Members of Golden Dawn Attack Mega TV (video)

    qxxhtqkekx5151670d268e9On March 25, Golden Dawn’s deputies and other members of the party gathered outside Mega, one of  the biggest Greek private TV channels, to protest against a Turkish TV series that was screened on the  anniversary of Greek Independence day.

    About 500 fans and members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party verbally attacked the channel and Turkey, chanting insulting slogans. At the end of their gathering, Ilias Kasidiaris, Christos Pappas, Ilias Panagiotaros and other members threw eggs and yoghurt at the channel’s glass paneling and burned a Turkish flag.

    The parliamentarian deputy of Golden Dawn, Pappas, chose his own way to protest: he urinated in public on the channel’s entrance, as reported in Mikropolitikos in the newspaper TA NEA.



    1. “Golden Dawn party verbally attacked”. .

      Uhmmm, Its that what you so all day every day Andy?

    2. They are right. Mega TV must not screened Turkish series in Greek Independence day. They have to wait days until is over. Mega TV was indeed propaganda against Greeks.

    3. I agree Mega (and Skai) are generally anti-Greek programming. GD are behaving
      irrationally by protesting against them in such a manner though. It just gives our leftist cowards an excuse to exaggerate such incidents to try and frame themselves as victims to “fascism”.

      I agree with GD that many foreigners are anti-Greek these days. I like that they help Greeks and are patriots.. They are also right to oppose illegal immigration and be principled in name dispute.

      However, the shock symbolism and rhetoric of GD isn’t the way to go about it. They should be just having peaceful protests rather than behaving like angry far leftist and anarchist rioters. If every Greek resorts to one extreme or the other we will only end up in another civil war (our far leftists can be trusted to once again treasonously take the side of IMRO). That doesn’t not help our country. Our middle ground parties made mistakes but it is still best to meet in the middle for the sake of our homeland.

    4. Golden Dawn has watched as peaceful protest has done NOTHING. Leftists just decry it as “facism” and have them arrested. Golden Dawn is doing things the right way, and every white nation should have a Nationalist party as strong and capable as Golden Dawn.

    5. While I’m certainly not a spokesperson for Golden Dawn, I have no idea why they wouldn’t. They already shut down that fag play.

    6. These despicable goldendawn fascist pigs will use any excuse to further their rhetorical propaganda!

      Being a populist party based on fascist doctrines passed down through the fascist junta remnants no-wonder Turkey, in this case, is the target!

      Yet, the fascist junta ran for the hills whenever Turkey flexed their muscle, or when they invaded Cyprus and today the fascist cowards of goldendawn think they are less cowardly!

      In the end the goldendawn fascists pigs only garnish ca. 18% of our nation, pretty scary though, thinking so many Greeks out of desperation and misery have turned to this new populist party of authoritarian fascism and conservative religion rather than a peoples democracy of human rights and liberal principles!

      I’d like to see these descendants of a modern day fascist junta eat some Turkish Delight again! Now that would be funny for the rest of us here in Greece!

    7. I thought thought that I’m opening some serious “attack”, instead, I see eggs.

      Really? Eggs on a glass door is “attack”? Wow, I’m so upset I wont be able to eat my breakfast tomorrow in fear of supporting those “attackers” and called a fascist.

      Andy, try not to spew too much.

    8. Seems just like a bunch of bullies to me. If they tried this NYC, the NYPD would have arrested them for a domestic style terrorist act as you can’t harass someone from their choice to watch a TV show, or even play it. I don’t know much about Greece but I know from my Dad who used to be stationed at our American military base in Glyfada that there are lot of communists there. Apparently this golden dawn maybe is aligned with communists since they are trying to suppress freedom in Greece. Why so many communists in Greece and why they care what greeks watch on TV. Just like that movie Eleni about the woman who tried to save her kids from Communism and people in Greece in 1970s tried to keep other Greeks from watching it. MOre communists like this Golden Dawn supporter people I guess.

    9. I have read in newspapers that greek children are fainting because of lack of food and these people throw yoghurt and eggs…???

    10. Typically it is International Jewish finance (e.g. Goldmann Sachs), Jewish Lobbies(ADL) and Jewish organizations like the World Jewish Congress and European Jewish Congress and AIPAC, that continuosly label European nationalist parties as “Nazi” & trying to imply that these parties ultimately seekto genocide some other group.

      These Zionists always avoid, censor or play down Jewish orchestrated genocides of non-Jews.

      Check out this link for Jewish Organized Crime & Jewish extremist orchestrated & led Holocausts of non-Jews (gentiles) that You Don’t Hear About!

    11. Im so happy about this. I find it a disgrace to begin with that Greece allows them to air such a show to begin with but airing it on the 25th of March as well? personally I would of burned that building down. We all know who controls the major Greek tv networks.

    12. Hope that someone shuts down Golden dawn one day the country will be better off withouth them..

    13. As opposed to Skopians like you that obsessively spread hate against Greeks because you are trying to usurp an identity that is not yours.

    14. Whatever one’s feelings towards GD might be, arguing to the opposite extreme of supporting Turkey attacking Greece suggests you are either not Greek or treaonous. You do not speak for the Greek people.

    15. Congratulations.

      Your claim that GD are aligned with communists wins the award for stupidest comment of the day.

    16. i am a Turk and dont get what these people are trying to do. ok burn our flags, and attack the tvs publishing turkish soup operas. but what will theyt gain from this ? strange self satisfaction method.if they are expecting a reprisal there wont be any. because you are not annoying us indeed mostly it seems even funny to see their agression against a flag that has no mouth arms or leg to answer:)

    17. “Our middle ground parties made mistakes but it is still best to meet in the middle for the sake of our homeland.”

      I respectfully disagree. The problem with the middle ground parties is, quite simply, that they aren’t even close to being in the middle.

      SYRIZA wants 2 million of the 2 million illegal immigrants to stay.
      Golden Dawn wants 0 of the 2 million illegal immigrants to stay.

      But the so called middle ground party New Democracy wants 1.999 million of the 2 million illegal immigrants to stay.

      New Democracy is so much closer to SYRIZA than to Golden Dawn that when you ask rightists and leftists to vote for middle ground party, you aren’t asking for something even close to an equitable compromise.

      You’re asking the right-winger to give up far more than the left-winger.

    18. “They should be just having peaceful protests rather than behaving like angry far leftist and anarchist rioters.”

      Throwing the eggs wasn’t something I would’ve advised, but it still wasn’t even close to what the far leftists and anarchists have been up.

      “If every Greek resorts to one extreme or the other we will only end up in another civil war”

      If Golden Dawn takes power in a democratic election, I don’t think it will lead to civil war.

      If SYRIZA takes power in a democratic election, I don’t think it will lead to a civil war.

      The only thing that would probably lead to a civil war would be if Golden Dawn was banned, disillusioning millions of Greeks’ faith in the political process to a dangerous degree.

    19. Well, why else would they try to stop freedom of expression. My dad said there was a group of communists that would always protest at the American air force base in glyfada because they were against freedom and anti-American, so if this golden dawn supporters are against people being allowed to watch tv shows, is not this just like what communists do, try to suppress people and eliminate freedom? My dad fought in Korean war and also stationed in Greece and said the communists were a big problem in Greece so not sure why you would say that my comment is dumb unless maybe you support communists? Are you in Greece and a communist like those supporters who try to keep people from watching tv? I’m glad we have a strong military and country to keep troublemakers like that out of America.

    20. Ozgur, it’s the same when the greek communists used to burn American flag years ago at our American military base in greece. Some communists just jealous of American freedom, so maybe these greek communists may be jealous of Turkey. do you have communists in turkey? My dad also told me that Turkey has American bases too. Have you ever been to our American base in Izmir. He said it’s very beautiful there.

    21. Yeah, better off in a third world mud way. If you love third world countries so much go deport yourself to sub Saharan Africa. Greece is for the ethnic Greeks.

    22. Savas is a Semitic supremacist who hates White people (especially White Greeks) yet hypocritically lives in a White country, leeching off of welfare.

    23. Citation? Golden Dawn are also the ONLY party who were handing out FREE food to ethnic Greeks awhile back. Don’t see the KKE or their ANTIFA thugs doing that, do you? Because they hate White Greeks.

    24. During the cold war the US used to claim there was no such thing as an “ethnic macedonian” while the communists were supporting them. This Today it does the opposite. This unprincipled betrayal by foriegners is one of the reasons groups like GD have arisen. (that are extremely opposed to communism so its quite ridiculous suggesting they are communists)

      You best open a history book before commenting on Greek politics.

    25. Greek communists are big fans of Turkey, They generally take foreigner positions on every issue (including illegal immigration). You have no clue what you are taking about.


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