Festos Palace Ship Hits Heraklion Dock

1db4cc860fc13d618dd1f51ed3934deb_LThe ship Festos Palace of Minoan Lines company struck a dock in the port of Heraklion, Crete due to a sudden squall on April 3. High winds and waves pushed the vessel into the dock and frightening passengers but no injuries were reported.

The crew and officers were said to have acted swiftly to prevent further difficulties. The crew managed to berth the ship with the aid of a tugboat before passengers and vehicles disembarked.

Repair crews from the Port Authority and Minoan Lines’ technicians, along with divers’ help, worked to check on the ship’s condition and to see if any work was necessary before it could leave port.  The ship carried 715 passengers, 107 trucks, 74 cars and 15 two-wheel vehicles.


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