Turkey Disputes Greek Territorial Waters

AOZJust a couple of weeks after Prime Minister Antonis Samaras met his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara to try to settle differences over territorial waters and oil and gas exploration in the Aegean, the two countries are engaged in a feud over the issue.

Turkey has forwarded a note verbale to the United Nations in response to one that Greece sent on Feb. 20. According to the Greek Foreign Ministry, Turkey challenged the right of the Greek islands to a continental shelf and exclusive economic zone, which Greece said is in violation of Article 121 of the Convention on the Law of the Sea, which Turkey does not recognize.

Greece also sent a note to the UN notifying international officials of Turkey’s granting of exploration permits for areas deemed to cover the Greek continental shelf. At the time Turkey’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement defending its decision, it said that permits that had been issued since 2007 to the state-owned oil company TRAO that Turkey claimed were within its continental shelf boundaries.

In separate interviews published in Sunday’s Kathimerini on March 10, Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos and his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu said they were hopeful the two countries could resolve their differences in the Aegean Sea, though through different routes.

While Greece is using international law as a guideline for the development of an exclusive economic zone (EEZ), Turkey would like to see a bilateral agreement.


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  2. Hey Turks, The law is the law.. Blah, blah, Turkey can cry all it wants.. If Turkey wants to play games, then Greece should do the same, Greece should ask Turkey to share its wealth with Greece, since Turkey’s territory was once part of Greece before the fall of Constantinople. Why not share the city of Constantinople or Smyrna. What about returning the Province of Pontus to the Greeks… Why not return Northern Cyprus to the Greeks.. All Turks do best is cause threats, they have no respect for human life… ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!

  3. Once the EU sees they can get their bailout money back from Greece through oil exploration. They’ll back us not Turkey. We own the Aegean. Our territorial waters expand further than Turkey’s. And Indeed they can F**k Off!!!

  4. If there is war with Turkey it will be called the seven day war with Turkish occupation of 50 recent of Greece and Turkish absolute victory we will not have a chance Turkey has the second largest army in NATO.

  5. Yes, they have a larger force, but I doubt very much Greece would be alone in such a conflict. It is very likely Israel, having common interests in oil and gas exploration would fight alongside Greek forces. Also, we have mutual defense pacts with several other nations, some of which are kept secretive. The Turks would also have the Kurds to worry about, and all in all, a war with Greece would likely result in one with multiple fronts…think Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Kurdistan…and probably other nations like Russia would also intervene. So I think this idea of a 7-days war is pretty unreasonable. The objective here is not war, but rather, the enforcement of international law. Of course, as a non-signatory party, Turkey is not bound by the Law of the Sea, BUT, if the signatories to the treaty all take Greece’s side, then Turkey can bark all it wants…that’ll only last for so long. 

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  9. If you were Greek, Salim you would know that 300 Greeks from Sparta stopped a lots of Persian invaders in the Antiquity so what counts so if the numbers of soldiers count, the quality of the soldiers and their arms count too.
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    For example, AKP MP and former football star player Hakan Sükür : I’m not Turk but Albanian. Also Erdogan is from Georgia and Gül is an Arab.
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  11. Just to correct you my diasporic fascist!

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    As for our neighbours Turkey, you fail to see that the negotiations need foresight, cultural understanding, and compromise. Erdogans government has shown a lot of pro-Greek will, meaning that disputes can be favourably debated leading to a fair outcome for both our peoples.

    To me it seems that the real enemy is not Turkey, but the many goldendawn fascist minded peoples who drive a wedge in every issue here to create a pseudo-Greek white supremacist state full of immigrant hating red necks!

    Our Turkish neighbours deserve better, as do our Greek people!

  12. You must be dreaming right!
    As if Israel or anyone else would step in!
    No international law is binding so really it would only lead to a stalemate!
    Perhaps finding a few statesmen among us with just a little foresight could be a good remedy in settling our dispute!
    And that is pretty rich coming from

  13. You skopjians have nothing better to do but whine about others issues!
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  14. Sava, take a look at this article: http://www.virtualjerusalem.com/news.php?Itemid=4776
    Now, in the U.S. Congress, a new caucus has been created called the greek-israeli caucus, with a focus on advancing regional and socio-political interests of both nations.
    Israel, like Russia, have significant interests in the Aegean, if not for friendship with Greece, for the expansive natural resources worth potentially hundreds of billions of dollars.
    This dispute has already been in stalemate for years and years, and has culminated only in dogfights over our islands, and “grey zones” such as Imia. I think you have your head in the sand if you believe Turkey has Greek interests at heart, and has a “pro-Greek” stance.
    Therefore, given the lack of results for so long, I think the better solution is an appeal to the international community. At least once we have their backing, if our politicians decide to go the way of a bilateral agreement with Turkey, then they will have more bargaining power.

  15. Erdogan has a big problem with the Kurds and if the Nato rebels fail to remove Bachar, Turkey will have a problem with Syria, so sure he want to avoid an open conflict with Greece for the moment, nobody denies that.
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    And theses are hostile acts against Greece.

    Don’t forget that the Turkish governement wants to be member of the EU so most positive acts by Erdogan have only be done by Turkey under pressure of the EU who pushes for reforms in Turkey.

    Also I remember you that each months, The Turkish military violate the Greek aerial space and that there are dogfights on top of the Aegean Sea, so only a naïve idiot (or a traitor ?) like you would say that the Erdogans governement is friendly.

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