No Account Of Immigrant Kids In Greece

illegal immigrantsThousands of immigrant children in Greece may be living on the streets or in places unknown, with only 397 being recorded staying in shelters, according to Giorgos Moschos, the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights in Greece.

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, March 21, Moschos described what difficulties unaccompanied children from foreign countries face in Greece.

He said they have to stay in detention centers for unspecified period where they sleep on cement beds. Athens First Instance Court Prosecutor Ilias Zagoreos listed the dangers  immigrant children are exposed to: exploitation, abuse, trading of minors, illegal labor and human trafficking.

He said some of the main reasons they come to Greece is to flee war, poverty and their parents death, leaving them as orphans. “In order to protect the unaccompanied children, it is of immense importance to provide with food home and education” said Sophia Tzoumerkioti, Athens Court of Appeals Judge.


  1. Greeks has 29% unemployment and rising, Greek children are starving, Greeks are committing suicide to stop the pain of their plight……but we are “obligated” to do what? Ordered by a leftist judge?

    How about we put them on a ship and send them back to Turkey? Because 95% are coming from there. Turkey is intentionally letting them flood Greece to destabilize it, as if it needs much to get there. Wouldn’t it be GREAT to have the new country of United Greece of Arabia to their west! Of course, the leftist and Lord Chimpras the Savior will grant them that.

  2. Correction: Thousands of ILLEGAL immigrant children in Greece may be living on the streets or in places unknown.

    Who is to blame for this? The Greek people… or their own parents?

    There are plenty of other placed other than already stressed Greece, with already the highest illegal rate it world, that could be accepting them. Why aren’t they doing so? Why isn’t the UK, US, Israel, Japan, China, Qatar or any other number of much richer countries not accepting them as permanent immgrants and instead only pointing fingers at us? Why aren’t they equally slandered as racists and fascists when they deport illegals? Enough is enough. We are full and have enough of our own problems. Illegals OUT.

  3. Giorgos Moschos is a leftist moron. Let him pay for them out of his own pocket or STFU with his RACIST anti-Greek rhetoric.

  4. “Turkey is intentionally letting them flood Greece to destabilize it,”

    Exactly. Our moronic lefitsts don’t ask even simple questions like why is Greece expected to be a dumping ground for all these illegals in the first place? Why isn’t Turkey accepting in the first place? (not to mention other EU nations, muslim nations, Asian nations).

    Any time I hear some foreigner (including alleged “human rights” groups) or clueless Greek leftist rant “racism”,,, at any Greek that objects to the current invasion…, or frames illegals as “immigrants” like foreign press does….my blood boils.

    Without some sort of immigration control what these patronizing anti-hellenic trolls are arguing for is the eventual destruction of the Greek state and people.

  5. These people need to take care of themselves in their own country. Stop flooding ours. We can not deal with them anymore. Go home!!! Exactly Alex Moschos is a traitor. He cares more about these illegals than his own people. Disgraceful.

  6. Is this what all of you call civilization? let me ask you one simple question…are u more than Germany, France, spin and the rest of the eroupean countries?every one has his own problems of leaving his country of origin….and you have a lot of Greeks out there in the world….if the people of immigrant to treat your own people out there just like you treat immigrant in your so called country Greece how would you feel….you have brothers,sisters,fathers and mothers out there and they can’t be treated bad….now as am writing now a lot of Greeks in the world can not declare them selves as Greeks why?….am not an immigrant but let us face the fact in life nature….we are all one and no one is illegal…if u can’t help immigrant let them go they way and stop disturbing them to the extend of disturbing tourist as well when the come to your country as tourist…. i was beating once in Greece all in the name of immigrant…..