EU Wants To Abolish Cross From Greek Flag?

    On March 25, on the occasion of the Greek Independence Day Parade, the  “new” Greek flags which fluttered in the wind in many Greek cities, appeared with only blue and white stripes, without the cross symbol of Christianity.

    In the past few months, there have been reports in the Greek media that the European Union has been seriously discussing the possibility of abolishing religious symbols from six out of 27 EU countries that have the cross symbol on their flags: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Malta and Greece.

    Established during the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire, the colors of the Greek flag symbolize the sea that surrounds the country (blue) and the purity of the fighters’ cause (white). The cross proclaims the fledgling nation’s Christian faith in contrast to its Islamic rulers.The number of stripes is equal to the syllables of the Greek insurgents’ motto, “Liberty or death.”

    The flag’s layout (stripes and a symbol on the upper left corner) is reminiscent of the American flag, a country whose success against the British inspired the Greeks, who claimed their own freedom not long after the Americans.


    1. Don’t be foolish! If there is anyone in the EU who would push hard for this it is the Swedish politicians. There has already been suggestions in Sweden to change the flag because the cross offends immigrants.

    2. more interference our flags are important to us the iconography is a part of our history stop this interference the more this stupidity goes on the more we loose our identity to the EU leave the George cross alone.

    3. Theyll have a job with Union Flag…its full of crosses. They`d be nowt left.Maybe thats prophetic.

    4. Tell the E.U that it is a PLUS symbol to recognize Archimedes as the father of mathematics and let them chew on that. Mark from Canada .