Gold Mine Protest Draws 10,000

SkouriesIn unrelenting demonstrations against a gold mine in northern Greece that has gotten the go-ahead from the government, more than 10,000 people took to the streets of the country’s second-largest city, Thessaloniki, in a bid to stop the project they said would harm the environment and tourism. The government said it will create jobs.

Police blocked the crowd’s march to the Canadian Consulate in Thessaloniki, but the March 9 protest was peaceful. Eldorado Gold Corp., based in Vancouver, Canada, has been granted the rights to the gold mine in Halkidiki peninsula, east of Thessaloniki.
The company has established a camp employing 1,200 people and plans to begin digging soon.

The issue has bitterly divided Halkidiki residents, with some claiming the mine will drive away tourists and release toxic substances, and others denying that and saying new jobs are crucial during Greece’s severe economic crisis. Last week, about 3,000 residents demonstrated in favor of the mine.


  1. Ten thousand? Did you see that many Andy from your perch in America? A friend of mine who lives near there told me it’s more like a thousand or so. 
    As for marching on the Canadian Consulate, well, that’s stupid Greeks doing stupid Greek things. The Canadian government has NOTHING to do with it. ZERO. NADA. Putin is not running Canada and the Canadian government will NEVER interfere with companies unless they are selling weapons. 

    Obviously, companies who want to invest in Greece didn’t get the “give us money and eff off” memo. 

  2. Obviously you have no clue whatsoever that Hellas Gold, the mining company that holds over 300 mining licenses in that area and mine the gold, zinc, copper and silver is 95% Canadian owned.  Look up El Dorado Mining Co.

  3. These people are short sided. These mines will generate a lot of jobs. Gold and Oil and Natural Gas will be part of Greece economic future. If her let it happen. Greeks you smarter than this wake the hell up.

  4. Stand your ground and keep foreign investors environmentally responsible. As a Canadian I know all they want are your resources. The toxic waste generated will be down played as a cost of doing business . When you are left with towns full of sick from contamination it will be too late to raise the concerned flag.

  5. Greeks protest because they are broke and have no work & now Greeks are protesting not to work.

    This is the cause of their many problems. They just don’t want to work!

  6. As I was in the protest I can assure you it was more than 10.000 (check the videos on the web not some still photographs). To clarify something about the Canadian Government, if it has nothing to do with it why the Canadian ambassador is visiting the areas where the mining will take place and assures the locals that the company is good and reliable and that the Canadian government is guaranteeing for the safety of the environment (There is also a video with the Canadian Ambassador . Is good and wise, if you have no clue on the subject to keep quiet otherwise there only thing you do is exposing your foolishness. 

  7. Your friend Is obviously an uneducated bafoon who can’t count, all you have to do is look at the footage and see there is obviously around 10,000

  8. The only reason I oppose them mining right now is that we haven’t got much of an industry that uses the commodity. We should mine once we have industries that require gold because then those industries will also flourish from the cheap cost of purchasing the gold locally. Of course, it could be that some industries fail to flourish at present because of the lack of local gold. A study should be done, but I think it’s more short-sighted to mine now just to make a few hundred million euros per year and put 1000 people to work.

  9.  By THOUSANDS do you mean the 1,200 jobs quoted in the article? What happens when a major environmental disaster occurs and drives away the tourist industry in the area. How about when the already scarce ground water is polluted. Is that really a gamble you want to take? To enrich another country?

  10. Unfortunately Sryiza sees there’s a vote or two in this and is trying to hijack the cause and people like ilithio immediately taint everyone who is against this crime as a leftwing anarchist greenie.

  11. What’s SYRIZA got to do with this? He is only saying what the Greek People in nothern Greeced are saying: STOP DESTROYING GREECE and the ENVIROMENT by selling out the country!

  12. LOL! The Canadian government will NOT get involved in the businesses of Canadian mining companies. If anything,, they will take part in a dog and pony show to push Eldorado’s interests.

    Do you drizzilers realize that it’s a pro business RIGHT WING GOVERNMENT in Canada? Although you could keep dreaming……

  13. No, you’re right,, it was a million people….LOL

    A city long block is not ten thousand, nor are the bystanders looking on protesting. He was there with several of his friends and family as there were many more in SUPPORT of the mining company. He has two kids, unemployed, borrowing from his parents and needs a JOB, not enviro’whacko bs about “lost tourism”. .

  14. I’m sure you have enough IQ, (maybe) to understand about direct and indirect support jobs. 

    If they have 1200 jobs at the mine, then there will be just as many indirect and then double again for local jobs. 

    Thank God you have a perceptive of what it’s like to have 30% unemployment from rich Canada. LOL!

  15. Great, then t here will be ten of thousands of jobs. 

    Oh wait, maybe you think that whining about politicians in a kafenio is a job! LOL!  

  16. Crime? Did all those bulldozer hurt those poor rocks from mommy Gia? LOL! 

    Stop watching films from 40 year third world mining companies and learn about modern mining methods including tailing recovery. 

  17. LOL! More hilarity from rich Canadians.

    How much of the Canadian GDP is based on oil sands? And other natural resources?  Where would you be without it? 

    Do you know what hypocrisy means? 

  18. Your own footage proves that there was 10,000 people you goose. You obviously can’t count either

  19. There is an estimated €42 billion of gold in those mountains.
    It should be mined by a Greek government owned mining company or not mined at all.
    This gold should stay in Greek government vaults in Athens, not be sold on the cheap to international mining conglomerates. The Fiat global money system(controlled largely by the Zionist owned US Federal reserve) is only a few years from collapse. (The US government is over $16 Trillion in debt, due to hit $20 Trillion in March 2014).
    Nations that have gold in their vaults will be the new wealthy nations when this occurs.

  20. Well the Gold reserves are worth 42 billions and the traitors sold them for far less which is a theft.
    Also many foreign (including Canadian) mining companies don’t care at all about the consequences of their actions on the environnement, even in their own country … so in a foreigne country like Greece, they couldn’t care less.

    Here is an example showing the disaster created by a Canadian mining company in Guatemala :

    “An Environmental Disaster We CAN Avoid: Canadian Mining in Guatemala” :

    I don’t see how all this is a good operation for the country.
    Better focus on securing the gaz under the Aegean Sea, exploit it (but with taking great precautions not to create environnement disasters) than to create potential problems for the environnement with this Gold minion.

    Also the company Hellas Gold is only 5% Greek …

  21. Do you mean tailings dams like the ones that crack and fail when there’s an earthquake or the ones that overflow when there’s a flood or the one that just fail.
    Last year in Canada the Gullbridge mine tailings dam ruptured due to lack of maintenence and contaminated the water supply for the town of southbrook
    There is a tailings dam failure at least once a year you uneducated ignorant moron……LOL

  22. These people are beyond crazy protesting, the nearest village is 7km away to the east of the planned mining site by Eldorado, and the coast is 15km to the south.  There are already a few mines in operation much closer to the coast and towns in the surrounding area.  What a riot, protesting for the sake of protesting!

  23. The economic crisis is the main
    reason behind all this happening where a country needs to find out ways to
    tackle it. Although the highlighted gold mine aims at solving it especially the
    unemployment issue, they must take utmost care to make sure that digging and
    exploration activities do not affect the people and surroundings where to get
    out of an economic crisis, the support and growth of the people is vital to a
    great extent…  

  24. D. Chrysoulis is correct. According to al Jazeera sources on the ground… there were closer 15,000.

    As for “the Canadian government having nothing to do with it”… do you have any idea of the extent to which the Harper government has been a facilitator and promoter of Canadian mining ventures?