Bishop Seraphim Wants Athens Mosque Stopped

    Seraphim of PiraeusAs the Greek government readies to build the country’s first official mosque, the hard-line Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus has gone to the Council of State to appeal the decision, saying he doesn’t want Muslims in Greece to have a sanctioned place of worship.

    Seraphim, already known for his anti-Semitic opinions, has described a 2006 law paving the way for the creation of the mosque as “a disgraceful and humiliating sacrilege.” He defended his action as a bid “to protect the religious rights of Greek Christians.”

    The Bishop’s appeal has been backed by a philosophy professor at the University of Athens, two doctors at the Athens Naval Hospital and a cultural association based in Votanikos, where the mosque is to be built, and five local residents. Muslims in Greece have been left to pray in makeshift mosques, such as basements and garages while awaiting a new one that would be officially recognized by the state.


    1. Leftists like Andy Dablis are effectively anti-Greek. He’s more of a spokeman for his leftist ideology and homeland of the USA than anything Greek. Several times a week he writes anti-Greek articles and says absolutely nothing negative about illegals flooding our country or the foreigners that collude with Skopians in trying to delete our very identity.

      This is only further illustrated by Andy’s advocacy for importing Islam into Greece… for the sake of illegals that shouldn’t be in our country in the first place. (the invasion that Dablis and his anti-Greek foreign comrades manipulatively frame as “Immigrants”)

      Islam is religion that oppressed Greeks for centuries (and many others). Even it today does not allow Christians or Jews or anyone else to build a single temple in Mecca. It still has control of orthodox religions holiest church. No small number of it adherents in Greece, most of them in the country illegally, wish to once again Islamify our country, Andy’s response to this disrespectful invasion… support the invaders. Andy is a treasonous coward and proud of it.

      Keep up the good work turning Greece into a non-Greek state Dablis.

    2. Healthy Christian communities have nothing to fear from other religions worshiping in dignified settings. It’s such a wasted opportunity for the Greek Orrhodox church not to see this. On a lighter note, the church seems to seek the kind of monopoly in religious rites which Greek business allegedly has tried to foster for some time. John

    3. We the people should allow to vote if we want a mosque in our country or not…After all it is our country and not their…Bloody hell we live in a Christian country and not a muslim one…They can go back to their own countries and build hundred of mosques but not in Greece…Our Church should take the initiative and ask the people to have a say in this matter before the government after all its our country not theirs…They will not fight our war…These people are killers thirsty for blood causing destruction anywhere they are…We just have to look worldwide and see the destruction they caused and that is enough to stop building a mosque in our country in the meantime they should give us back our Agia Sofia…

    4. It’s ridiculous that any mosque be opened in Greece – a Christian country. I only hope that Xrysi Augi will take care of it.

    5. There are mosques in Thrace. The mosques in Athens are meant for illegals. They are invaders into our homeland. They ALL need to be ejected (with force if necessary).

    6. about 10 years or so ago, i was listening to a conversation on the radio whereby a representative of the homosexual community was explaining that they want to enter schools and provide education and clarification on any ambiguities or misunderstanding of homosexuality and had no intention of converting or cultivating children into homosexuals. Today in several public schools there are government paid ‘councillors’ permanently assigned to these schools to assist homosexual children. It has been put that these contemporary and forward schools are becoming ‘homosexual ghettos’.

      Do you get the allegory dickheads?

    7. What about the mosques in Janina and in all over Chameria that you bastards have destroyed after your bloody GENOCIDE (from 1913-1944)against civilian population (women, children and elderly) that do not even have a grave., not to mention the grave yards of native Albanians that have been destroyed.

    8. YES, they TRULY are ILLEGAL immigrants (therefore criminals)! Where do criminals ever have rights like that? Nowhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. What about the Greeks killed by Albanians that aligned with Nazis during WW2? What about Greeks murdered by communists Albanians?

      Personally I think past conflicts should be past conflicts and borders respected… else it leads to new conflicts.

    10. Archbishop Seraphim is stupid and he is a dumbass! He should be removed from his job.