Hellas Gold Skeptical of Skouries Mine

skouries_file_390Doubts as to whether the Greek government can manage large investments were expressed by representatives of the companies Hellenic Gold and Gold Mines of Thrace during a press conference for their investment projects in Chalkidiki and Perama of Thrace.

Managing Director of the Greek Gold company, Peter Stratoudakis noted that the mines in Chalkidiki include reserves in gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc worth 11 billion dollars and that likely researches will reveal the double quantity.

On his part, the General Director of the Gold Mines of Thrace, George Markopoulos argued that in Perama the value of gold reaches 1.6 billion dollars.

The maternal company, El Dorado Gold, has planned to invest more than 1 billion dollars within the next five years, to produce gold, copper, lead, zinc and silver, with revenues for the government of 1.6 billion euros from taxes over the next 20 years, and the jobs offered will reach  5,000.

Stratoudakis said: “The question is whether, as a country, we will create a clean and methodical environment for investors. If this is possible, then the company will stay. The country and the government is pursuing investments but I have doubts about whether it can handle investments, especially ones of this size.”


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