Crete Wants Minoans on UNESCO List

knossosCrete  is still pushing for Knossos to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is now preparing a new folder titled Minoan civilization, which will include the most important monuments on the island, such as Phaistos, Zakros and the archaeological site of Malia, with Knossos dominating the list.

Competent authorities who are editing the file with the code name Minoan civilization, estimate that this project could pave the way for including Knossos on the UNESCO world heritage list. The construction problems identified around the area of the Minoan palace that impede the monument’s inclusion might be minor matters since the file will not focus only on the palace, but also on all the monuments of the Minoan civilization.

The unification of the wider archaeological site of Knossos and Messara is a pilot program for the creation of a Cretan archaeological sites network which is also the first step to promote the claim to be included in the World Heritage of UNESCO. This was noted during a meeting between the local governor, Stavros Arnaoutakis  and deputy governor of Heraklion, Euripides Koukiadakis. The men signed two major contracts on studying the process concerning the inclusion of the broader archaeological sites of Knossos and Messara.

The first contract refers to Unification of Archaeological sites of Knossos, Karteros, Archanes, and the second one refers to the study, Unification of Archaeological Sites Messara – Phaistos, Gortyna, Agia Triada, Kommos etc.


  1. I think that we should bulldoze down these dumps & build massive hotels. We Greeks need more tourists.

  2. Actually we need more dump inspectors Kostas!
    I’m sure no-one would object giving you the job of sifting through your own Bullsh..t!

  3. Known to be built on a Neolitic site, this archaeological site has an invaluable amount of material finds and other datasets providing evidence of a cultural landscape shaped by some seven thousand years (e.g. ca.8000BC-1100BC) of human interaction.
    As an eastern Mediterranean cultural site it shows the immense regional interrelationships, particularly during the Bronze Age, ca. 3000BC-1100BC, between Minoan Crete, Anatolia, Levant, and Egypt. What was known then as Interational relations was based on the mutual understanding of strictly observed political and socio-economic exchanges.
    Indeed, this site like any other global cultural landscape, deserves the support, protection, and provision of UNESCO world heritage to, at the very least, pass onto our children.

  4. Kosta: We tourists come on mass to see your Archaeology, why build more hotels All those that you have are never full…………. Keep Knossos, Phaistos, Zakros and all of the smaller sites

  5. bahahahahaha. Why doesn’t UNESCO want a pile of rubble listed on the world heritage site? Look at that rubbish

  6. I am conflicted on this, while it is critical that these sites be preserved for future generations, I fear this is code for a license to expand infrastructure and private development adjacent to the existing sites. In the short term it will be beneficial, in particular at Knossos Palace where urban congestion is already suffocating, in the long term having 4 lane highways and Marriotts adjacent to remote sites like Lato will rob these places of their magic. In some cases I believe it’s the remote locations that have preserved them.