Golden Dawn Seeks Death For Violent Migrants

Golden DawnGreece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party that has 18 seats in Parliament and has an openly anti-immigrant agenda is calling for restoration of the death penalty – for immigrants found guilty of violent crimes, although it didn’t distinguish if that meant only capital offenses such as murder.

With criminals using heavy arms such as Kalashnikov’s to battle outgunned police, the party also wants authorities to issue more firepower to the police. A 25-year-old woman was killed in a crossfire  between police and Kalashnikov-wielding criminals in Korinthos over the weekend.

In as statement, the extremists said that “immigrant assassins” had turned the country into a “jungle” and that the state was unable to handle them. They didn’t want whether Greeks convicted of murder should face the death penalty.

Military weapons were essential in order to combat the “heavily armed gangs of immigrant criminals,” Golden Dawn’s statement read. Greece officially abolished the death penalty in 1993 though the last state execution was carried out in 1972.


  1. Foreigners who violated Greece’s borders, and are residing ILLEGALY in Greece are also murdering, raping and robbing Greece’s CITIZENS!

    Golden Dawn is the ONLY political party with the courage to spell out the ONLY solution to this plague of violent crime being perpetrated by illegal immigrants against Greek citizens! The solution Golden Dawn has proposed is, the rapid deportation of all illegal immigrants to their countries of origin, the arming of Greek police with heavier weaponry to enable them to combat the firepower of heavily armed illegal immigrant gangs, and the death penalty for illegal immigrants, and foreigners in general who commit acts of serious violence against Greek citizens!

    The Greek people are with Golden Dawn!

    According to all opinion polls in Greece, Golden Dawn is the 3rd most popular political party in Greece and well on it’s way to soon being the 2nd most popular party in Greece.
    Below is a short list of links, showing the tip of the iceberg of violent crime committed by illegal immigrants against Greek citizens, as well as a very important link showing what a criminal degenerate “Javed Aslam”, the leader of the illegal pakistani immigrant community in Greece is.

    “President of Pakistani Community in Greece Arrested for Human Trafficking”
    President of Pakistani community in Greece, assembles thousands of illegal Pakistani immigrants outside Greek Parliament and threatens Greece with Islamic Holy War. (link)
    Illegal Afghan immigrants sentenced for brutally murdering young Greek father Manolis Kantaris in broad daylight as he was taking his pregnant wife to hospital.
    3 ILLEGAL Georgian immigrants arrested, after they broke into the home of two elderly Greek women(aged 71 & 80), who were sisters, tied them up, robbed them, & BEAT THEM BOTH TO DEATH.(Link to scene of this violent crime)
    Illegal Pakistani immigrant robs and RAPES a 15 year old Greek girl on the beach in broad daylight and bashes her skull in with a rock leaving the girl in a coma.

  2. Why always “neo nazi” ? Golden dawn seems to me patriots defending their country.

    Why not write “idiots socialists” “bandits of the right” this is more likely correct

  3. I agree will Golden Dawn, it will rid the country of criminals and show the illegal immigrants that Greece is not a soft country.. Especially the Albanians, most of the crimes I hear are Albanians, I can not wait to hang one of these pigs. The whole country will soon be full of Albanian graves… YES!! BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY…

  4. Because the idiot socialist that wrote the article thinks if he keeps saying neo Nazi he will stop the meteoric rise of the Golden Dawn and we will forgive and forget the traitors that ruined Greece.

  5. Golden Dawn in Greece is the example to follow in all other European countries. Do not worry about bad things people say about you, we can see what their approach have done to Europe. You are absolute heroes. Millions across Europe are with you. All the best to you people.

  6. well if you are in Iraq,Iran, Syria, Yemen,Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other muslim countries you will be killed or have hands cut off,
    in China killed for murder, in Thailand killed even for selling drugs, any further questions? or will you kindly shut up.

  7. Give me a list of Illegal immigrants who have been raped or murdered by Greek citizens. Go on. Even a small list. I am waiting.

    70% of inmantes in Greek prisons are illegal immigrants. What does this tell you?

    A mid-2008 report on street crime from the Central Security Directorate of the Athens Police estimated that foreigners are responsible for 42% of homicides in the Greek capital, 43% of sex attacks, 30% of financial crimes, 33% of vehicle theft, 51% of armed robberies, 45% of sexual trafficking cases, 44% of burglaries and 30% of illegal possession of arms and explosives.
    Since then, it is widely assumed that the analogy has risen to at least 30% of foreigners committing crimes in the city, in parallel with the influx of a new wave of illegal immigrants from 2008 up to early 2011.

    That is massive, especially when you consider that illegal immigrants make up only around 10% – 20% of Greece’s population.

    Moreover, since criminal behavior within the immigrant community – including crimes occurring between the immigrant populations themselves – is seldom reported, the full extent of it has not been fully calculated in police reports. This means that in statistical terms, it can be safely assumed that foreigners are involved in almost 80% of street crimes in the city of Athens, and similar figures can be assessed for the rest of the country, especially in other major urban centers.

    The fact is that prior to the massive wave of illegal immigration into Greece, when Greece was a homogenous nation of ethnically Greek citizens, the Greek people could sleep with their doors open, and now they can not even walk safely down the street in broad daylight for fear of being attacked by a illegal foreigner. Anyone who tries to belittle or ignore these hard facts is being racist towards Greeks and anti-Greek.

    I myself and two female members of my family were minding our own business in Athens when we were surrounded by a gang of Albanians, clearly intent on mugging us. The timely appearance of a police officer caused these foreign thugs to scatter.

    I should also mention that the mainstream media both in Greece, and overseas is quick to blame Golden Dawn for attacks on illegal immigrants, and it later turns out that it was illegal immigrants quarelling violently amongst themselves.

    A good example of this is the murder on the 12th August 2012 of a 19 year old Iraqi man in Athens, which was instantly blamed on Golden Dawn.

    The police later revealed that the so called Iraqi was not actually Iraqi but was an illegal immigrant from Morocco who had claimed false country of origin to become a “political refugee”. According to the eye witnesses he tried to rob a couple of drug addicts and the male picked up a rock from the ground and bashed him in the head before stabbing him.

    In the meantime, here is something else for you to digest.

    (No one knows the real number of llegal immigrants in Greece, which is another glaring failure of the current and previous Greek administrations from PASOK and New Democracy, and ofcourse the pro-illegal immigrant, pro-open borders coalition of Marxists-Maoists-Stalinists-Trotskyists-Leninists, know as SYRIZA).

  8. Thank You. The Golden Dawn movement in Greece will govern Greece in the near future, and will start a domino effect across other European nations, it will trully lead to a Golden Dawn across all of Europe!
    This is the great fear of International Zionism, which explains why the World Jewish Congress is pressuring the Greek government to ban Golden Dawn, despite Golden Dawn being the 3rd most popular party in Greece (and well on it’s way to being the 2nd most popular) with the support of at least 15% and maybe as much as 20% of the Greek population.


    One of the gunmen who opened fire on police who were chasing their vehicle near the Corinth Canal, resulting in the death of a 25 year-old- woman caught in the crossfire as she was driving by on March 29, has been identified as Marko Kola, an Albanian convict, who escaped from a Trikala prison along with 10 inmates nine days earlie.
    SURPRISE SURPRISE! More Greek citizens being murdered in broad daylight by Illegal immigrant foreigners!

  10. Go on, do it. You won’t because you can’t. You’re full of empty air. Typical Leftist.

  11. “neo-Nazi” has a much more effective result on the minds of readers. Using the term is supposed to smear Golden Dawn whilst the people reading will disassociate themselves with the party, in fear of be associated with “Nazis”. When people think “Nazi’s” they also think Holocaust, Gas Chambers and World Wars. It’s psychological manipulation — a tactic employed by the Soviets themselves. Most media is Left leaning, so it’s no surprise that they’d use the instruments that their idol in the Soviet Union also used against their people.

    It’s scaremongering — too bad it’s not working as Golden Dawn get larger and draw more supporters every day. People can see through the obvious smear attempt.

    Hail Golden Dawn.

  12. Make life unpleasant for the invaders and they will self deport. A few public hangings of the criminal invaders would be a lesson to the rest!.

  13. The amazing thing is the golden Dawn is being negatively portrayed by the international media but everyone is saying i wish we had a Golden Dawn here.

  14. you are right because governments from neighboring countries want greece to subside and let the illegals do whatever they want..the illegals are majority muslim,,speaking as a former muslim there is danger of islamic radicalization of all of europe.

  15. greeks are are hospitable people..unfortunately the islamic radicalization of europe is forcing us into a corner and become minorities..we have to one is going to do it for us.

  16. because they are nazis from their leader on down. In a 1987 article of the Golden Dawn magazine, its editor Michaloliakos wrote an article with title “Hitler for 1000 years” where he supports Nazism and white supremacy. Specifically he wrote “We are the faithful soldiers of the National Socialist idea and nothing else” and “[…] WE EXIST, and continue the battle, the battle for the final victory of our race”.[ He ends the article by writing “1987, 42 years later, with our thought and soul given to the last great battle, with our thought and soul given to the black and red banners, with our thought and soul given to the memory of our great Leader, we raise our right hand up, we salute the Sun and with the courage, that is compelled by our military honor and our National Socialist duty we shout full of passion, faith to the future and our visions: HEIL HITLER!”. Furthermore he capitalizes the pronouns referring to Hitler (“by Himself”, “His people”).

  17. The Golden Dawn are cheap imitations of Nazi thugs. Bashing women who disagree with their malign philosophy on national television is par for the course for these lowlifes Greece fought against the Nazi onslaught. Greece suffered under a fascist junta. Their ideology is foreign to Greece, democracy and human decency. Like all fascists they will promise the Earth and the sky but in the end they will brutalise their own people.

    A scorpion is still a scorpion regardless of the facades it adopts.

  18. What’s the point of this post? So he does his research. And your last post didn’t go your way. Doesn’t mean you shoukld insult him.


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