Alexander The Great Rocks His Opera

Alexander_ThessalHow rock was Alexander the Great?

The Rock Opera entitled Alexander is a theatrical-musical production of a play created by the Greek composer Constantine Athirides and the English lyricist Penny Turner.

The story begins on the island of Samothrace, one year before the birth of Alexander, where during the Kaveiria Rituals in the Temple of the Great Gods, his mother, the priestess Olympias, and Philip, the king of Macedonia, meet for the first time. It ends with the death of Alexander in Babylon, thirty four years later.

Through contemporary sound and music, the play aims to acquaint us with the magic, the dream and the human side of Alexander, the greatest leader in world history. The play lasts two hours and 15 minutes and is supported by a live orchestra of 14 musicians, 35 singers, actors and dancers. During the play, Greek hyper-titles will be projected.

Athirides talked about a “Greek production with a Greek subject, that can address the international spectators thanks to the ecumenical character of the hero-protagonist.” Following the success of the November 2012 shows, the play will be hosted by the Thessaloniki Concert Hall March 29-31 at 9 p.m.


  1. FYI…. FYROM are Bulgarians and speak Bulgarian.. FYROM has no connections with the Ancients Macedonians which have always claimed to be Greek and spoke Greek.