Greek Church Feeding The Poor, Students

solidarityWith virtually no government programs until now to help the poor and people affected by a crushing economic crisis worsened by austerity measures, it’s being left to NGO’s to help, and primarily to the Greek Orthodox Church to operate soup kitchens and food lines.

The Solidarity charity organization has stepped into the void with Archbishop Ieronymos saying that the church will fill a need, especially to help the young and students, some of whom have reportedly fainted in school from hunger.

‘There has been much discussion about the children of our schools, who leave from their house without having eaten many times because their family has financial needs. As a result, these children suffer and cannot follow the courses in school. We all feel that this destitution of children should be covered by us and the care we can offer.”

The Archbishop visited the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports and signed on behalf of Solidarity a cooperation covenant with Minister Constantine Arvanitopoulos which provides for 2,000 packets of food a month to go to families living in poverty.

Solidarity through a specially designed program called Solidarity Supports Students will offer support to the families of the students who have malnourishment problems, protecting their identities. The Ministry of Education will select the primary and secondary education units to be integrated into these actions.

Solidarity is undertaking the responsibility of distributing the food packages to the schools while the distribution of food to the families of the students will be under the responsibility of each elementary and secondary school of the program.


  1. If the church was serious in helping, they would only have to sell off 10% of their huge property holdings and thus possibly pay-off the entire Greek debt in one go!

    This way, we could make contractual arrangements for every subsequent government to make low or non-interest repayments to the church over the next 50-100 years until the church recovers its money.

    This would be an imperative human investment into the socio-economic fabric of our ‘People,’ not these condescending acts of distributing scraps to those who have become disadvantaged by the incompetent and corrupt elements deeply embedded in both the state and its church religion!

  2. Oh STFU with your patronzing self-righteous rants you anti-Greek fascist bigot. While you lecture about others, you give nothing to Greece other than ethnic hatred towards Greece and calls for terrorism. You are disgusting and belong in prison.

  3. Yes, and they could also start by paying their own staff and priests instead of sponging off the state. Just like any other church in the world.

  4. You fascist pigs are everywhere nowadays!
    Maybe take a leaf out of your religion and stop praising ‘Greek love’!

  5. “and stop praising ‘Greek love’!”
    Just saying but this is a very racist comment toward Greeks.
    Plus it is inaccurate.

  6. The current situation in Thrace was ordered by the Lausanne treaty (international treaty) and Turkey makes huge pressure so it doesn’t change even if the Turks haven’t respected their parts by chasing nearly all the Orthodox Christian minority from Constantinoupolis.

    The only good progress about the Thrace situation was the removal of the Sharia law for social and familial matters for the Muslims from Thrace a couple of years ago but it succedeed only because the EU strongly pressured Turkey (who is a EU candidat) regarding that matters so with EU Help it should be possible to do it.

    But what if Turkey fills the gape left by the new Hellenic State and decide to pay the Thracian imams or send imams from Turkey to Thrace and de facto make the Turkish presence in the region even more important ?

    I remember you that some Turks claims that Thrace is their so it is really a good decision to stop financing the mouftis and imams from Thrace ?

    And if we continue to finance muslims officials and stop financing the Orthodox Church ? Wouldn’t it be unjust towards Greek-Orthodox Christians and a national humiliation (paying muslims officials and not paying priests in a country populated mostly by Christians) ?

    Also you know, in France now the taxes are used to pay the building of news mosques. I don’t know how it is in others northern EU countries but in France, instead of paying for Churchs and priests … even non-muslims citizens are paying for imams and mosques.


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