Thessaloniki Μosque Opens, Athens Next

Μosque_ThessaA 111 year-old mosque in Thessaloniki, Greece has opened its doors to Muslim worshippers for the first time in 90 years at at the same time a planned mosque in Athens is moving closer to reality and as Turkey continues to prohibit the opening of the Halki Seminary which was shut down 42 years ago.

The Thessaloniki mosque allowed worship again on March 30, according to Hürriyet Daily News. Kerin Uras, Turkey’s Ambassador to Greece, said that reopening the mosque is “a positive step in the right direction. We’re expecting the rest to come. I hope Athens will also be a place where Muslims can pray.”

Tuğrul Biltekin, Turkey’s Thessaloniki Consul General, said “I am so happy about this historical development. I hope mosques in Thessaloniki and other locations in the region will be open to Muslims during holy days.”

The Mosque was constructed by Vitaliano Poselli, an Italian architect, in 1902. However, it was closed for prayer in 1923. Between 1925 to 1963 the mosque was used as an archaeology museum and was later used as the Thessaloniki Municipality’s exhibition hall.

An important step for the construction of the first mosque in Athens is being made through the publication of the project to Diaugeia program by the Ministry of Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, according to the newspaper Kathimerini. The mosque will be built on Navy land next to the Sacred Way, Votanikos.

Athens’ some 30,000 Muslims, without an official mosque, have to pray in about 120 makeshift places of worship, such as basements while waiting for the Greek government to build them a mosque. The building site has five derelict buildings, one being turned into the mosque. The mosque will have a capacity for 350 worshippers. In the outdoor there will be a courtyard to be used for worship as well.

The other four buildings will be demolished and next to the central area will be constructed several facilities and toilets. In the same area there will be Imam’s offices and offices for the members of the Executive Committee of the mosque, which will include seven members, consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Education, of Athens Municipality, academics and two representatives of the large communities of Muslims of Greece .

(Christina Flora contributed to this report)


  1. Expect a flood of muslims into Thessaloniki and expect that in the next war against Turkey, we will lose that city due to their Islamic alignment.

  2. I dunno why Greece is stupid. Turks and muslims killed Greeks and Greeks give them favors opening mosques in Greece. What the hell is that? Example: Someone rape your daughter and you give him a room to live near you. Lol, what a joke.

  3. Illegal immigrants violated Greek border and living in Greece and Greeks opening mosques for them. What a joke. This why the world don’t like Greeks, because they don’t use brains.

    “A welcome enemies is our friends, even they hate us, we are giving them favors”. This is what Greece does. It must be stopped.

  4. Our leftist parasites are to blame. They frame their lack of patriotism as “human rights” simply to hide the fact they are gigantic cowards too frightened to defend our homeland from foreign threats. Their collectivist ideology depends on numbers thus they are appeasers whose ethics move with popular opinion.

  5. Greeks, go outside and demonstrate on the street. No mosque in Greece. We don’t feed them. They are not welcomed in our homeland. Illegal immigrants out. No mosque for them.

  6. ” while waiting for the Greek government to build them a mosque”

    This ridiculous statement sums up the stupidity of the Greek left. Since when is it government’s responsibility to build Mosques…. for illegals that violated our border? Good lucking getting Muslims to build a few churches and synagogues in Mecca much less have their own government pay for it.

  7. You are right. Macedonia is eventually likely lost again (mostly due to the cowardice of the left) and it won’t be to the brain dead Slavs in Skopje. The anti-Greek love fest the Muslim Turks and Skopians are currently engaged will end when the Muslims are done flooding Greece with illegals and their next target becomes places like Bulgaria, FYROM, Albania and the rest of Europe. When the Muslims (who have babies much faster) get their numbers up in FYROM they will try to turn it into another Shiara run Islamic state like they trying to currently do to Greece.

    An invasion of illegals is framed as “human rights” of “immigrants”. Clever actually. Our leftist imbeciles bought into it. In 100 years when Greece is no longer a Greek state (again) and there is no democracy in Greece their descendents will look back in disgust and shame at their cowardice and stupidity (much like native Indians in the Americas). Such cowardice and ignorance is unworthy of the name Greek.

  8. So the Greeks are opening a mosque for the Islamics. I thought I would never see the dawn of such a sad day. But if the Greeks want to lose their minds and behave stupidly, that is their business, not mine. Now, in addition to the Nazi party with 18 gangsters in parliament, they can have a mosque full of Mohammadens who despise them.

  9. Allahu Akbar!!! Finally my Muslim brothers I can pray in joy instead of going back & forth to my basement in Athens . I finally can pray in my papous old mosque & then visit my goat .

  10. Don’t worry you goldendawn fascist pigs, our muslim citizens have a right to a house of worship!

    You fascist pigs always complain about everyone else’s faith but Turkey at least lets the Patriarch preach in Istanbul maybe this will finally allow open dialogue between the two religions!

    Though I do believe religion has more blood on its hands than any other institution!

  11. Finally someone with some decency!
    But unfortunately your wasting your time on these goldendawn fascist pigs!
    They have their heads so far up their arses all they see are the rays of their goldendawn!

  12. “Turkey at least lets the Patriarch preach in Istanbul”

    So the Turks who illegally occupy Constantinoupolis (and not Istanbul) are so generous that they let the Orthodox Christians who were there before them pray in some places of their own Capital ?
    Theses very kind Turkish governement reminds me of the USA governement who is granting the Indians of America (the natives) some Reserves to survive in their own lands ! What a generosity, Savas !

    Now may I ask were are the 500 000 Greek Orthodox Christians who had the right to stay in the City after the Lausanne Treaty in the 1920s ?
    Them and their family should have the right to go back to Turkey and have all their assets given back to them with compensation for the members of their families who have been killed during the pogroms.

    Besides it’s up to Orthodox (Sate Religion) from Greece and Muslims if they want peace or not, it’s not up to 3rd parties to have a say in the matters.
    Atheists, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, ect … should mind their own business.

    But don’t worry, one day there will be a dialogue between Orthodoxes and Muslims …. when Muslims will have given back Constantinoupolis, Cyprus and Kosovo and present apologies and compensation to Orthodox Christians.
    Same for Jews and Muslims, when Jerusalem and Palestine will be given back to the Palestinians, the hatred between Jews and Muslims will go away with the time.
    Now if the Jews wanted to build a Synagogue in Gaza, the Palestinians would have some difficulties to accept it (and I would understand them).

    For the rest, there are over 2 millions Christians in Saudi Arabia (Capital of Islam) and they haven’t any place to pray. Building a Church in Mecca, Medina or even Ryad should help having a better dialogue between Christians and Muslims.
    Now Christians can’t enter in Mecca and Medina and this is a serious case of religious racism.
    All leftists, if they would be honests about human rights, should lobby in full force to make this awfull situation change.

  13. If we Greeks would immigrate illegally to your country, commit crimes against your fellow peoples, threaten the authority of your country to commit Orthodox Crusades if you wouldn’t build us a Church with taxpayer money and if you and your peoples would complain, I would call you a moron, I’m sure you wouldn’t understand.
    Besides, if you and your countrymen decide to let peoples with differents religions build their places of worships into your country, this is you right … but that doesn’t mean that others populations who are opposed to this should do the same.
    You and your peoples like multiculturalism and secularism in you country ? So be it, but once again, you do what you want in your country. In Greece if the majority of the population are opposed to it, you haven’t to force this model upon the natives.

    Remember, what you accept on your own free will in your country is your decision alone and this doesn’t implies reciprocity.

  14. Why should be there reciprocity ? It was you British peoples who decided to change your land into a multicultural country so nobody must give you anything in exchange.

    Same for the Muslims, Bouddhists, ect … living in their own homeland.
    They don’t own you anything because they are some muslims and bouddhists living in the UK who enjoy social help and places of worships.
    Plus many of the foreigners who have settled in the UK would never accept to give to British peoples like you in their Homeland what they ask from you in the UK.
    You British peoples decided all alone to let millions of foreigners comming to the UK and you decided to let Greek Churches, Mosques, Synagues, ect … being built in your homeland so why should we give you something in return ? It was YOUR decision, not ours and we don’t own you anthing.

    So because you Brits took a decision in the UK, you want the same kinds of decisions being applied in Greece ?
    Well, That makes you an imperialists who violate the Self Determination Right of the Hellenic peoples.

    Because you know, each population have the (Human) Right to choose their own model of society, being it multicultural, monocultural, theocracies, ect …. and that is Self Determination.
    You British peoples decided to live in a multicultural country and I respect your right as a sovereing peoples to live your multicultural way of life.
    Now if in Greece, the most peoples prefer to live in a monocultural society, you have to respect it. If some others countries want to live under a theocracy, respect it, ect … Please don’t try to push your model of society into others countries. Thanks.

  15. Churches of other Christian denominations in a fellow European and Christian country is different to having mosques built for barbaric Islam. It’s not rocket science. Islam, a religion which Greeks have suffered terribly under and spent untold amounts of blood trying to rid themselves from. Mosques in Greece basically serve as barracks for the Turks – they are a huge security risk. This is just the next step in the planned destruction of the Greek nation. In these invaders’ own countries Christians have next to no rights.

  16. Glen there are no 500.000 Greeks in London and secondly nealrly all the Greeks there were invited to the UK. Nearly all the Muslims in Greece came illegally. That is the difference.

  17. Saudi Arabia the home of islam has a ban on christianity. 1 million filipino guest workers (catholics) there are told to pray in private.Why the double standards?

  18. The difference is nearly all Greeks abroad were invited there. In Greece nearly all the muslims came to Greece illegally. How many Greeks live in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh?

  19. So you support the left wing loonies and the islamists who treat women like crap.Read Robert Spencer on jihad watch.

  20. As a christian I cannot pray in hagia Sophia because the Turks do not allow this. Is that fair? Islam is all about islam period.

  21. I do not oppose any religion having a place of worship in Greece: I am a non-orthodox Christian attending the Anglican church here. What bothers me is that we can’t even get permission to build, with our own money (we get nothing from England) a WC for disabled and the government is BUILDING a mosque. Why not then churches for the other Protestant and Roman Catholic groups; why not funds for maintaining our building; This is totally unfair and not balanced.


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