Nazi Salute Gets Soccer Player Katidis Life Ban from National Team

Katsidis2A soccer player for the Greek team AEK Athens, midfielder Giorgos Katidis, was banned for life from playing on all national teams by Greece’s soccer federation EPO on March 17, a day after he gave a Nazi salute to supporters to celebrate his winning goal in a 2-1 victory over lowly Veria. He may still be allowed to play for his team, however.

Katidis, 20, a former captain of Greece’s under-19 team, will not be allowed to play anymore, the federation said.

The ban came not long after Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, after a long silence, said his government would begin cracking down on neo-Nazi groups. The neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party has 18 seats in Parliament and is rising in the polls on the back of an anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, extreme nationalist, ultra-religious platform.

“The player’s action to salute spectators in a Nazi manner is a severe provocation, insults all the victims of Nazi bestiality and injures the deeply pacifist and human character of the game,” EPO said in statement.

Katidis was heavily criticized by political parties and fans on Twitter and Facebook following the incident at the Athens Olympic Stadium. The ban came on the 70th anniversary of the Greek Jew deportations in Nazi concentration camps in WWII. AEK officials want Katidis to explain himself and will then decide his future at a board meeting next week.

Katidis denied he gave a Nazi salute. “I am not a fascist and would not have done it if I had known what it meant,” Katidis said on his Twitter account, pleading ignorance about what the salute meant although it has been given by Golden Dawn members and gained wide publicity in the country.

The player said he was simply pointing at Michalis Pavlis in the stands to dedicate the goal to his team mate as he continues to fight health problems. AEK’s German coach Ewald Lienen backed Katidis. “He is a young kid who does not have any political ideas. He most likely saw such a salute on the Internet or somewhere else and did it without knowing what it means,” he said.

AEK is languishing in 10th place in the table with 29 points from 26 games. Veria is fourth from last. Katidis joined the club from Aris last year after impressing in Greece’s run to the final of the European Under-19 Championship where it lost to Spain.

The Democratic Left, a junior partner in Greece’s coalition government, issued a statement condemning Katidis’s salute. It questioned whether the player was aware that AEK was a club founded by refugees from Istanbul, or Constantinople as it wasonce.

Golden Dawn has defended the Nazi salute, which has been performed in public by some of its MPs, including leader Nikos Michaloliakos, by claiming that it is an ancient Greek greeting.

Watch the video showing Katidis scoring a goal and then making with the heavily criticized salute:

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  1. The only decent thing to do is indeed to have him ban for life from playing in the Greek uniform

  2. Modern Germany could teach us a thing or two about discipline, organization, accountability,consistency-predictability and no-nonsense thinking. Yes, the Germans could whip us into economic shape.
    But they have to let us show them how we laugh, even at ourselves. Life is too precious and too short to be taken seriously. In laughter is when we converge, and melt into a one people.

  3. In Greece today you have freedom of speech as long as you don’t use it.

    Giorgos Katidis has the right to express, in either word or gesture, however he sees fit without the government punishing him for it.

    First Voula Papachristou and now Giorgos Katidi. The Greek government views us as their little children who can’t make decisions for ourselves as to what we believe and what we support.

    If Katidis wants to express his support for the Metaxas regime with a Roman salute, he should be able to without penalty. If Katidis wants to express his support for the Golden Dawn political party with a Roman salute, he should be able to without penalty.

    And even if he wants to express his support for the National Socialist regime that once ruled Germany with a Roman salute, he should be able to without penalty.

    After all, the Soviet regime killed far more people than the National Socialists ever did, and yet the KKE is allowed to have a Hammer and Sickle as their emblem without any penalty.

  4. Here’s the flag of the KKE political party. Note the Hammer and Sickle, the exact same symbol as that found on the Soviet Flag that flew over Stalin’s gulags.

    Why the perverse double standards that the left has freedom of speech but not the right?

  5. When one cries because he can’t receive more welfare, you are classified as little children.

    Katsidis & that goat headed Voula are your typical example of arrogant childish morons

  6. “When one cries because he can’t receive more welfare”

    Representing your nation as a sportsman or sportswoman is not welfare.

    “Katsidis & that goat headed Voula”

    That sounds a lot like an anti-Greek ethnic slur.

    Voula looks like a good looking Greek woman to me.

    “are your typical example of arrogant childish morons”

    It isn’t arrogance to express your true feelings. Katsidis and Voula are adults and should be treated like adults.

    You’re just confirming what I said that the government and its lackeys view Greeks as children who don’t have the right to make decisions for ourselves as to what we believe and what we support.

    It’s disgusting and only contributes to the people never achieving true maturity, which grows out of the experience of being treated like an adult.

  7. 1-Genaral Zerva had the right to commit GENOCIDE in Chameria/Epirus too in 1944-45.
    2-Metaxa fascistic regime has the right to wipe out all ethnic minorities of annexed territories in 1913.
    3-Handing over to the German of 8000 Jews to be exterminated by the Railis government of Greece….
    4-Destroying graves and cemeteries of Jews, Albanians, Vlachs and Macedonians .
    Supporting killing machine of Slobodan Milloshevic in Yugoslavian war….
    and many more

  8. Syriza’s leader Tsipras has the right to admire Mao.
    Greek leftists who admire Stalin have the right to be Stalinists.
    The Communists and other leftists fanatics had the right to commit the Holodomor (Genocide).
    Greek anarchists have the right to bomb building, attack banks and kill peoples.
    Pasok Socialist Politicians had the right to betray their countrymen to become riches (same for thoses on the right).
    Greek leftists have the right to hate Germans, Americans, Israelis AND Jews.
    And I could continue.

    Now for the Metaxas Regime (4th August Regime) it existed between 1936 and 1941, not in 1913. In the 1910s … Metaxas was just in the military.

    As for what happened in Kosovo :

    Nato Canadian General Lewis Mackenzie: In Kosovo We Bombed The Wrong Side :

    And for daring saying that, this brave man got calomnied.

  9. Nazism has no place in the future of humanity…. period. Better realise it now before its too late…

  10. Move it Skopjian, your backyard in skopjia has a lot to answer for as well!
    Fascists and communist extremists alike painted the whole Greek countryside red!
    When you figure out who you want to be when you wake up tomorrow, e.g Yugislav, Bulgarian, Greek, Pomak, Albanian, Torbeshi, Vlach, then you can voice the atrocities committed in the Balkans!

  11. What crap!
    You diasporic fascists are possibly the biggest imbeciles among our Greeks abroad!
    Roman salutes, hammer and sickles, etc.!
    This bulsh…t comparative comment does little else but trash the memory of millions who died under these symbols of vile power. Either pull your head in you red neck diasporic fascist or eat some of your human soap!
    The idea of whether the fascist Metaxaites, Hitlerists, etc., or the Communist Stalinists, Maoists, etc., were more guilty for the atrocities is absurd and pathetic!
    All were guiltyand all will burn in hell! And like every fascist or leftist regime, history tells us that eventually they all implode!

  12. “All were guiltyand all will burn in hell!”

    But what about the people who are alive today. Do you think the KKE will burn in hell for using the Hammer and Sickle?

    What about Giorgos Katidis? Unlike the Hammer and Sickle which was invented by the nascent Soviet regime during the Russian Revolution, the symbol he used long predates the National Socialists in Germany,.

  13. “You diasporic fascists are possibly the biggest imbeciles among our Greeks abroad!”

    Ad hominem.

    “Roman salutes, hammer and sickles, etc.!”

    Scroll up from my comment and see that the article is about a Greek soccer player who, knowingly or not, appeared to give the Roman salute.

    I brought up the Hammer and Sickle to point out the media and government’s double standard and hypocrisy when it comes to totalitarian iconography.

    We don’t even know if Katidis was expressing his allegiance to the National Socialists of Germany. He very well have been expressing his loyalty to the Metaxas regime that was morally immaculate compared to most, and which also used the Roman salute. He very well may have been expressing his loyalty to Golden Dawn, the only party that cares about Greek people and saving them from a never-ending torrent of immigration, and which sometimes does the Roman salute as an expression of its allegiance to Metaxas and his ideals.

    But let’s say for the sake of argument that Katidis was doing the Roman salute to express his loyalty to the National Socialists and Hitler.

    Why should he be banned for life for expressing his loyalty to the National Socialists when nobody says to ban the KKE for expressing their loyalty to the Soviets by using the exact same Hammer and Sickle Lenin and Stalin used.

    “And like every fascist or leftist regime, history tells us that eventually they all implode!”

    Metaxas practiced a humane form of fascism and only foreign invasion caused the end of his regime.

    Franco in Spain practiced a humane form of fascism and only his death and the treason of King Juan Carlos caused the end of his regime.

    Salavar in Portugal practiced a humane form of fascism and only his death and the mistake he made of getting too involved in colonialism caused the end of his regime.

  14. Golden Dawn aren’t Nazis.

    They represent an Indigenous form of Greek nationalism with its roots in the 4th of August Party that existed from 1965 to 1977, and which was in turn inspired by the Forth of August regime of Ioannis Metaxas.

  15. “Better realise it now before its too late…”

    Stop trying to scare people into not voting for Golden Dawn.

    I guess according to your false definition Golden Dawn are “Nazis”, but you neglect to consider that the future is yet unwritten.

    People should decide who to support based on who they think will do the best job of looking out for the interests of Greeks, not based on vague threats from the very Leftist types who’ve ruined Greece with their insane policies.

    Just look at what Athens used to be like compared to the hell-pit the Left has turned it into:

  16. The biggest racist country today that has commited nothing but war crimes that have gone unpunished is Israel..What about a palestinian holoucast museum here in America!

  17. Yes and if Giorgos Katidis wants to have the Indian Swastika
    as a tattoo then he should, and if he wants to call himself an Aryan, which is also an Indian word and tribe of people, then he should. There is nothing original about fascist, copy, paste and blame is what they do best.

  18. Well, if he didn’t mean it as a NAZI salute, then I think it’s kind of being blown out of proportion. Everyone has those embarrassing moment in which they do something without realizing exactly what it means. I’ve done some pretty embarrassing things myself. If he meant no harm… I hate it when people overreact.
    ‘Course if he meant it as a nazi salute, that’s an entirely different matter.

  19. Same for the leftist ideology, there is nothing original in it. Basically what leftists do is copy what leading countries do : “Eh see, in America they do like that, we should do it to here”.

    Also what is currently being done to the native Europeans is exactly what has been done to the Indians of America and Canada, natives of Southern America, Aborigines from Australia.
    So you are right, nothing original in your leftist ideology : Reduce the natives to a minority, then exterminate them culturally and ethnically (well to show you tolerance you can let some natives survive in reserves) and replace them by immigrants from all parts of the world.

    And why do you speak about Aryans on a Greek website ? Original Aryans are Persians (Iranians) and they have been defeated by our Ancestors so why would we be proud of peoples our Ancestors have defeated while we can simply be proud to be Greeks (the victorious faction) ? Have you really never head about the Greco-Persian wars ?

    For info, the name “Iran” means : “Land of the Aryans” and the original name of Afghanistan where the Greco-Bactarian Kingdom was established is “Aryana”.

  20. Neither do far leftist and communist like Syriza and KKE. But they are here. If one is not allowed, neither should the other. If one is allowed, then both should be. You can’t pick and choose which crazies to ban or allow.

    Then again, if you want to compare the 50 million or so who died under communism. Puts them on exact adn equal footing to the Nazis.

  21. How dare you show your intolerance and political incorrectness by comparing the innocent children of communism to the Nazis. We all know that whoever died under Stalin/Mao and communism was misunderstandings and accidents to patriots. All 25,000,000 for Stalin and another 40,000,000 for Mao. Sure, those are a lot of misunderstandings and accidents but why focus on that when it’s so much cooler and “progressive” to turn a blind eye to that and yell NAZIS!


  22. Ridiculous. Trying to suppress people will not work, it will only make it worse. Perhaps this is what they want.

  23. All visual symbols or symbolic gestures, regardless whether of ancient or modern origin, that are connected to historical events of mass murder represent collective intolerance, hatred, and racism.

    These symbols were used as visual codes by such fascists as Hitler, Mussolini, Metaxas, and the fascist junta and Communists Stalin and Mao to cement a collective membership!
    These same symbols that are currently used by vile groups such as the goldendawn red neck fascists or the violent extremist leftists are being promoted for an upsurge of political polarity.
    All will burn in hell, my fascist friend especially your soap making goldendawn red neck fascists as well as the far left extremist!

  24. You poor diasporic fascist!
    As mentioned above this comparative comment is bizarre as both fascists and communists are the gemini zodiac of politics!
    The fascist Metaxas my red neck friend was far from morally immaculate!
    This was a deranged individual who, like his bed buddies Hitler and Mussolini, wanted to introduce imperialism in the form of ancient Greek monarchic systems which primarily functioned on homosexual exchange.
    Should we blame our current crisis on immigration or successive incompetence, corruption, and ramapant nepotism from every successive imbecilic government since the overthrow of the fascist junta in 74?

  25. You are genocidal maniac trying to wipe out the Greek people through as subtle form of imperialism. Greece hasn’t invaded anyone you slanderous fascist. All it wants is to secure its borders like every other country in the world do. Indigenous people have a right to protect their homelands. Nazi.

  26. The only thing Metaxas is guilty of is introducing the 8 hour working day, a national health system and being a hero for the first defeat of the axis when he and the Greek army( which consisted of not one communist ) kicked the Italians and Albanian ass.
    Savas could you please tell us why the communists didn’t participate in the the defence of Greece by the fascist invaders???????

  27. I love how democracy works in this country! You get banned within a day for this, but if you sell off your country you act like you are a savior!

  28. You poor lefty fascist. Your two year old self righteous tantrums to shut down any FREE SPEECH you don’t approve off is being ignored. Actually, people are seeing through the “political correct” intolerance and it’s serving the opposite effect of driving Greece and Europe further to the right and extreme right.

    In an open society, stupid ideas eventually die out but but the more you scream and attack them, the more you believe that you have a monopoly on free speech, the further you make them feel like victims and empower them. As a centrist, I rather not see either the communist, far leftist or far right rise, but since the far left Syriza is a thousand promises and election away from completely destroying Greece, we might as well have the far right serve as a counterbalance.

  29. For a good summary on the extreme (& very often violent) anti-gentilism inherent to Zionism & the Jewish founded, funded murderous Bolshevik ideology, search on You Tube for the following 4 videos titled:

    “The Outrageous Racist Hypocrisy of Israel and World Zionism!”

    “Top Rabbi Exposes Jewish Racism!”

    “The Zionist Red Army by David Duke”


    “How The Jews Mock Jesus Christ”

  30. You diasporic fascist fool, when the leftist mountain Epirotes defeated the your fascist italian comrades (one-time bed buddys of the fascist Metaxa) Metaxa was still in trying to rally support from the fascists in Athens.
    So to correct your fascist mistake, it was the poor left leaning Epirotes who defeated the Italian army and not some quasi brave fascist army under Mussolini’s boy toy, metaxa.
    As for Metaxas 8 hour day and health system, these were the fruits of the seaman unions you pathetic fascist imbecile!
    As if someone like the fascist Metaxa had a brain big enough to understand work relations beyond his infatuation with both Hitler and Mussolini!

  31. You just proved what a lying communist traitor you are because Hitler and Stalin split Poland in half and were buddies and you communists didn’t lift a finger until Hitler Attacked Stalin a year later you lying deranged mass murdering supporter.

  32. Don’t worry, when Golden Dawn come to power sub-humans like ‘Savas’ will be thrown out of Greece and back to his brown third world sh*thole.

  33. If ‘Savas’ had the chance he would mass execute every last ethnic Greek. ‘Savas’ hates White people, yet lives in a White country. He is a twisted, hate-filled anti-White — like all Leftists.

  34. what i meant to say is that, if greece wants to flourish, such a system is not going to work. it should exist (the party) but its not gonna help develop the country in a spiritual and economical way.

  35. This comes from not selling all these stupid and decadent rich pro boys and forbidding pro sports in general. Sell all boys and girls to the sheiks, Chinese or any other rich bastards and this crisis will be solved instead of praying to the capitalist master race for release and being a muppet in the stadium.

  36. Imbeciles from any political colour support extreme knee jerk policies!
    So since you believe in cause over the other it is only natural that you are but just an imbecile without moral principle!

    So we can only point out that, obvioulsy you being born from an uneducated fascist womb didn’t teach you that fascism like nazism are the seeds of far right wing movements!
    So something like, lefty fascist is as politically valid as cinderella’s panty’s!

  37. Funny how many of you fascist red neck white supremacists band together here!
    Lucky for our children in Greece they don’t have much to do with the diasporic fascists!