More Bombing Of Greek Political Offices

Conservative MP Costas Gioulekas outside his private office following a gas canister attack
New Democracy Conservative MP Costas Gioulekas

Greek police are investigating the bombing of the offices of three members of the ruling New Democracy Conservative party in Thessaloniki, the country’s second-largest city. The staffs were briefly caught in the fires that were created, authorities said.

The attacks occurred within several minutes late on March with the use of small cooking gas canisters. City fire official Manolis Tsolakis told the Associated Press that one of the attacks targeted the private office of the Deputy Development Minister, Stavros Kalafatis, where a fire caused extensive damage to the eighth-story office. Two female office employees jumped to the seventh floor to escape the fire.

“The fire was in progress when the two women got out,” he said. One of the women received medical attention in hospital after hurting her leg, fire service officials said. Nearby, four people were rescued by firefighters at the sites of the other attacks at the offices of Members of Parliament Giorgos Orfanos and Costas Gioulekas that sustained more limited damage.

Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou called the attacks an act of terrorism. “Bombers in hoods do not make the decisions in a democracy. The people do,” he said. “Acts of terrorism will not affect the government. They confirm that we are on the right path.”

Attacks using small bombs and incendiary devices are common in Greece, and frequently carried out by far-left and anarchist groups. Politicians have been targeted more frequently since the country was affected by a major financial crisis.

Even the party headquarters office of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras was targeted earlier, with a bullet being fired into it. The offices of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party have also been hit with incendiary devices recently.

The attacks came as anti-terrorist squads in Athens raided two apartments in greater Athens after seizing a weapons stash in the trunk of a rented car. The cache included four hand grenades, two automatic rifles, ammunition magazines and two crates of rifle bullets. No arrests were announced.

The discovery triggered the raid on a nearby apartment and at the port of Piraeus. Police were awaiting a ballistics examination of the two rifles to determine whether they match weapons used in attacks by local armed groups.


  1. Its always an anarchist. This is what they do. They all should be arrested and sent to an island to rot.

  2.  Left wing Journalist idiots like Andy who are just as responsible for the destruction of Greece as the politicians are never call the anarchists terrorists because they sympathize with and support them. They are all part of the system.

  3. No wonder this country has become a joke for the rest of the world
    You are all so busy blaming someone else without asking the important question
     WHY…..did it happen
    It s much easier to accuse a fictional group The Anarchists
    Lets not worry about the facts they did it your honour put them in Jail
    Anarchists my ar se
    You want to blame someone for what is happening in Greece take a look at the Mirror

  4. It’s a message to all you traitors who want to change Greece from it’s previous path of social justice and human rights. Worse still, you want to tear us away form our golden path of kafeneio enlightenment to work at your filthy private sector jobs! I say NEVER!


  5. arrogance rimes with ignorance. That goes to all the conservative twats who are so used to accuse the anarchists or the left-wingers for all the mess in Greece. Their fucking votes ruined the country. and they werent’s “left” ones. So have some decency and shut up


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