Greek Filmmaker Kollatos Arrested

SIMAIA-KOLLATOSGreek filmmaker Dimitris Kollatos was arrested, on March 27 at his house in Kolonaki, Athens on the charge of insulting the national emblem.

Kollatos raised on the balcony of his house, which is situated almost opposite the German Embassy, a Greek flag on which the Parthenon was depicted with red stains under a German boot. He chose this way to protest against Germany’s role in the Greek crisis.

Policemen asked Kollatos to remove the flag from his balcony and when he refused they arrested him and took him to the police station of Kolonaki where he is still detained.

Officially, the reason for his arrest is insulting the Greek flag, but according to the director, the arrest was made to satisfy a German Embassy request.


  1. About the only, somewhat tenious but valid, argument to be made against Germans is the world (including Greeks) went much easier on the Germans when they screwed up. Right after they just tried to kill us all, capital was injected into their economy and a massive percentage of their debt was written off. (and that isn’t even including punitive damages for all the suffering they caused). Populist rags like Bild (German versions of Kollatos) seem to start history in 1946. They neglect to mention to their readers that Germany was the biggest transgressor of debt in the 20th century….including damages to Greece that were never paid in full.

    Arresting Kollatos for insulting a flag is plain silly but any Greek populist like Kollatos that blames Germans for wanting austarity (i.e. balancing our budgets) in exchange for billions of their taxpayer’s money.. to clean up our mess… is even more ridiculous (and ungreatful). This is like some German expecting Greeks to pay damages to Nazis that leveled our country during WW2. An inversion of morality.
    Germans are certainly not under any moral obligation to perpetually fund us like our shameless parasitic communists seemingly expect.

  2. I guess along with Citizens rights to vote on EU referendums, now freedom of expression and free speech is taken away too now by the corrupt nazi Greek Coalition.

  3. Too many fascists in our government!

    This utter loss of personal freedom is the result of a police styled state, based on the propaganda rhetoric from the goldendawn fascist pigs who have infiltrated the conservative centre-right dictators!

    Bankruptcy will weed out the best outcome!
    Goldendawn fascist pigs eaten up by extreme leftists, then there will be us left behind in a multicultural, multi-religious Greece!

  4. Hello everyone,

    i’m a german in my late 20’s, and have been reading all morning in foreign news (…comments) to get a better impression of what’s on people’s minds in e.g. Greece and Ireland.

    The amount of anti-german ranting is really staggering. I mean, it’s not like we all own 3 BMW’s and bask in our wealth all day, nor does the majority (as far as I can see from my personal experience at least) want to damage any other country just for the kicks of it. We do put our own interests first, yes, but can anyone except maybe Gandhi honestly say he doesn’t?

    Our money, yes my money, my girlfriends money, my parents money and my friends money is given away to other nations to help them because there’s something wrong. I am totally fine with that, because I want prosperous neighbors. Not because I’m such a nice person, to be honest, but because I want them to be able to buy our stuff. But what do we get? Our flag is burned, our chancellor gets the beard, and people call us Nazis all over again. How do you think the regular german taxpayer reacts to that?

    If I can trust the news and many comments, corruption is the really big problem f*-ing your country up. But it seems that many greeks (or at least those who make their voices heard) find it easier to bash the evil nazi german again as to adress the real problems and take apropriate action.