Patras Wins Pan-European Photo Contest

mptyqpsnlu515b32405204c_520_355A car photo drove Facebook crazy and gave the lead to two residents from the city of Patras to a pan-European photo competition. All it took was a woman and a classic car to create a unique result.

At Vrahneika beach of Patras, a woman poses in a 1962 Mercedes 2300. Photographer Vassilis Spyrou, ensures the click that will later win the the Dutch magazine competition.

Spilios Laliotis, who also lives in Patras, has lent, for the photo’s sake, one of his five antique cars.

The photo was sent to the European Competition organized by the Dutch magazine, Auto Motor Klassiek, on the Woman and Classic Car theme. This shot got the most likes on Facebook, 541 in total, and therefore will be the cover of the magazine’s next issue. The photo won among 150 entries by 130 people from many countries throughout Europe.

Laliotis was informed of the competition from Facebook, given that he is a huge lover of classic cars. The satisfaction of both Laliotis and Spyrou to have been distinguished is indescribable.

As Laliotis stated “Since I was a child, I have always admired classic cars. I saw the competition and I immediately thought that I should participate. I managed to get my first classic car in my 30s.”

He now has five classic cars in his possession, which he remakes all by himself. A 1939 Mercedes, a 1962,  another two 1962 Mercedes and now he has been remaking a 1934 Ford.