Anti-Fascists Battle Golden Dawn in Chania

    1827619_422_355Rallies and protest marches followed the April 2 incidents in Chania, Crete, between Golden Dawn members and leftist, anti-fascist organizations causing inconvenience among citizens and mobilizing police forces.

    The incidents resulted in the arrest of six people, four Golden Dawn members and two members of anti-fascist organizations.

    It all started when about 20 Golden Dawn members began their small protest from the Public Market. Members of leftist organizations such as the Antifascist Initiative and ANTARSYA, said that Golden Dawn members started bullying immigrants outside the Public Market and Plaka Apokoronou.

    A teacher, who is a member of the Antifascist Initiative, reported that Golden Dawn members recognized her while going to the Old Port, insulted her and triggered the atmosphere leading leftists and Golden Dawn members to an actual fight.

    A Golden Dawn member was found in the waters of the Venetian Port. After generalized episodes, minor damages were caused to shops in the Chania port.

    The police arrested several people involved in the port episode after monitoring the Communist Party rally to prevent any further trouble. The Antifascist Initiative teacher accused Golden Dawn members of unprovoked verbal attack and filed a libel lawsuit.


    1. Now the real story is about 50 anarchists and KKE supporters attacked a small group of Golden Dawn members in a cafe but even though the GD were outnumbered they kick the shite out of them and they ran away like pussies and called the police. Just goes to show that Andy Dabilis isn’t the only poor pathetic excuse for a journalist on this sight and that Niki Mariam onti is actually stupid enough to think that her lies are actually going to prevent GD gaining power.

    2. The only extremists are the left wing anarchist rebels.

      It is these same left wing anarchist rebels who set fire to the Marfin bank in Athens in 2010, burning 3 bank employees to death, including Angeliki Papathanassopoulou, a 32-year-old pregnant bank clerk!
      Radical left wing anarchists are vile degenerate dirty unwashed cowardly figures. They hide behind masks, and have no scruples about placing bombs in shopping malls, because their twisted minds think that bombing a shopping mall, and killing innocent people doing their clothes and grocery shopping is ok, and the correct way to combat capitalism. The truth is these vile left wing anarchist creatures always make sure their own mother, father, siblings and close relatives are not regulars at these shopping centres, and will not be anywhere near the shopping mall or other public target when the bomb goes off…these young anarchists are also typically the spoilt offspring of rich parents. Pathetic.
      When Golden Dawn comes to power any of these spoilt brats who are convicted of endangering the lives of innocent civilians, will be given a speedy trial, before being lined up against a wall and shot.
      The end is near for these left wing anarchist cowards. They will not be treated with kids gloves by the authorities when Golden Dawn takes power.

    3. Strange leftists are fighting a civil war among themselves, the leftist Golden Dawn and the left-wing anarchists — and the socialists, who like Mussolini when he created fascism out of the socialist party, felt it wasn’t far to the left enough. And the communists to boot! Thank God Greeks have a center-right government to bring us some sanity.

    4. Hate to tell you, but the Golden Dawn are just further to the left than the socialists, as I said above. You’ll just get more state-control, in a Nazi uniform. Back a real government that does real work for the people, and not some lunatics who play to your hatreds of the state and the liberating creed of capitalism and liberty.

    5. Illegals that violate our borders are not “immigrants”. Please learn how to use words correctly instead of just mindlessly parroting foreigners with anti-Greek agendas (also see how the same sorts of foriegners now pretend not to notice the SKopians sudden identity change into “descendents of ancient Macedonians”)

    6. You have a point that GD are socialists from an economic standpoint. They also don’t help Greece with their Nazi-like symbolism and rhetoric (propaganda fodder for anyone with a bone to pick with Greeks).

      That said, they are in the moral right in two issues,

      A. FYROM’s bizarre attempt to usurp our identity. I became aware of the hatred towards Greeks among many foreigners these days when they started to pretend not to notice the Skopians attempts to usurp our identity and use it to threaten our country (including shockingly some alleged “human rights” organizations that seem more interested in hiding their mistakes and protecting their image than protecting our human rights)

      B. every other country deports illegals, with far less illegals per capita than Greece. This would including the countries that these illegals come from and the countries of foreign funded NGOs and media that frame our illegals as “immigrants.. However their deportations and rejections aren’t patronizingly framed as “fascism” and “racism” like it is with Greeks.

      The lack of moral and intellectual consistency suggests many foreigners have prejudices against Greeks (including some that claim to support human rights)

    7. You wrote quote:
      “Back a real government that does real work for the people”.

      Well what do you think Golden Dawn are doing?
      The newspapers are full of stories explaining that the way Golden Dawn became so popular amongst the Greek people, was via grass roots efforts, i.e. escorting old ladies to the bank so that they don’t get robbed by illegal immigrants, bringing groceries to the homes of elderly people, Golden Dawn MP’s using over half their personal income to fund food charity events, (there is not a single politician from any other political party that uses their own income – let alone over 50% of their monthly income to fund charity events), they go to peoples homes and expell illegal immigrant squatters who are refusing to leave, and who the police are not expelling, they then clean up and paint, make repairs to these homes and hand them over to there owners free of charge.
      Does none of this count as “real work” in your eyes?
      This is why Golden Dawn has managed to secure the support of anywhere between 12% to 18% of the Greek electorate thus far, despite all Greek domestic news and entertainment media being 100% against Golden Dawn, not inviting them onto their TV shows, and endlessly slandering this party.
      They got their support from real, grass roots, on the ground efforts. They are also the only political party that forced into the open, the fact that politicians earn over 8000 euros per month!
      Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris was the one who got up in parliament and demanded that the monthly salary of members of parliament which is 8000 euros be slashed! At first all the other politicians from other parties were horrified that he was spilling the beans about how much money they were making whilst simultaneously pressing austerity for the Greek public.
      The communist MP’s from KKE who have been in the Greek parliament for decades, NEVER brought up the issue of the bloated salaries that they recieved, and neither did SYRIZA MP’s!

    8. Golden Dawn has the moral right on alot more than just the two issues you mentioned!

      Golden Dawn has the moral right when they are the only party demanding that the archives be opened to show what dirty games, and blackmail were played by the Americans and British during the 1974 Cyprus conflict.

      Golden Dawn has the moral right when they are the only party demanding that the archives be opened to show what really happened at Imia in 1996. There is information showing that the Greek navy had locked onto the all the ships of the Turkish navy that were circling the island of Imia (around 7 Turkish warships) and the Turks had no radar lock on the Greek warships, as they didn’t know there location.

      The American government requested the location of these Greek warships from the Greek government, the Greek government gave this information to the Americans, and the Americans then turned around and told the Greek government that if they don’t release their radar lock on the Turkish warships, that they will give the location of the Greek warships to the Turks! Some freinds! Golden Dawn wants these archives opened!

      Golden Dawn wants the rapid deportation and securing of Greece’s borders, even if this means laying landmines on the Greek-Turkish border!

      Golden Dawn has the moral right when they demand that the Turkish consulate in Greek Thrace be shut down, for stirring dissent amongst the muslims populace in Thrace, and creating the conditions for a Greek “Kosovo” in Thrace!

      Golden Dawn has the moral right when they demand that a full audit be carried out to see where the nearly 400 billion euros of tax payer money were spent by the previous administrations. Or are we supposed to believe that the majority of this money was spent on pensions and the salaries of public servants?

      Golden Dawn has the moral right when they demad that the “worth” of our EU partners be put to the test, by announcing that Greece acts on it’s right as a signatory to the international law of the sea, and extends it’s maritime borders to 12 nautical miles. If the Turks (who are applying for EU membership) declare war on Greece, will our EU partners help Greece? If not, then we can make it plain as day to all EU member nations that belonging to the EU means nothing if another non-EU nation declares war on you.

      Then there is the Golden Dawn attempt to teach Ancient Greek history, and Christianity to Greek children – labelled as hatred by the leftist radicals of SYRIZA and even by New Democracy. The leftist leaning Greek education system has done it’s best to ensure Greek children know very little about Greek history in order to prepare them for an open borders – globalised world system, where it will mean nothing to them if 5 million Turks immigrate to Greece, as they will have little idea of what Turkey has done to the Greek nation.
      These anti-hellenic SYRIZA leftists even want to erect a statue of Kemal Ataturk in Thessaloniki! This is like the equivalent of erecting a statue of Adolf Hitler in Tel Aviv!

    9. The Samaras led coalition is actually quite socialist too.

      The real questions are these:

      Should we have socialism for Greeks or socialism for foreign bankers who can’t take the loses from their bad loans like men?

      Should we have socialism for Greeks or socialism for law-breaking illegal immigrants who have no business being in our country in the first place?

      Let’s have socialism for Greeks and a Greece for Greeks.

    10. Please go rally your “fellow” Arvanites in Greece for freedom, just stand in front of them when you’re ready for the revolution lol.


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