Trikala: 11 Escape in Prison Shooting

    trikalaAt least eleven inmates have escaped from a prison in central Greece after gunmen brazenly attacked the site with grenades and automatic weapons, kicking off a nightlong standoff between police and prisoners.
    A senior police official told the Associated Press on Saturday that 11 inmates were missing after the gun battle and standoff, which ended at dawn when police special forces entered the prison. He spoke on condition of anonymity because an official announcement was still pending.

    The incident occurred near the town of Trikala, in central Greece. As many as six gunmen attacked the prison after driving up to the site in a van and pickup truck, according to officials. Two guards were injured.
    In 2008, guards at Trikala foiled a bid by Panayotis Vlastos, one of the masterminds in the kidnapping of a Greek shipping magnate, to escape from the prison by helicopter. In that incident the helicopter made an emergency landing in the prison courtyard after it was caught in the fire between the armed men on board and prison guards.
    (source: AP)


    1. Wow!!! Best news from Greece since brother Vassilis Paleokostas made the Helicopter Escapater. Keep on fighting strong. And, yeah, Greece’ population desperately needs some money. So we’d appreciate the kidnapping of some frat cats very much. Best Greek welfare system. Vassilis for King!

    2. Most of the 11 escapees were hardened Albanian criminals.
      When Golden Dawn takes power in Greece, these mostly Albanian mafia criminals will be executed wherever they are found.

    3. Another Greek living a myth. Go on idiot, name the Albanians that have escaped? Is Panayotis Vlastos an Albanian? Unless you call most Greeks Albanians since King Otto turned you all into Greek by deed pole, otherwise you lack substance as much as you lack IQ.

      Golden Dawn? Pfff. Any person who attacks unarmed civilians in numbers is a great hero in only a Greek with a low IQ’s eyes.

      Clearly you are one of these modern day Spartans who can ramble heroic Greek acts in the comfort of his mitera’s home. Molon Lave hero.

    4. Why riots an Albanian Mafia Capo together with X.A. against street vendors and why X.A. never said any word about that the terrorist buddies of their German comrades (who they brought into the Greek parliament!) murdered a Greek in Germany?


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