AirFast Gay-Themed Ad Upsets Many

Homophobic AdAn advertisement for the on-line travel ticketing company AirFastTickets showing a young male hitchhiker being picked up by a truck driver who makes suggestive glances at him has drawn the ire of critics who said it is homophobic.

The young man looks more and more embarrassed the more the driver seems to be making overtures toward him. The interior of the truck is all in pink and fuchsia. The young man becomes visibly uncomfortable. The company says at the end of the ad that if people want to avoid such situations then they should book with them.

The gay truck driver is not revealed, until the young man enters the truck and closes the door. Gay men are shown as treacherous, in order to seduce unsuspecting young men although the driver is mimicking comic poses. The slogan of the ad is: “Do you want to travel cheaply and you pay for this dearly?”

The company was founded in 2009 by Nikolaos Koklonis, and has offices in Greece, Germany, the US and the UK.



  1. This is not homophobic…One could definitely picture even a gay person laughing at this…The ad is funny, and should really not be the topic of controversy…Greece has way bigger problems.

  2. No more Greece… Omophobic place full of haters…. this spot is stupid and dangerous,
    for stupid and dangerous people