Madame Merkel’s Rule Goes Viral


The Moscow Times depicted the crisis in Cyprus and the Eurozone with the image of a faux Renaissance painting with all the major protagonists, with the focus on German Chancellor Angela Merkel dressed as a tavern woman. The picture has gone viral with thousands of reposts on social media and blogs .

On her left, Greek Prime Minister is depicted as bowing to her, in a swipe at the Greek Premier’s submissive responses to her demands,  a ragged, fearful French President Francois Hollande timidly standing before her, and International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde holding out her hand like a beggar.

At the same time, Merkel is ignoring the other alleged leaders of the European Union, apparently believing she is (and many agree) with  European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi apparently underlings.

Merkel has eyes only for Russian President Vladimir Putin and French actor Gerard Depardieu, who said he would take up Russian citizenship to protest France’s 75 percent tax rate on the rich.


  1. Andy would know all about submissive..

    Now that so many nations reference FYROM as “Macedonians”.. he’s too frightened to stand up for principle and criticize any of his foreign comrades that pretend not to notice the Skopians attempts to usurp out identity and threats against our country.

    Instead he parrots anti-helllenic foreign trolls by writing article after article attacking any Greek that attempts to protect our homeland while saying nearly squat about the foreigners trying to destroy it.

    Do your pals at US military funded pay you when they commission you to write anti-Greek articles Andy? Or do you pretend you don’t notice yet they never commission you to write about FYROM?


  2. Once more, Germany has nothing to do with the crisis in Greece…No one said to the Greek politicians to become corrupt…They did it on their own will…EU did not asked Greece to submit fake data…Greece did it to it’s own…Greece is at fault because it did follow a wrong direction to its finances…If Greece did follow the right path to prosperity, none would commit suicide and children won’t collapse from hunger…Politicians greediness causes disasters…

  3. You are right about Germans not being to blame for our economic mistakes. However you are wrong in trying to blame it all on just our policians. Not all politicians and rich people are crooks nor all poor Greeks “victims”. Many average Greeks scammed the system for years. Its precisely because some Greeks have become overly dependent on the state that they shamelessly riot in the streets today (or vote for communist extremists like Syriza)

  4. More FRAUD & THEFT from Germany & the EU Commission and IMF– Did you know IMF Head Christine Legarde’s house was raided by French Police last week for Financial fraud?
    Incredible that these Criminals are running the EU!

  5. Worldarts (aka paul johnston Phd) doesn;t care about fraud or who he slanders. He just wants to undermine pasok and nd in the hopes the commies win next election.

    Frankly don’t think he’s even Greek. Syriza may be communists but at least they tend to be principled in their politics. Worldarts is a manipulator that flip flops between supporting Golden Dawn and Communists. I’ve seen him support GD posters here! This implies he rying to manipulate them into opposing our current government (with Syriza running number two). I would not at all be surprised if he was a Skopian, Turkish or an illegal living in Greece. They all strongly back our communists.

  6. After 2 World Wars & 10 million people murdered and 1/2 million slaughtered in Greece, why would anyone think the German mentality has changed?
    It’s only been 60 years and they are at it again now destroying Europe in a new
    kind of ‘Biltzkrieg’ with “Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction”…

    They are also selling military weapons on the open world market and
    training other countries armies and Police like they have done in Greece,
    making them brutal …Why is the US & EU Allowing this to happen?

    The Germans must be reigned in again before it’s too late.

  7. Well do you thing they raided the IMF head’s house for a joke?
    Of course she’s a financial fraudster, that’s why she’s at the IMF!

  8. The one standing with the sword on Merkel left isn’t Hollande, but our Polish prime minister Tusk Donald. You didn’t recognise him? 🙂

  9. I suppose Strauss-Kahn before Legarde was innocent too? The case was a sham to protect him but he settled in a Civil Suit later for $3 Million. Why? You think he paid that maid because he was innocent? Get real!

  10. I love it, now the Financial Police in France are catching Hollande and Sarkozy along with IMF head Legarde in massive Finance Frauds into the 100’s of millions of Euros.
    And these Criminals are still leading the EU? — Oh — My — God… pray for us all!

  11. According to one popular analogy currently circulating , the Euro countries could be likened to a group of 16 Alpine climbers scaling the Matterhorn who find themselves tightly roped together in appalling weather conditions.
    One of the climbers – “Grease” – has lost grip and slipped over the edge of a dangerous precipice. As things stand, the other 15 can easily take the strain of holding him dangling there, however uncomfortable it may be for them, but they cannot quite manage to pull their colleague back up again.

    So, as the day advances, others, wearied by all the effort required, start themselves to slide…


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