Vegiterraneo Cretan Hope For Foreign Markets

VegiterraneoMore than 1000 producers of seven cooperatives in Crete have created and work on the Vegiterraneo project, targeting a more effective penetration of Mediterranean products in the foreign markets and the dissemination of information that the consumption of the Mediterranean products has a beneficial effect on health.

“In these times we are living, we realized that only being united, we can put the Greek products in Europeans’ homes,”  the President of agro cooperative of Tymbakio, Crete, Manolis Andrigiannakis said to ANA – MPA to mark the event for European vegetable products made in Crete, at the exhibition Detrop & Oenos.

The seven cooperatives participating in the project cultivate in total 5000 acres while their annual output is 100,000 tons of vegetable products – mainly tomatos, cucumbers and peppers – and their exports represent a 30% of its products, with the rest of them being absorbed by the Greek market.

The program Vegiterraneo, which stands for vegetable information and promotion action (tomato, cucumber and pepper) on the internal European Union market (Greece, Bulgaria and Poland)” was launched in October 2012, and it is going to be completed within the next three years.

The logo surrounding the three-year program presents products to be promoted and is called Vegiterraneo European Vegetables, while the slogan of the program, Mediterranean Values, summarizes the content of the campaign based on the values ​​of the Mediterranean diet.