Spectators Kept From Greek Independence Parades

    Athens_paradeThe military parade marking Greece’s Independence Day on March 25 took place amid a heavy police presence that barred onlookers from most of the route.
    The center of Athens reminded of an impregnable fortress, with 14 police vans around the lower end of Syntagma Square, while the circulation prohibition started from Alexandras Avenue. In the capital, 4,000 policemen made their presence felt and all the police forces of Attica Basin were on guard. Riot police squads were guarding closely the grandstand, while railings and iron barriers existed all along the military parade route.
    In the morning, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, had pointed out in a message to mark the 192nd anniversary of Greece’s Independence Day: “We only have to look back at recent history to see how many obstacles we have managed to overcome. And we have always emerged stronger as a nation, better as a society, more proud about what we are and more confident about what we can achieve.” He urged Greeks to “stay clear of divisive slogans, the fatalism of submissiveness and national inferiority complexes” and he said that “Greeks can achieve everything as long as they remain
    united and stand tall.”

    Pireas_paradeIn Piraeus, the security measures during the school parade were strict, but not as tight as those taken in Athens. The residents of Piraeus watched the National Day parade behind the railings that have been put along the pavements and the central roads. An individual from the Resistance block yelled: “Similar to 1821’s heroes, you should be men towards any Troika,” when passing in front of the grandstand.

    At Skouries in Chalkidiki, students participated in the parade wearing masks and t-shirts with slogans against a gold mining project to show their opposition to gold mines in their village.

    Ilia_paradeAt Pyrgos in Ilia, incidents and tension took place after the parade finished between students, citizens and the police. Previously, less severe incidents were noted at Kokkinou and Manolopoulou streets, where two individuals were taken to the police station. Students of the Technological Institution (TEI) of Pyrgos had called through the social media for a mobilization during the parade and gathered there, carrying banners and flags. The deputy of Syriza, Georgopoulou-Saltari Efi joined the students. A pupil from the 2nd Lyceum raised her fist, while several others turned their heads away when passing by the grandstand.

    Rodos_paradeOn the island of Rhodes, the Independence Day parade turned bloody. A woman reportedly stabbed the member of the city council, Dimitris Karatzias, shortly after the parade concluded. She was arrested and led to the police subdivision. During the parade, she had been among protesters yelling at politicians. The councilor was  hospitalized but reportedly didn’t suffer serious injuries. At the same time, the police commander of Rhodes, Giorgos Georgakakos, under the Police Chief of the Dodecanese islands, Antonis Vlahakis’ command, spoke harshly to protesters and took a flag out of the hands of one. This came after a group of protesters verbally attacked local and regional politicians. The protesters got angry and one of them punched Georgakakos in the face as riot police moved in to bring back the law and order.

    Loutraki_paradeIn Loutraki, incidents and pandemonium were noted during the laying of wreaths. When a representative of the neo-Nazi Gold Dawn party, Stathis Boukouras was to lay the wreath, onlookers began yelling and tried to stop him. Within seconds, police intervened and went after protesters and fired teargas. When this incident came to an end and it was the Police Commander of Loutraki, Haralambos Tetradis’ turn to lay a wreath, he literally threw the wreath, yelling “Shame on you!” and was said to be sanctioned.



    1. All these are examples of how the leftwing traitors are trying to ruin these national day parades. Only a communist traitor low life piece of scum like would behave like this on such a sacred day to Greek people.

    2. Greek communist ideology is anti-nationalist and thus implicitly anti-hellenic. The only time a Greek communist is patriotic is when it comes time to begging for money from other Greeks or if their own neck is on the line. The rest of the time they are either indifferent or downright treasonous.

      In their pathetic-to-watch cowardly ass kissing of any anti-Hellenic foreigners (to show them how we are all fellow “comrades”), they literally end up being racist against Greeks but too stupid to realize it,

      Read any of leftists that write for anti-Greek far leftist rag Guardian for perhaps the best example. One long anti-Greek hyperbole rant.

    3. Although there are some similarities (as always happens with nationalist parties) Golden Dawn isn’t “neo-Nazi”. You are just parroting foreigners who mostly have no clue who Metaxas was or why GD has arisen. All they see is the salutes and rhetoric.

      In practice most of GD’s supporters are just average Greeks fed up with foreign anti-Greek rhetoric, massive numbers of illegals flooding unchecked into our homeland, foreigner bigots pretending not to notice the Skopians, and treasonous leftists too cowardly to defend their country so instead they constantly slander it.

      There are some racists in there (e.g. the party leader has a sketchy history) and any acts of violence by any individual members should be criminally prosecuted. Some of GD take their anti-foreigner rhetoric too far but most of those that voted for them see themselves as modeled after Metaxas not Hitler to be calling them “neo-Nazis” “Nazi” is not a synonym for nationalism..

      I wouldn’t advise voting for GD but leftists continuously going to the extreme of slandering them as “neo-Nazis”, just because so many foreigners do, only further illustrates the Greek left’s version of “patriotism” is simple code words for “appeasing coward”. We are facing serious foreign threats (on multiple fronts) and massive racism against Greek these days and our leftists behave as if it doesn’t exist.

    4. The goldendawn fascists will always attract the ire of the people!
      Any party that sanctions Hilterism, ethnic cleansing, and rejects the conclusive evidence of the holocaust will always stir deep emotions!
      This day has once again been hijacked!

    5. It is Greek leftists that has learned nothing from the Holocaust.

      You clearly have no idea why groups like GD arise. The way some in GD express their patronism is wrong but its precisely because many Greeks feel some foreigners are literally trying to ethnically erase the Greek people that they have grown.

    6. The point is the goldendawn fascists reject the holocaust, although the evidence is conclusive!
      Every other issue such as immigration, etc. is only a contemporary symptom of bigotry, racial arrogance, and of course economic mayhem. Had the depression not taken place in the 30s Hitler would have been hard pressed to gather any fascist followers!

    7. That’s normal. A moronic Greek like Alex (not his real name, he wishes he had a sexy name) here, will tell you that the sky is brown even though its blue!! Brainwashed to the point of no brain cells .