Pupil in Patras Faints from Hunger

hhggg_549_355In the schools of Patras, scenes that a few years ago would seem inconceivable happen on an almost daily basis. The most recent act of an endless play with young pupils in leading roles took place on the morning of March 12 on the main road in Ovria, when a pupil of the 2nd Elementary School collapsed in front of other pupils and their families on his way to school.

His schoolmates and their guardians who ran to help the young pupil and administer first aids, found out that the child hadn’t eaten in two days as his parents are in no position to afford  necessary goods to feed the family.

The conversation between the guardians and the child is revealing of the drama his family is going through, because when asked if he felt pain anywhere and how he was feeling, the young boy gave the shocking answer that he hadn’t eaten in two days and the only thing he had put in his mouth was a little milk.

According to patrastimes.gr, the Parents Association decided to buy food, which will discreetly be given to the boy’s family, the parents of whom had a sufficient income before the debt crisis struck..


  1. We should start the hanging with those that voted for them. That would make up 95% of the Greek population.

  2. ** the parents of whom had a sufficient income before the debt crisis struck..**

    Your English aside, were is the information about the parents? Did they do everything possible to feed the child? Or are they crying about their lost Bimmer over at my favorite kafenio? Or were they busy picking oranges and olives to make ends meet? Cleaning bathrooms? Nice little “poor child” sob story, but not much more than that.

  3. Whether the story is true or not, as many of the comments show more interest in, is beside the point!
    There is a huge amount of our people who are in a poverty stricken milieu due to the corruption and incompetence of successive governments!
    Many will only argue blame to one government or another, yet every government is guilty of never changing the self-interest based socio-economic enivironment that our country has been so famous for!

  4. “The people get the government they deserve.” I’m sure you heard of that. True, but in retrospect they were all the SAME. Both parties majority of politicians- ineffective. Useless. Rhetoric and nothing else.