ND Top Official Accused Of Backing Junta

PhoenixHot Doc monthly magazine, run by Costas Vaxevanis, the journalist who revealed the names of the 2,062 Greeks with $1.95 billion in secret Swiss bank accounts that haven’t been checked for possible tax evasion for nearly three years, has published charges that Ilias Philippakopoulos, manager of the New Democracy Conservative party’s General Secretary was a sympathizer of the brutal military dictatorship that ruled Greece from 1967-74.

By his position, Philippakopoulos is a high-ranking official in Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ government. The Premier had no immediate comment on the article. The junta is idolized by the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which has 18 seats in the Parliament and has an anti-immigrant stance, which New Democracy has adopted as well.

The magazine reproduced a letter it claimed that he sent to the former dictator, Col. Georgios Papadopoulos, congratulating him on the junta’s second anniversary and expressing his support.

According to the article, Philippakopoulos was President of the students’ union during the military dictatorship. The dictatorship, referred to as the Junta, seized power on April 21, 1967 after a US-backed coup and quickly crushed all opposition, banned all parties and unions and restricted democratic rights. The student unions which were progressive at the time, were replaced by government-controlled unions without elections and lacked any democratic legitimacy.

Philippakopoulos was appointed the student’s union president of the Metsoveion Polytechnic School, the largest University in Greece at the time, where in 1973 the student’s rebellion would take place. During the junta only people closely attached to the regime where allowed to occupy positions in unions and public sector jobs. Students who were against the regime – a vast majority, to make them themselves distinct-  created a free students’ union called Anti-EFEE, where EFEE was the name of the Greek National Student’s Union.

In 1969, Greece was kicked out of the  Council of Europe, an international organization with respect to the law, freedom, human rights and democracy. Philippakopoulos sent letters to the dictator, Papadopoulos, to congratulate him on his “conflict with the barbarian Europeans” as he put it.

Philippakopoulos has been accused for his far-right beliefs and actions even from inside the party of New Democracy. In 2005, he was appointed to the board of director’s of OLP, which operated the Piraeus port. There he tried to stop international competition for the quittance of new machinery in favor of a company and refused to quit, even when asked to do so by the then Minister of Shipping Affairs.

Samaras’ party also includes extreme-rightist Makis Voridis, who tried to form an ultra-nationalist party years ago and was a former member of the ultra-conservative LAOS party before jumping ship to take a position in New Democracy. Two decades ago, he was photographed  holding an axe and chasing citizens in the streets of Athens as part of a far-right gang.

Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias used to be a member of ENEK, a neo-Nazi group rival to Golden Dawn back in the 1980’s. Adonis Georgiadis is also a first-line MP of the party who used to be an MP for Laos and left after it failed to enter Parliament in 2012. Failos Kranidiotis, the Prime Minister’s personal consultant, has espoused hard-line tactics as well. 


  1. Let me get this straight…..an “official” sent a letter lukewarm letter supporting a regime 40 years ago? 2 generations ago? 

    If that is a crime, then half of leftist should be hung for supporting murderous communist regimes that actually killed tens of millions. I am from that era and I can’t even count how many communist and socialist I met that prayed to mother Russia. Or how many would take arms and cause a civil war……if they could…..and now are probably spread through the left political landscape. 

    And just for good measures, Spyros “Nobody” Kouvoussis throws in whatever else he could find to paint ND as far rights extremist. 

    I am a right winger but do not support any of the current regimes, including ND, however, this article is nothing  but a third rate smear article spinning garbage by a second rate news “reporter” spun as news. 

  2. It amazes me how many fascists comment on this site!

    That the article is reiterating something that is known to the public, e.g. so many current politicians solid supporters of the fascist junta, should not surprise.

    The issue is that these fascists sit in government together with equally extreme socialists, and that their presence is impacting on the quality and deliberation of Greek politics and the fragmentation of our social fabric.

    These people whether fascists or Communists, have been part of this corrupt political landscape since the overthrow of the fascist junta. None have been brought to account for subversive and violent dealings, and have escaped any judicial inquiry, cover ups abound! 

    The civil war was atrocious for all involved! Everyone was a victim! But to have such vile, parasitic individuals representing any political party is abhorrent!

    These people are the real primitive, miasma, subhumans; not the innocent Greek or non-Greek people they like spraying across the media.

    They are a putrid stench on the Greek political landscape and a indelible stain on the social fabric of the Greek people!

  3. Greece will never be free from corruption and mismanagement until it gets rid of ND and PASOK.
    They are two Parties completly corrupt beyond redemption and without morals or scruples.

    They MUST be prosecuted with the rest of their Banker cronies who gave their Parties “free” loans totaling $250 Million, which ND & PASOK have blatenly refused to reveal to the Prosecutor and or account for… and must be held in ‘Contempt of the Law” & go to jail!

  4. Don’t worry you Marxist lunatic.
    A Golden Dawn is rising in Greece. This Golden Dawn movement is winning the hearts of more and more Greek citizens with each passing day.
    0.29% in 2009
    7% in June 2012
    12% according to most mainstream polls today.
    How many in 12 months time?
    The above pattern suggests alot more than today!

  5. You want to get rid of ND and PASOK, who will take their place? GD and Syriza? It’s replacing leukemia with ebola. 

    I don’t see anyone walking on water coming to save Greece. Do you? 

  6. The cover up is endemic!

    There is, as you say, no major party free of incompetence, corruption, and fiscal mismanagement! 

    All are guilty!

  7. Reread what I wrote. I’m not supporting ND but this article is nothing more then a one sided smear campaign. Did you see anything in the article that condemns the socialists/communists? 

    You argue that both communists/socialists and fascists have ruined the country. Fine, no argument.from me. But that is not the point of the article, is it? 


  8. Obviously my diasporic fascist you have high hopes for your soap makers!

    Like all fascist and other extremist movements they all implode after their intial spike!

    In the end, the goldendawn fascists will be hung, like their fascist predecessors out in the public!

  9. How many of Syriza today support the communist terrorists that treasonously murdered Greeks during the civil war? Unfortunately No expose on that by the cowardly leftwing fanatics that betray their own country for foreigners threatening our country yet again.

  10. I met enough GD supporters to come to the conclusion that it is popular  with the American equivalent of trailer park trash. There are no trailer parks in Greece…..and a finite amount of knuckle draggers.

    Understand that you are not getting support from the moderate Greek right. At the very best, we see you as the mouth foaming equivalent and counter balance of the communist and far left.

    And now, feel free to curse and threaten…..LOL!


  11.  ilithio Understand without the support from the communist traitors Dhmar and corrupt Pasok the so called moderate right wouldn’t be in power you dim wit, any way it looks like us knuckle draggers the future so you moderate righters should try and get KKE and Syriza in your coalition too. 

  12. Correct!

    The point of the article is only the fascist supporting members of ND!

    This doesn’t mean, however, that highlighting the fascist supporters of vile, human soap making parasites, shouldn’t be made public.

    When injustices are made public they need to be voiced regardless of political persuasion!

    This time it happens to be about fascists!

  13. You sad fascist, the diaspora must be so boring! Maybe you can drum up support from your red necks to help your cause.

    Here though, the goldendawn fascists will feast on their soap before they have a chance to use it!

    Like your red neck brothers you can’t help being born fom a fascist womb!

  14. Always glad to read positive comments. First of all, nothing has been proved yet. I am just reporting what Vaxevanis argues for without choosing sides on the debate. If allegations are true then Philiappakopoulos was not just a supporter but an active member of the military regime. You couldn’t even enter the government-controlled students union if you were not loyal to the regime, let alone become president of the biggest. If allegations are true then Philippakopoulos was a collaborationist with the regime. Given the fact that all that happened 40 years ago, any possible crime has been overwritten. But, this is a political scandal. How someone who claims wants Greece to remain in the core of the EU appoints someone who was so anti-European? How someone who claims being moderate and democratic appoints someone who has been a Junta collaborationist? If allegations are true then Samaras must kick out Philippakopoulos otherwise he has to say publicly that he is not against the military Junta that ruled Greece. And it would be a shame because his uncle, Paul Zannas, a pro-democracy activist, was imprisoned and tortured by the military regime. It’s not only me, even moderate center-right wings paint Samaras as a far-righter. Don’t forget that in 1990’s Samaras wanted to drag Greece into war against Fyrom. 

  15. Speaking of the political landscape in Greece in late September 2012, former Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis from New Democracy predicted & I quote him:
    “If we had elections tomorrow the Golden Dawn would get 20%”.

    Under reporting of the Golden Dawn’s real popularity in pre-election opinion polls, was evidenced by the results in last year’s May & June elections. (many Golden Dawn supporters don’t say they support Golden Dawn in opinion polls due to fear of discrimination and fear of being stigmatised by the current political establishment. But on election day, in the privacy of the election booth, they cast their votes for Golden Dawn).

    The weakened and corrupt coalition of “New Democracy-PASOK-Democratic Left” is so concerned about the meteoric rise of Golden Dawn and the potential that Golden Dawn will come first in Athens at the June 2014 municipal elections, that they are desperately (in a clearly illegal and undemocratic manner) trying to delay the municipal elections to June 2015. Thats ok. Golden Dawn will secure even more votes by then.

    Furthermore the European parliamentary elections will also make June 2014 interesting!
    Greece has had a Delegation of Members of the European Parliament in the European Parliament since Greek accession to the EU in 1984. The Greek delegation numbers 22. These MEPs are elected every five years on the basis of a Party-list proportional representation electoral system. The next European parliamentary elections are scheduled for June 2014, & most political commentators expect that as a minimum 2 and perhaps as many as 4 or 5 of the 22 Greek representatives at the European parliament will belong to Golden Dawn! What a beautiful day that will be! Golden Dawns message will spread and be given a voice at the EU continental level. Just as they have broken taboos and spoken about saving the Greek race from biological extinction, & saving the Indigenous Greek people from being ethnically cleansed by hordes of 3rd World subhuman illegal immigrants, so to they will speak out against the EU political-media-financial establishment displacing the indigenous European people with 3rd World foreigners! The controversy their speeches will cause in the EU parliament will cause their popularity and the popularity of their ideas to explode across Europe. Do you understand? Golden Dawn’s ambition is not just to save Greece, but awaken all indigenous White Europeans to their right to resist being demographically replaced in their own ancient ancestral homelanda by millions of 3rd World subhumans imported wholesale by the Zionist dominated EU political establishment.

    I should also remind you that Golden Dawn is the most popular party amongst high school students, & each batch of fresh 18 year old graduates equals a new batch of Golden Dawn voters.
    All mainstream polls consistently demonstrare that almost a quarter of Greek citizens aged under 25 support the party.

  16. I understand that Lavrenti Beria the head of the KGB used to drive around Moscow at night pick a women and tell her to get in the car or her whole family would be sent to Siberia to die have his way with her and tell his driver to dump her on the street again.
    That’s why you, KKE and Syriza are the real fascists.

  17. Last European party who talked about “white race” and “zionist establishment” was Hitler’s. We all know where that ended. Hitler was crashed and “fascist” became a synonym of “evil”. Why repeating history?

  18. OK but what about the leftists who are openly Stalinists ?
    What about some guys in Syriza who admire Mao ?
    And here I don’t speak about a letter sent some 10s ago, but about today.
    And no denounciation by the Hot Doc magazine about theses 2 dangerous leftist ideologies, no denounciation of the peoples who admire theses 2 genocidal dictators ?
    Like always, the hard-leftist journalist denounce only the crimes committed by the right but hide the crimes of their fellow leftist peoples and when theses crimes are exposed, they criticize the leftists who have committed them the least they can (same for some in the right).
    Once again, double standard by journalists who normally should stay neutral and just inform the peoples …

  19. Dear Adde,

    perhaps you missed the point where Vaxevanis argues that Philippakopoulos was not just a supporter but a member of the regime and in a high position. If you have documents showing that people who were part of the Stalinist or the Maoist regime are employed in political positions by the government or ND please send them to me. 

    Sincerely yours,

    P.S. don’t include of course those from Cosco who have bought the port of Piraeus under government’s approval.

  20. We will take care of ourselves, & push forward until final victory, or death.

    Concern yourself with saving your own Anti-Hellenic, Jew loving, Marxist skin.

  21. I get your point but still, peoples who admire the like of Mao or Stalin should be denounced …  After all theses 2 ideologies and dictators have been proved far worse than thoses of the guys who led the Junta.
    Mao killed at least 5 millions persons and Stalin wasn’t better than Adolph Jacob Hitler (if not worse).
    Also Can you remember me how many “millions” Greeks were killed under the Junta so I can compare their crimes with thoses committed by Stalin and Mao so much admired by some in the left ?

  22. Dear Adde, 

    you fail to see that there is a distinctive difference between admiring something and taking part in it. I don’t know someone in the left in Greece who took part in the Stalinist or Maoist regime. If true, Philiappakopoulos was not just an admirer but a member of the military regime. The regime killed enough people, destroyed the economy, flooded prisons with political prisoners and isolated the country during the first oil crisis. Taking part in such a regime should mean that you don’t get any political position especially in a party who claims to be pro-democratic and pro-European. 

    Sincerely yours,

  23. We can only hope he’s understood the error of his ways. Perhaps a formal statement at a press conference might help the problem.

  24. No, dear S Kouvoussis, you just fail to understand that for me to support the genocidal criminals Stalin and Mao as well as their criminal ideologies isn’t better than to have occupied a minor position (like the article says, Philippakopoulos was president of the students’ union) in the Junta unless of course you can prove he has committed a crime.

    If he had occupied a high position in the regime, I would understand your point of view but president of the students’ union ? It seems to me a little thin.
    Unless you know something I don’t know about his actions, I don’t understand your position.
    And please, spare me the “pro-democratic” thing because most EU countries aren’t Democracies but Oligarchies.
    Also officials of the EU commission aren’t elected and they have a say in many matters so we aren’t really in a Democratic system anymore.

  25. Dear Adde, 

    the big difference is that if the allegations are true Philippakopoulos was a collaborationist not just an admirer. It is way different admiring Stalinism and taking part in the regime. None can be accused for his point of view but one can be accused for committing crime. Taking part and collaborating with an illegal regime was and still is a crime. According to Greek laws, every crime is forgiven 20years after it was committed. That means that if the allegations are true Phil cannot be legally accused for anything. But it is still a political issue that a party which claims to be pro-democracy and pro-Europe appoints someone who was anti-democratic and anti-European. Being president of the student’s union by that time was not a minor issue. Only well-known-to-be-loyal could get such a position. I would say the same things if someone from the left, e.g. from Dimar who is in the government, was a member of a Stalinist or Maoist regime.

    Sincerely yours,