Anarchists Target Judges, Cops, Witnesses

Anarchists Clash With Far Rightists A militant anarchist group, one of a number in Greece, has claimed responsibility for a bombing at a package shipping firm and is threatening further attacks on judges, police and prosecution witnesses in a terrorism trial.
No one was hurt in the March 10 blast in Athens, which damaged the closed Swift Mail offices.

In 2010, a Greek anarchist group used the firm’s offices to send parcel bombs that targeted Athens embassies and European officials, including one that reached German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin. In a posting March 15 on a left-wing forum, another anarchist group, the Informal Anarchist Federation, said it attacked Swift Mail because a worker’s testimony had helped police arrest anarchist suspects now on trial in Athens.

The group said it would target witnesses, judges and police “with bullets, bombs and knuckledusters.” Anarchists have claimed the bombing of the Athens Mall as well as other targets, including the homes of journalists, luxury car dealerships, banks, subways and other institutions it regards as enemies or to sow fear among the populace.

The coalition government led by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has been going after terrorist groups and focusing on anarchists who frequent protests and strikes against austerity measures and take advantage of big crowds to hurl Molotov Cocktails and attack police before fleeing for cover.

Four young men charged in a series of bank robberies in northern Greece are also believed to have ties to terrorist groups and are facing trial. Some in their families said they were proud of their criminal activities.


  1. Why these attacks? Because as we all know– the whole Greek legal system is rotten to the core and needs to be taken apart and shelved– Currently Greek Justice Ministers and Judges are members of PASOK and ND, so how can you a “fair” justice system if they protect their own party members? How absurd, the whole thing needs to be torn down from the top to its corrupt roots!

  2. Behind bars? Then you’ll have to put the Government behind bars for not only are they criminals and thieves, they are legal sanctioned terrorists, looting the whole country.