Turkey Wants Partition Of Cyprus

davutogluWith Cyprus in an economic crisis that analysts said could last for years, Turkey said it’s ready to negotiate a two-state solution on the island it invaded in 1974, and where it still occupies the northern third of the terrorities, forming a republic only it recognizes.

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told Turkish newspaper that Turkey is ready to talk reunification of the island and about establishment of a joint commission on the island’s natural gas reserves that it covets, but that it wants partition of Cyprus insists on trying to exploit energy resources on its own and cut out the Turkish side.

“We have three paths ahead… the UN mission should be accelerated and the sides should talk on a comprehensive solution and the resources should belong to a united Cyprus. A new state. which Turks are a part of, should be able to use them,” Davutoglu was quoted as saying.

“If this does not happen, then two sides should establish a body over the usage of resources that should jointly manage the marketing and extracting,” Davutoglu added. “The fund should be blocked in an account and should be used for peace process and the period after peace.”

According to the Turkish minister, if Cyprus claims the resources as its own, then “it means tacitly that Turkish Cypriots own the resources in the north.” He added that, “If they behave according to this claim, we are ready to negotiate a two-state solution. Then these two states will meet in the EU.”

UN Cyprus peace envoy Alexander Downer earlier in the month stated that the international organization would launch a new series of talks regarding reunification after Cyprus had secured a bailout for its troubled economy.



  1. It is very clear that the Turkish solution is designed to take advantage of resources which do not belong to them, especially now that there is an economic crisis. The occupation is illegal, and therefore, any exploitation of Cyprus’ national resources by Turkey is illegal. The only solution is for Turkey to withdraw all its troops from Cyprus so as to restore Cyprus to the way it was before the illegal occupation. If Turkey wants reunification, that’s what it has to do.

  2. No Cypriot, the so-called “Turkish” Flag is just a little modification of the original Flag of Konstantinoupolis. It’s OUR Flag and what pisses me off is that theses so-called “Turks” are using it as their National Flag.
    Down with theses idiot anatolian peasants who don’t even understand that they fight under a Byzantine Greek-Orthodox Flag.
    For the rest, Homer is right.

  3. True that the star and crescent emblem is originally from there, but doesn’t have its origins in the Greek orthodox Byzantine period!

    It is the symbol of ancient Byzantium, a Greek colony founded in the 7th century BC and the emblem is believed to be first used ca. 350BC. But the star and crescent emblem has also been used elsewhere earlier, e.g. Mesopotamia, so we don’t really know from whom the Turks first copied it!

  4. Yet its probably worth hearing the details! Those who believe Turkey will either budge its military strength or change the status quo must be quite dellussional!
    Turkey isn’t afraid to put its reputation on the line as it has military prowess, but more importantly decisive commanders. So in effect this has for decades and a number of generations turned the UN into a toothless body.
    The UN knows that Turkey, unlike our Hyperchondraic Greek leaders, acts on its threats when she feels threatened!
    We need non-nationalist negotiators who don’t let emotions, and narrow-minded jingoistic patriotism dictate their views but rather statesmen who accept the inter-cultural reality of our neighbourhood to understand that inter- and intra-community tolerance is achievable.
    Cyprus was and has never been European until recently!

  5. Turkey is not some omnipotent power. The are at best a middle power who’s military has had trouble dealing with a small band of Kurdish insurgents for decades. The fact they were successful in their effort in Cyprus in 74 had more to do with an incompetent Greek regime and implicit American support than Turkey’s military prowess.
    Not to mention that any illegal military action would set them further back on their ambitions to integrate within the Western power and economic structure.
    Having said that, I would rather die fighting for my rights then bow to a bully like Turkey. Your attitude is one of cowardice and appeasement and history has shown that to be a failed policy.

  6. You seem to defend anyone’s position but the Greeks on these forums. Nothing worse than a self loathing Greek.

  7. I know that this symbol was Pagan Greek at the origin and that it was used by our ancestors even long time before it becames the emblem of the Polis (some very old Hellenic coins with this symbol on it have been found in the Afghanistan region, place where the Greco-Bactarian Kingdom was established.
    Now I said this symbol was Byzantine Orthodox because this original Pagan Symbol continued to be used under the Christian faith and then after the shism it remained in the Orthodox Religion.
    If I remember well, the meaning of this symbol is :
    Crescent Moon = Icon of Goddess Artemis/Diana (Pagan roots)
    Star = Morning Star (Maria = links to the Orthodox Religion).

  8. Turkey will have you for breakfast so why do I bother!
    My Turkish friends will remember what a naive soul you were!

  9. I defend those who don’t repeat history!
    Its not a matter of defending Greeks, but not defending people like the goldendawn fascist pigs who repeat the historical hideous crimes against humanity by attacking and blaming innocent people for our country’s current misfortunes.
    But I guess you might not understand that if you are a goldendawn fascist pig!
    If not you might appreciate history!

  10. You forget that way before the Greeks got to use the symbol, the Mesopotamians already had inscriptions of the crescent moon-star over 1.5 millenia earlier!

  11. So according to you, Tukey is “feeling threatened”, and Cyprus is the reflection of the “inter-cultural reality of our neighborhood”? Your affiliations clearly lie with Turkey, as you say it yourself, they will “eat [Greece] for breakfast”.
    You repeatedly make the mistake of thinking that Greece is not a force to be reckoned with. Certainly, we are economically weak at the moment, but we are wealthy in passion, we are wealthy in pride, we are wealthy in culture, in history, in many things that most people do not have. We also happen to have a wealth of natural resources, and now that what you seem to believe are friendly neighbors know about it, they all want a piece of the pie, even though it is not for them to take, and even if that means infringing on our sovereign rights. A true patriotic statesman has a nationalistic conscience, because you cannot possibly have your country’s interests at the forefront of your agenda otherwise, for instance, if you are under the illusion that giving in to foreign insults is the right thing to do. So you can go ahead and be a “friendly neighbor” by yourself, but the rest of us will abstain from being stupid,

  12. Well, some so-called “Crescent-moon+star” symbols I have seen from others cultures are in reality Crescent-moon+SUN and not Crescent Moon+stars (with a different numbers of branches for the “star”.
    The emblem of Byzantium is the Crescent Moon+the morning star (Maria).

    Some Hellenic coins with this symbols with some coins from the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom :

    More about the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom :

    So long before Byzantium this symbol was already used by Greeks.

    Now, have you some links seen on objects from Mesopotamia with the Crescent Moon+Star (or Sun) so I can see if they are like ours or differents ? (I’m curious now 😉

  13. Greek Cyprus and their mother Greeks are in verge of collapse, they shoud never allow to joon in EU, they fake fiancial record to get in, now they are paying the price. I a, sorry you can not sell vegetables and buy BMW’s it doenst work that way. enjoy been looked as lowest EU scums. free hand puts and lazy bunch. bye bye ,from now on all but missery for you all,it is God who punishes the wiked murderres and haters

  14. there are no Greeks or Greek Cypriots left any more like the German magazine said, basically what it said is you all are bunch of Turkish bastards they left behind,450 yeras of occupation I guess your mothers were busy entertainig Turkish man to get favors, and look at the mirro you look like a Turk eat like a Turks dance like a Turk, so you are a Turks only no fathers

  15. “there are no Greeks or Greek Cypriots left any more”

    I didn’t know that Turks looked like that :

    Singer Christos Menidiatis : Apopse leipeis.

    Now if there is some mixing, it’s because of this :

    “Greek Boys and Turkish Girls” 😉

    Also you ignorant troll, during the 400 years of occupations, Greek women raped by muslims had to commit suicide for honour.

    Only the girls captured and sent to harems survived (one of them, Kösem Sultan, a crypto Orthodox Christian, even managed to become Sultan and ruled alone over the whole Ottoman Empire;) and they are now … Turkish citizens. Also the Greek male children stolen by the Ottomans and rised as muslims to become janissaries … are today Turkish citizens, ect …

    It’s the actual “Turks” who are heavily mixed because of the Ottoman Empire. As for us, some of us have Lebaneses, Arvanites, Slavic, Egyptian origins because of different events (return of Greeks from Egypt in 1952, Lebanese refugees in the 1970s, ect …).

    It’s surely the same in your country.

    Plus for the Turks, you forgot that Real Turks (Asian looking) were as persecuted as the Christians by Ottomans under the Ottoman Era …

    Most actual Turkish citizens are a mixture of Greeks, Arabs, Jews, Mongols, Turkic Tribes, Balkans peoples …

    Example : AKP MP Hakan Sükür said he wasn’t Turk but Albanian, Erdogan is a Georgian, Gul is an arab, ect …