Greek Shipowners Invest $848M

shipWhile the Greek government continues to mull plans to tax the country’s shipping industry to raise money during a crushing economic crisis, Greek ship-owners bought 72 ships within the first three months of 2013 and invested $848 million in their companies, a $244 million increase and an additional 32 ships from the previous year.

According to Allied Shipbroking, the shipowners absorbed the 28% of the dry bulk cargo ships that have changed hands between January-March, the 17% of tankers and the 23% of the dry bulk cargo ships.

They invested $420 million to buy 43 dry bulk cargo ships, $352 million for 20 tankers and $75 million for container ships.

During the period from January-March 2013, 315 ships worth $3.476 billion changed hands worldwide, while Greeks remain at the top of the buyers and the Chinese follow with the purchase of 19 ships worth $117 million.


  1. Like its such a bad thing to buy ships and get larger to provide more jobs. This article is ridiculous

  2. Dablis claims to be against communism but he’s obviously far left in political spectrum. Every article he writes has some sort of jab against the right and promotes class warfare like any good communist. He has zero objectivity in his reporting.

    “Greek” Reporter in general is heavily slanted to the left. It is essentially a Greek far leftist blog that just calls itself “Reporter” to try and make itself sound like a news organization.

    Even as an alleged “Greek” blog it fails miserably. Virtually every day now there are several articles promoting non-Greek interests. From treasonous framing illegals as “immigrants” (parroting foreigners disrespectfully promoting illegals into Greece), to supporting the building of mosques by illegals, to an obsession with GD, while saying essentially nothing negative about Skopians fanatics and their foreign backers actively threatening our country) The natural long term consequences of these unprincipled emotive positions is to slowly turn Greece into a NON-Greek state. Greek Reporter would be more aptly named “Leftist Reporter”

    Here is a much better source for Greek news to be found on this blog website I recently found. (without the leftist spin job inserted as “news” ) Its not perfect either but at least its pro-Greece rather than engaged in the currently popular anti-Greek hysteria like this leftist website. (the only reason I come here is to slam the anti-Greek crap Leftist Reporter spews day after day)

  3. HOw is this a bad thing? Investing during rough economic times in tangible items like ships is a good thing. I hope this will kick start manufacturing jobs in Greece as ships needs a lot of parts.

  4. **************While the Greek government continues to mull plans to tax the country’s shipping industry to raise money during a crushing economic crisis********

    Wow,, what a piece of TRASH journalism. Garbage. Linking the fortunes of private companies to the Greek tragedy of the stupid is what leftist idiots do ALL THE TIME.