Metal Busts of Kazantzakis, El Greco Stolen

The now stolen bust of writer Nikos Kazantzakis
The now stolen bust of writer Nikos Kazantzakis

Scavengers roaming Greek streets and even tearing apart buildings in search of copper – in one case trying to take down an entire bridge – have now claimed the bronze busts of famed Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis and renowned artist El Greco, that were ripped off their bases right in front of the Athens Municipal Cultural Center.

Eight metal statues have now been stolen in the past six months by thieves anxious to cash in on selling them for scrap, which could mean the works are gone forever.  But Deputy Athens Mayor Nelly Papachela told the Athens-Macedonia News Agency that four of the missing sculptures have been located by police at a scrapyard southwest of Athens.

“It is impossible to guard them because the bronze busts are scattered all over Athens,” she said. “The perpetrators appear to be very audacious, because they don’t even keep away from very central locations that are also well lit.”

Speaking to Parliament Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias said he is exploring ways to protect public property such as rail tracks, electricity cables, bridges, transformers and metal ornamental features from being stolen for scrap, a source of illegal income that has gained momentum since the onset of the economic crisis and which costs the state millions of euros a year.

Besides thieves, Greeks and immigrants are scouring trash bins and recycling receptacles in search of metal materials that can be sold.


  1. “It is impossible to guard them because the bronze busts are scattered
    all over Athens,” she said. “The perpetrators appear to be very
    audacious, because they don’t even keep away from very central locations
    that are also well lit.”  This is just another example of how inept the city of Athens police force is. Thieves, criminals and thugs do whatever they want, wherever they want and whenever they want without any fear of retribution or being caught. Why? The police force in Athens is a goddamn joke and we live in a dump because they dont do their job at all. Indifference and apathy among the police is the norm and the city will continue to decline because of their terrible attitude and underachievement. 

  2. Would a patriotic Greek who loves his history do this? Probably not. Would an immigrant who couldn’t give a sh*t about Greek history do this? Probably.

  3. Then police are to blame for making it basically easier to steal, pillage, con and do whatever you want, whenever you want as easy as skipping fare on public transportation. If you lived here, you’d know exactly what I am talking about and dont try to say otherwise.

  4. Just thew same as the stupid, ill-raised Greek kids who spray paint everything in sight, including national and historical monuments. Just the same as the Greeks who litter all over the place because they have no sense of pride. Just the same as the Greeks who stand on the corner waiting for tourists to come by and fleece them in their illegal prostitution pubs all over the historic district while the police turn a blind eye. Just the same as the Greeks who ignore all traffic and safety laws as they drive on sidewalks, in crowded pedestrian zones and and wrong way down one way streets because they couldn’t give a rat’s arse about anyone else but themselves.ay it may be the Greeks doing this. Blaming illegals or immigrants for everything when you ignore the pig-filthy behavior of your Greek countrymen just makes you part of the problem and never the solution. If you love your country, be proud and call people out for their niggerish ways.

  5. Please quote for me which one of your “Just the same as…” comments refers to acting against Greece’s history.


  6. Young Greeks today, in fact any Greek who went through primary, high school, & university post 1974, has had leftist, anti-hellenic, pro-multiCULTural, globalist propaganda pumped into their heads, as well as a life of consumption of Jewish Hollywood poison. The end result is that they don’t feel that there is anything wrong with destroying Greek national monuments. Greece & it’s history means nothing to them.
    The only light at the end of the tunnel is the initiative by Golden Dawn to open “national awakening classes”, for Greek children, where they will be taught about Ancient Greek history, the Ancient Hellenic Olympian Gods, Orthodox Christianity, and the Greek Orthodox Christian Church.

  7. Fotis did, the grafitti on national monuments and buildings.

    Those busts could just as easily been stolen by a Greek as anyone else. If you were hungry enough and couldn’t pay the rent, you’d do it too. 

    It doesn’t sound like you live in Greece Cypriot, not to be aware of any of this.

  8.  What a frigging buffoon you are. Honestly, you should set yourself on fire in private rather than propagate such ignorance and proof of your parents failure to raise a person with any morals and worth.

  9. I have tried to pass the security at the Akropolis at night to steal some of the Parthenon columns & sell them to the British museum again. Although it was pitch black, security noticed me by my smell. Apparently I washed that evening & that is how I got caught!

  10. I didn’t know you Fyromians were washing only once a year … and thanks to you to finally recognize that you slavic idiots from Fyrom were thieves … So after trying to steal Greek history and usurp Greek identity, now you try to steal metal busts in Greece ?
    What a shame.

  11. Whats wrong with you people! Do you not see the misery and anguish of the Greek people!

    Stop your pathetic fascist punts!

    Blaming and scapegoating the innocent is by far the most red neck approach!