initiatives here and here by small groups of them but regarding what they do with the votes their leftist parties got in the last election, it’s really nothing compared to what you guys are doing.

    I will continue to look how your party evolve (sorry to be so careful MSMlies but since I’m more a classic right-wing guy than a far-right guy at the origin, I think you can understand :).

  9. fu-k you you little sh-t if I would see you in public I will behead you like a little chicken that you are and fu-k you and your Greek immigration law

  10. Haaa then half of Greece will be turkey cowboy are you that stupid remember Cyprus in 1974 the Greek junta had there hands in there Pockets and they didn’t do nothing you are all talk stupid

  11. First, Macedonians were Warriors, not weaklings like you so if you Fyromians would be real Macedonians, you wouldn’t be punished in your own country by muslim Albanians.

    Secondly, you and your Fyromite leaders are so crazy that your national TV even went so far as to say that all the persons who have a white skin belongs to the “macedonoid” race.

    “Shocking Video – FYROM, new Nazi’s nation or mentally ill?”

    But don’t worry, Kosta, we will pressure the governement to
    send more buses full of illegals MUSLIMS Pakistanis and Afghans to Fyrom
    so you can pretend in a few years that you are the real Talibans (of course we will fully close the borders with you so you stay in your terrorist Fyromistan province).

    Idiot Bulgarian !

  12. All this from a diasporic fascist, who lives in a host country of ivory towers and multiculturalism!

    Hypocrites like you my fascist friend are known to be inhumane and racist to non-Greeks. Ironically your own ancestors were probably refugees and had a similar struggle with the fascists of the time!

    More oddly as an immigant yourself and most likely hiding your goldendawn fascism from all your non-Greek community, your desensitised nature reeks of another Kasidiaris woman bashing parasite type.

    The vile, disgusting, and putred stench of the cess-pool that your goldendawn fascism stands for is why the world has become shocked by Greece’s apparent acceptance of a fascist party in parliament.

    The idea that your fascist mind would allow your fascist leadership to turn people into soap and wash themselves with human soap is abhorrent.

    But as always, you must be one of those fascists who was born from a fascist womb!

  13. So now you presume to know a single thing about who I am, where I live, my paternal history, etc?
    Keep speculating you marxist degenerate.

    Your communist ideology is dying, & has become largely irrelevant in Europe.
    Your main Communist sponsor the Soviet Union collapsed the day after Christmas in 1991, & the murderous Communist Athiest Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu was executed on Christmas day 1989.

    A Golden Dawn is sweeping Greece, before your very eyes, & will soon sweep all of Europe.
    Enjoy the view!

  14. As everyone understands, beheading is very common practice in the 3rd World Arabic nations.
    Beheading is essentially a cultural characteristic of these subhuman dark skinned Arabic parasites, & ofcourse it is a cultural characteristic of most Islamic nations, which as we all know belong to the dark skinned subhuman races.

  15.  Nah, some old people push everyone aside to get in front at the supermarket, they never learnt to politely wait a turn. You’ve got to learn to use elbows when they try it on.

  16. You wrote quote: ” With resources under the Aegean Sea, imperialists from other countries would be very happy to have a pretext to invade Hellas and to turn it into Iraq just so they can take over these resources. 1 mistake and they will surely invade like they did in Serbia.”.

    My response to this is that the British & French militaries took 6 months to defeat Libya, & required US military support in their campaign, in terms of logistics, ammunition & cruise missile strikes. The French aircraft carrier even broke down, & had to be towed to France. My point being, European military forces are woefully inadequate in terms of their offensive capabilities, & the Western European public won’t support any campaign where there forces will suffer large casual

  17. Skopia won’t exist in 10 years time. The Albanian section of your population will tear your fake tiny state apart.
    The last census data from 2002 shows Fyrom (Skopia) has a population of just 2,022,547 inhabitants. The last official estimate from 2009, without significant change, gives a figure of 2,050,671.
    The same census shows that Albanians make up 25.1% of Fyroms population, & there are also at least 260000 Roma(Gypsies) residing in Fyrom(Skopia).

  18. “I think he heard me speak Macedonian”

    The obviously
    plagiarized historical argument of the Macedonian nationalists for a separate
    Macedonian ethnicity could be supported only by linguistic reality, and that
    worked against them until the 1940s. Until a modern Macedonian literary
    language was mandated by the socialist-led partisan movement from Macedonia
    in 1944, most outside observers and linguists agreed with the Bulgarians in
    considering the vernacular spoken by the Macedonian Slavs as a western
    dialect of Bulgarian.
    Dennis P.
    Hupchick, “Conflict and Chaos in Eastern Europe”, Palgrave
    Macmillan, 1995

  19. Communists like you would treasonous fight for Turkey. Its much easier for cowards to fight for countries much bigger than Greece.

  20. Anyone who makes human soap for a living doesn’t need much speculating!

    You fascists are all so predictable!

  21.  All you do on this website is rant against Greeks.  You are racist against Greeks.

  22. Another day, another smear article about Greece. What’s new? 

    Christina, you’re bright enough to put a few hundred words together to smear Greece, let em ask you, how many of those refugees has Canada, Australia, US, NZ and any number of rich Western countries? 

    Those Western countries toss a few million at the problem and look the other way. Meanwhile, you took a day that was intended to call out violence against woman and spun it into a smear against economically crushed Greece……who can barely support it’s own people….whose people are committing suicide at a record rate…….whose saving are evaporating…….who wonder if they can feed their kids next week.   

    Sad example of ideology over common sense.    

  23. So why didn’t the stupid cow stay in Turkey?
    They are the ones helping the the rebels destroy Syria for their American puppet masters, Turkey also has a booming economy who love and care for their neighbors so why in the hell would the stupid cow go to Greece?
    How did she get into Greece with out a passport with 6 kids and how does she support herself?
    If she prefers bombs, death and destruction to her kid getting pushed by a woman at the market why doesn’t she go back to Syria?
    Is Christina Flora an idiot?

  24. Exactly. 

    The common tactic of the left is to “shame and blame” while claiming moral superiority. Sadly, for all of them, they are far from moral superior to anyone but the person in the mirror they fondly lick. Their short sighted policies always cause more harm then good. 

  25.  Dont forget the polls had us at 4% at election time so that 12-15% is actually 18-19%

  26. I guess you are pure white my diasporic fascist!

    And if your making human soap with the rest of your red necks you would need to scrub that olive skin of yourself, wanker!  

  27. You are correct. I look forward to the Greek municipal elections and the European parliamentary elections. Both scheduled for June 2014. The corrupt governing coalition fearing that Golden Dawn will come first in Athens is trying to delay the municipal elections to June 2015.
    Also out of the 22 strong Greek delegation at the EU parliament most political commentators agree that at least 2 & perhaps as many as 4 or 5 will belong to Golden Dawn!

  28. I am blonde, with skin pale as snow.
    Being of European racial descent, I demand the expulsion of all foreign non-european dark skinned subhuman 3rd World races from Europe.

    It shall be done!

  29. They are that scared they’re even talking about delaying those elections for a year can you you believe it!!!

  30. Maybe, but your Turkish surname is yours for life so no need to shorten it, it sounds more Turkish. Because you are a bad daddy, you have passed this name onto your predecessors…

    Is this why you don’t get a visit on Father’s Day ?

  31. TurkOglou, how is your Turkish surname related to Pericles again. Please explain?

  32. Oglou. Step out onto your balconette & look at the new generation of 100% Greeks. Golden Dawn won’t beat the majority…

    Next up, you will changer your surname to a Paki’s surname…

  33. Incoherent ranting. *sigh*

    To help make you a little brighter……. the vast majority of the diaspora were LEGAL migrants. They didn’t crash the adopted countries borders and then screamed about their “human rights”. 

    Now, continue on with your little rants…

  34. Cultureless Slav. You don’t even have any idea what my name is.
    Do you feel anguish and terror knowing that your fake tiny Slavic state is irretrievably flooded with Albanians who are simply waiting a few more years till their far superior birthrates enable them to rip your pseudo state to shreds, as they tried and nearly succeeded in doing in 2001.


  36. SALIM the muslim even said that he supported islamists to fight the west and he even said that if your XA party would come into power he would join Turkey.
    That’s why I wouldn’t hesitate a second to come back to vote for XA, just to block theses treasonous barbarians from Syriza and others KKE communists.

  37. Well, I’m glad to hear that the position of XA regarding the Orthodox Religion have evolved (I had already witnessed a change but you being a member of XA, I’m glad to hear it from you).
    Also for the so-called “neo-nazi” label, I’m not the kind of person who take what the international media say (especially since in France, I and many peoples including illegal muslims all know who control them) so don’t worry about that.
    I also know that Metaxists (Greek National Socialists) defended the country against German nazis imperialists while the hard leftists sided with Stalin and the German-Jew Adolph Jacob Hitler and his 1500 00 Aryans from Jewish origin so I have no problem with Metaxism or with the use of the Olympic/Roman Salute (it belongs to us and nobody can tell a Greek how he may salute or not).
    As for the Maiandros, indeed it’s not nazi and this symbol is even used as a decoration inside the vouli as well as in the covers of exported goods (Greek wine bottle for example). And as I have said, I support some of your views, especially regarding illegal immigration and most of all respect the efforts of the common guys in your party.
    For the rest, if Syriza/KKE and others traitors would have a chance to win and if you could stop them I would turn to you without hesitation ’cause I hate them. And if you would be only 12-15%, I would again come back but this time to vote for you instead of ANEL. Only if you would be above 25% I would pick another righ wing party. That’s all I can promise you regarding my political ideas but since it will most likely be a duel between you and the Syrizan communists you most likely get my voice.
    And like I said several times in Greek Reporter, I hope that you get around 20% and stabilize as the 2nd-3rd most important party and continue to pressure the others right wing parties to do their jobs.
    Anyways, coming from a Half-Greek (from my fahter side) and Half French like me who is only a simple right wing guy at origin, please consider my position more like an endorsement and a mark of respect for all the efforts you guys have done than a reject 🙂


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