Pupil in Rhodes Collapses From Hunger

45af4e95aad81f45b871935402b6a9b7_XLA few days ago, a Junior High School pupil lost her consciousness and collapsed during break time. Her schoolmates and teachers ran to help her, administered first aids and walked her home, where they witnessed the difficult living conditions of the family due to the severe financial problems.

The First Secondary Teachers Union (ELME) of the Dodecanese Islands Statement reports:

“The administrative board of the First ELME of the Dodecanese Islands denounces the Greek government and the Troika for the barbaric politics they have imposed on Greeks, which has resulted in scenes of Greece 2013 that remind of the Occupation of Greece.

The development they promise with the Memorandums means going back to the Coal Era. Two students of the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Larissa lost their lives and others are at death’s door because they were trying to warm themselves using a DIY brazier.

A few days ago, in a school in Rhodes, a pupil fainted and according to the doctor’s opinion, insufficient nourishment was the cause.

An eight-year-old boy in Alexandroupoli took candles from a church to be used for lighting, as electricity had been cut off by the PPC at his house.

This is the situation in Greece because of the crisis. Hunger and poverty. Heating has become a luxury commodity for poor people. At schools, there are undernourished pupils on an almost daily basis. Health and education services are constantly being downgraded. Every kind of “accidents” caused by poverty will be multiplying. In the meantime, the profits of multinational companies, investors and stock exchange gamblers are huge.

We demand amendment of this situation.

We demand:

Jobs and salaries sufficient to cover the basic needs for everyone. Health and education for all. Immediate abolition of the special consumption tax and the VAT on fuel. Immediate establishment of reduced electricity and water rates for unemployed families. Reversal of the  Memorandum politics and the Troika”


  1. How many Africans collapsed from hunger today? A lot more than Greeks.

    Unfortunately our SELFISH leftists can only think of themselves. If we are deadbeats on our debts to others, that’s money that could have gone to other good uses.

    No Greek should “demand” money from other Greeks. Its shameful that any Greek thinks in this entitlement manner. What happened to earning one’s own way through life? Rather than empty self-righteous lectures how someone else is responsible for paying, why aren’t those doing the ranting taking money out of the own pocket?

  2. “In the meantime, the profits of multinational companies, investors and stock exchange gamblers are huge.”

    i.e. Rather than producing something to earn my own way through live… rather than pay out of my pocket for my own expenses and my own causes that I claim I support … I advocate stealing the money others have earned.

    How “generous” of me.

  3. WE DEMAND…cheaper kafedakia.

    WE DEMAND….cheaper ouzo.

    WE DEMAND…..cheaper baklava AND bigger portions.

    We Greeks are world class professionals at DEMANDing what we want but nobody is lining up to give it to us anymore. How sad is that? May we should hold our breath and stomp our feet until we get what we are promised and entitled to from God! What do you say my little Margarita?

    I’m just hoping Lord Chimpras Our Savior comes to power and takes the money from the bank deposits to meet our DEMANDS.

  4. Why can’t you understand that we’re entitled to your money? You think you deserve to keep your money when my kafenio buddies and I have so many needs and wants? Shirley you can’t be that shellfish! You should be proud that you are sharing your sweat with us and be assured, we will raise a toast to your hard work!

    Ένα φραπέ για το φίλε μου, παρακαλώ!

  5. Prices, including those of electricity, should be controlled in Greece in accordance with the high unemployment rate. Let the energy companies and landlords take a haircut, they can afford it best. What you see in Greece is the ugly fist of capitalism bashing down workers pay by imposing widespread unemployment thus making workers more likely to accept a pittance if they ever do get re-hired. Capitalism loves unemployment – it keeps workers “in line”, drives down the cost of labor, and eventually even threshes out a percentage through death.

  6. Capitalism demands that people earn their way! How dare they! Everybody knows that people who work die younger. C’mon, who wants to work when it’s so easy to demand that others pay for it!

    But there is a God and he invented KAFENIA. The number one growth industry in Greece! Join us!

  7. I haven’t seen capitalism in any way shape or form in Greece for the last 20+ years. The only time capitalism was taking hold was when Mitsotakis was in power and looking to sell off the companies that were a massive burden to the state, and look what the left and corrupt did to him while he was in power. God forbid they sold off Olympic Airlines back then at a profit no less to an Italian company, was it better politicians and their friends were getting executive lounge access and flying friends and family in 1st class for free and having the Greek public foot the bill? Olympic was a complete burden on the public, but the blind idiots fell for the lefts rally cry that Mitsotakis was selling off Greece. DEH already subsidizes electric rates, you want further cuts in prices, the public will pay for it in debt one way or another. Go look at how the drachma was strengthening against the dollar when Mitsotakis was in power, and if his strategy took shape. You wouldn’t have had Olympic Airlines costing Greece tens of billions to operate, so the crooked and friends could fly for free.

  8. Actually privatization of Olympic was a failure. Since then Olympic and Aegean have created a cartel and it’s really expensive to use it anymore. Besides, if you look at the statistics Mitsotakis administration was one the worst in terms of reducing the debt. When Mitsotakis came in power the debt was 75% and when he left the office it was 100,5%. In the meanwhile he had carried out a huge attack on working people real income.

  9. You have a point about past ND administrations not reducing debt but that unprincipled and cowardly buckling was in part due to blackmail of leftist populists. Had ND tried major cutbacks when doing so would have averted this situation, there would have been civil war in Greece. (still might happen)

    Lets not forget Pasok won the previous election by claiming “there is more money”. Even today our leftists keep saying “There is more money”… but there is no more money.

    Our leftwing live in some alternate economic reality where everything can be fixed if we only we take the oney of a few rich people and destroy the corporations that are most responsible for producing wealth.

    The best way to produce wealth doesn’t involve riots, general strikes, throwing rocks at police, setting fire to banks, and shamelessly demanding handouts. It involves uses our brain and hard working hard to try to produce something in fair trade. It is not as an easy thing to do as self-righteously sitting around demanding handouts from others.

  10. Actually in the early 90’s when Olympic was still “healthy” but a burden to the state the Mitsoatki admin was getting great offers, but he wasn’t allowed to sell it, it would not have been a failure if sold early on, the more they waited, the more dire the situation became for the company. When it became public the state was illegally funding it to keep it afloat under Simitis and crew companies offered less for it. Actually debt under Mitsotakis was stable at around 100% of GDP, and the drachma stregnthened, then came senile Papandreou again and ran it up to 110%, then genius Simitis cooked the books and really ran it up. The last time Greek debt to gdp was 75% in Greece was 1988 with Papandreou, Zolotas & Grivas, who ran it way up to. In 1981 under Papandreou it wasn’t even 30%, but he managed to get it to 90%+, Mitsotakis stabalized it at 100%.

  11. Andreas Papandreou ran up the debt from day one in office look at Greek debt to gdp from ’81 to ’89, his time in office, 25% to 90% debt to gdp, his brief stint as PM the 2nd time in ’93-’96 managed to run it up a bit more.

  12. Our country is in need and the poor will keep on paying unfortuntely..
    When will a politician start to act as one and for the interests of its people today not tommorow…The situation is sad to read and one to be crying about.Its actually disgraceful; and one to be ashamed off…..
    We have fellow Greeks who are in need and no one is doing anything from the diaspora or our politicians…
    Greece is in need we need AHEPA and every Greek community around the world to help our people who are in need.. and forget about our politicians and public servants who only look after themselves…and still want an envelope to do anything..
    Now that is sad and disgusting..This is when our country needs us and our support…

  13. What is disgusting is some Greeks demanding handouts rather than thinking what they can produce to have the ability to help others.

  14. You want the diaspora to give us money? Why not! We must solidify our standing as the biggest gypsies in Europe!

    Let’s put a blood tax on all the diaspora. 50% on those who were born in Greece and 25% on their children. After all we have a God given right to money!