EU Wants To Abolish Cross From Greek Flag?

    On March 25, on the occasion of the Greek Independence Day Parade, the  “new” Greek flags which fluttered in the wind in many Greek cities, appeared with only blue and white stripes, without the cross symbol of Christianity.

    In the past few months, there have been reports in the Greek media that the European Union has been seriously discussing the possibility of abolishing religious symbols from six out of 27 EU countries that have the cross symbol on their flags: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Malta and Greece.

    Established during the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire, the colors of the Greek flag symbolize the sea that surrounds the country (blue) and the purity of the fighters’ cause (white). The cross proclaims the fledgling nation’s Christian faith in contrast to its Islamic rulers.The number of stripes is equal to the syllables of the Greek insurgents’ motto, “Liberty or death.”

    The flag’s layout (stripes and a symbol on the upper left corner) is reminiscent of the American flag, a country whose success against the British inspired the Greeks, who claimed their own freedom not long after the Americans.


    1. EU parliament can go to hell. EU is not muslim countries. Muslims have no righjt to live in EU. Back to muslim countries where they came from.

    2. Greece has the right to accept it’s history of symbol cross and EU has no right to delete it. Look at the muslim flags. Moon and stars coming from muslim religion. EU countries do not belong to muslims and if they feel bad then go away from EU and back to your country.

    3. I don’t mind moderate numbers of Muslims (or anyone else) living in Greece but the context matters. Its one thing to first ask to immigrate, be reviewed by the state for whether the person will likely integrate and contribute…or just be another anti-Greek troublemaker by crossing llegally into Greece and start ranting about their “rights” and “racism” to manipulatively justify their disrespect of our soverignty.

      Were it up to me I would deport virtually every illegal in Greece in a very short span of time. Ship them right back to their country of origin. And if any patronizing foreign funded NGO disrespectfully interfered, I would offer them the opportunity to host the illegals in their own homelands and permanently deport them right along with the illegals

      The only reason this hasn’t happened is because of our treasonous leftists. Without a unified voice on this issue there is no way to take the tough measures necessary to get the job done (as Israel is currently doing by booting their own illegals while our moronic leftists rant “racism and fascism” to the self-defense of our borders from invasion).

      “‘Our Goal is a State Without Illegal Aliens'”

    4. I’m not crazy about our flag myself but this is just another sign of our alleged “moderate” leftists idiotic long turn goal is to turn Greece into multicultural America. (effectively deleting Greeks in the process – see Native Americans).

      Anything remotely Greek related is inch by inch associated with “fascism” and “racism”. This is why we have to protect GD even if we don’t agree with everything they say. Once GD is out of the way, they will go after more parties with patriots in them under the pretext of fighting “Fascism” until there are no patriots left. Eventually more official languages will be introduced into Greece and when demographic changes are big enough it will cease to be a Greek state.

      One way to combat this is to force all foreign funded “human rights” organziations to register as political organizations or face expulsion (which is what they really represent). Their manipulative use of the words “Human rights” is political propaganda to lul morons into supporting invasions of their own countries.

    5. Greeks to EU…


      (My apologies to the site, but I HAD to say it)

    6. For a perfect example of the kind of leftist I’m talking about one need look no further than Andy Dablis of the USA.

      Here is what he writes on his twitter account.

      “I am an American journalist living in Athens, working as a correspondent for Southeast European Times, and The National Herald”

      Notice how he references himself an “American” journalist not a “Greek” journalist. Southeast European Times is also a US military funded “News” organization. They hire Andy precisely because they know they can manipulate him to push current US interests in Greece. When I say leftists like Andy are treaonsous, I don’t say it in jest. I mean it. Not everyone on the right is a patriot and bot every leftist is treasonous, but a huge number of leftists are (in particular in Syriza). Their anti-nationalist ideology and western media pushed them to confuse US culture and foreign policy with being the same as Greek.

    7. This EU politicians want to change Europe to an Ottoman Empire.
      Look at FRANCE.
      Stopp the EU!

    8. If the rumors are true, that means that this so-called EU Union is violating our Human Rights.
      And in that case, we need to get out of this “project”.

    9. I am generally pro-EU but I am starting to think we may have no other choice if the current pattern continues for much longer. If the goal of the EU is to delete all our identities and turn us into a super state then we should get out while we still can. (since it would amounts to the subtle ethnic erasure of the Greek people)

      The only way I would support the EU is an EU of independent countries not a United States of EU. It works in places like Canada and US because everyone is an immigrant and the native Indians lacked the firepower to protect their homeland from imperialist invaders. However such a project will never work in Europe because there are too many languages, cultures and history (see failed communist multiculturalist Yugoslavia for what will eventually happen)

    10. ohhh god….with all of greeks politicans bowing down to EU’s demands..its only a matter of time before this happens ..its funny, back in 2010 a friend said this was going to happen and i believed him,

    11. We need out Alex, really.

      You may not have heard it but Removing the Cross from our flag and building mosques against the will of the peoples isn’t the only bad thing which is happening now : Some Press and EU officials also want to ban the use of the term “illegal immigrants” :
      They really want to destroy our identity to build a super state and that is why we all need out.

      Article : Commissioner: EU should ‘eradicate’ the term ‘illegal immigrant’ :

      2013 : “EU home affairs commissioner, the Swedish politician Cecilia Malmstrom
      has applauded the AP news agency for dropping the term “illegal
      immigrant” from its stylebook. “The EU should follow. I’ve worked to
      eradicate the term ‘illegal immigrant’ from all commission docs. No
      human being is ‘illegal,’ ever,” she tweeted on Thursday”.

      2008 :
      “Migration and European Affairs Minister, Astrid Thors, wants to slacken the immigration ministry’s unnecessary strict measures. In order to do so, she is introducing a new vocabulary which will center around the word client. An immigrant will no longer be known as an immigrant, refugee, asylum seeker etc. He is just a client”.

      Finnish Minister of Migration and European Affairs Wants Only Clients…….

      2007 :
      Franco Frattini, EU commissioner :
      “We have to shift – even if not completely – our traditional way of thinking
      of migration as a world of loss and sorrow. Let us be realistic in a visionary
      way. Let us try to use, a new expression : EU Mobility. We have to
      look at immigration as an enrichment and as a inescapable phenomenon of today’s
      world not as a threat”.

      Me too I would have been happy to see a EU of Independent EU countries, but the current EU isn’t going this way, so we really need out before the crazy so-called elite take from us completely our Self Determination (Human) Right.

      Plus, when our officials often complain to the EU officials against the countless violation of our aerial space (which is also the aerial space of the EU since we are parts of this “Union”) by the Turkish military, the EU officials do nothing.
      We are on our own and in top of that we have lost the control of our borders and many things concerning our national policy (building of mosques, foreign occupation officials who supervise the governement, ect …).
      Where are the advantages of this EU Union ? They are robbing us from our Human Rights, our Identity, ect … that’s what the EU is doing to us.
      Why should we continue being parts of this EU Union ? We are loosing big time being parts of it. That is only my opinion but I think we should go out as soon as possible. Same for my 2nd country France, many peoples want out.

    12. I am undecided on the matter but you may very well be right.

      I am aware of the the movement to allow illegals into the EU but the pendulum might be swinging the other way now. Germany, France and UK government have all made recent public statements suggesting they want to clamp down on illegals. This is probably the reason why they haven’t spent too much time criticized Greece on illegals situation (unlike the special interests and leftist dominated NGOs that live in an alternate reality where violating borders is “human rights” )

      At the moment, I think its in Greece’s interests to stay inside EU…but barely (given the massive anti-Greek rhetoric in some parts of the EU).

      What it really boils down to for me is the illegals and FYROM issue. ) If the EU defends us (despite the mess we made of our fiances) then it would have shown me its still worth staying in,

      On the other hand, If the EU tries to navigate our way around our sovereign right to deport illegals and our membership right to block FYROM (until it stops trying to usurp our identity)…., then I will strongly support FYROM joining the EU…. and Greece leaving it.

      It would have been a direct assault against both the sovereignty and heritage of an EU nation making us no longer ideologically compatible with the EU. (i.e. they wanted a United States of Europe rather than EU of independent states that simply worked for mutual interests). In such a circumstance I would even support Greece leaving NATO. (since it would have failed in its obligation to defend us against a clear foreign threat. “Allies” only in name)

      FYROM is more than welcome to join the EU under such a context because the EU will eventually erase them for us through illegal immigration and lack of respect for their identity.

      I’m not an optimist given current trends (given everyone plays dumb around their behavior to hide their embarrassment for calling them “Macedonians” against our objections), but since FYROM still isn’t a member I reserve judgment until the issue is resolved.

    13. Before they even consider removing the CROSS from the Greek Flag, let’s see if they have the balls to remove the STAR OF DAVID from the Jewish flag! Whoever wants to screw with the rights and thousands of years of heritage and culture from our lives and our mother nations will need to do it over my dead body!

    14. over my dead body, this is a christian country and a christian continent built upon strong christian foundations. The day they try to impose that is the day anarchy will descend in Europe. This is a simple case of trying to please the minority by displeasing the majority. This is truly absurd. Trust me have no fear because this will never happen, they can shout until they are as blue in the face as the colour on the EU flag for all i care!

    15. Hihihi if you Greeks don’t like it, it’s time to show your balls. So far I have seen little other than faggoty ass half-hearted protests. I suppose the Greeks are not what people say they are. Maybe your best days are behind you and you like your economy “greek” style: – From Behind, and hard. Like little bitches, on your knees. Prove me wrong and show me some serious revolution. Maybe secession? Just walk away, and let the EU crash.

    16. The EU is the equivalent of fascism but from the moronic reject perspective. Ironically, the EU is all about destroying Europe, not uniting it or making it better, through some sick and depraved ideas of “multiculturalism” – meaning import all the third world nations of earth and give them all your money so that eventually all the respective countries of the EU will have its original nationality as a minority. The destruction of identity is what these people are after, and it starts with the destruction of the religious and cultural identity of a people, namely the Christian heritage of Europe.

      Forget the EU, what we need is Orthodox Christian unity to give the EU the finger. Russia, Serbia, Armenia, Greece, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania etc need to make their own EU and teach all these formerly Christian Atheist degenerates of Europe as well as the surrounding Muslims what it means to have integrity and honor for our heritage and ancestors.

    17. EU is about collectivism nothing more, removing borders and uniqueness and religion is just the beginning. Imigration is the long term plan mix all of Europe up so there are no majority’s only fighting minority groups easier to control. Divide and conquer! Setup UN to be the supreme one world government.

    18. Folks Christianity has damaged the Greek nation…they collaborated with the Turks and gave permission for Lord Elgin to steal the marbles of the Parthenon because they were pagan symbols… was a system of beliefs forced onto the was never part of our glorious past..we were never a monotheistic society…the Greek church has so much land and so much wealth…where are they to help the Greek people now that they need as much as possible..their rituals and control of the masses are not Greek..they are part of a global belief system designed to enslave people…get rid of the cross..

    19. The sand of time will soon run out for Europe. The dark lord of the East shall arise.

    20. I hope it is true and I hope they will try. Because that will spend the end of this dictatorship and the end of this new breed of nobles (the eurocrats).

    21. Stop the EU and it’s islamistic agenda – prosecute those traitors and give them a traitor’s end: A good piece of rope!

    22. We all know that certain EU politicians are very keen on inviting Turkey into the EU. I’m very interested to know if that would include a precondition to remove the crescent moon from their flag, or if they will be allowed to keep it in the name of “community relations” or some similar PC nonsense term. My guess is on the latter.

      In any case, if the EU is considering such ideas, they deserve all the scorn and derision that they get, and then a truckload of more. They have no business trying to change the flags of member states. We should give them the raised middle finger if they ever issue such a demand.

      Even though I’m an atheist, just like most swedes, I absolutely support the cross remaining on our flag. It is simply a part of our heritage, and the EU(SSR) has no business trying to dictate to us what our flag will look like.

    23. Why so divisive? I can tell you, as a Swedish atheist, that atheism in no way means that you support the EU, multiculturalism or any similar garbage. We Europeans can be friends despite our differences, and those differences are still far smaller than the differences between us and e.g. Islamic cultures. We Europeans should stick together, not in a union but in an mutually enriching web of friendship. Of course, that does not include our treasonous politicians. They have shown that their loyalty is not to the peoples of Europe but elsewhere, and thus they will never be my friends.

    24. Before they even consider removing the CROSS from the Greek Flag, let’s
      see if they have the balls to remove the STAR OF DAVID from the Jewish

      Or even better, remove the crescent moon from the flag of Turkey. Unlike Israel, which is improbable to ever join the EU, many EU politicians are very keen to invite Turkey into the EU. I’d be very surprised if they have the balls to demand that Turkey remove the crescent moon from their flag.

    25. This is why we have to protect GD even if we don’t agree with everything they say.

      As a swede, I’m not going to take a stand regarding the GD, neither for nor against. It is simply not my business to interfere in Greek politics. But I can say that there is one aspect of the GD presence in the Greek parliament that I do like, and that is the insomnia and hysteria that they cause in the EU headquarters as well as among (mainstream) Swedish politicians and journalists. I despise those enough to get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside at the sheer thought of them lying sleepless in their beds worrying about the GD.

    26. ‘The flag’s layout (stripes and a symbol on the upper left corner) is reminiscent of the American flag, a country whose success against the British inspired the Greeks, who claimed their own freedom not long after the Americans.’ Are you ok in the head? The British helped Greeks in the war of independence – against the Ottoman empire? Esai kala???? Another Greek-American thinking they know what happens in a country they have probably never visited nor lived! Come live here sweetie and see how you feel about your beloved homeland then. It’s not all ‘sweetness and light’ that yiayia told you it was!

    27. Go to war against the anti democratic and nation hostile EU. People of all member countries should demand voting and leave this Bilderberg/NWO experiment now!

    28. Here’s what to do: Turkey was Christian from 330AD to approx 1400AD and muslim-secular since Ataturk in the 1930ies, lets stop that moron Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood from completely destroying that old christian country, lets drive them back to sanity.

      And while we are at it, The bastard Mosque in Jerusalem with a golden roof should be dismantled, with usual insensitivity it was built right on top of the ancient Jewish temple. Good riddance, it’s an ususal muslim-arabic provocation.

      Furthermore, the oldest Mosque in Medina should be reconverted to its origin, it started it’s life as a Synagoge.

      To complete the picture, tear down all Mosques in the west younger than a hundred years, to undo the malign works of facist islamism.

    29. Then Sweden will leave the Union, together with GB.Denmark and I suppose.Finland as well..Btw.The chain of stars on the EU banner is a chain of the holy mother Mary..dont they know that..the ignorant commission?

    30. Så länge Klantfeldt sitter vid ratten finns det ingen chans för det… Det har han ju sagt själv, tydligen har svenskarna gjort sitt val. Hoppas folket tar till sunt förnuft och röstar bort alliansen i nästa val, tyvärr är dock de andra alternativen inte mycket bättre!

    31. The so called “religion of peace” has a foothold in everything and wants everything their way or they will throw the dummy out the window! we will be facing the same issues down here once their numbers increase.

    32. The cross is part of their culture. Let the greeks decide, not the eu.
      American here btw

    33. Indeed most of us folks in other EU states also think you lazy asses living off our tax money should get out. Good riddance, don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Maybe that will teach you to pay taxes in the long run too, you corrupt fraudsters.

      And of course the fact that you idiots take any rumour, no matter how stupid it is, like this one as true also speaks volumes about how useful it is to keep you in the union. We have very little need for your main industries, burning forests and goat herding for feta or whatever it is the 5 % of you that actually do something work with…

    34. Oh they’re exactly what people say they are. Tax evading, money borrowing lazy asses who expect the hardworking tax paying Northern countries to pay for their lifestyle and who get angry when those same people are not happy about having to support the Greek parasites and want to put terms on the ridiculous loans the Greek ask for.

      Or maybe it’s due to the climate. It must be so hard to live on the Mediterranean compared to the mild conditions in Scandinavia, for example…

    35. Your facts about the stripes is incorrect. It was just another way for the Greeks to accept the reduction of the cross on the flag, and ultimately the removal of it.
      The stripes are from the British maritine flag, hence the US connection and have nothing to do with liberty or death. There was never any offical explanation given by the government to what the amount of stripes meant. What Greeks have been lead to believe is false.
      Can someone prove me wrong?? if not can you please correct your news article.

    36. What you wrote :

      “And of course the fact that you idiots take any rumour, no matter how
      stupid it is, like this one as true also speaks volumes about how useful
      it is to keep you in the union”.

      That can be said about you too because you just repeat the idiot things that some medias say about us …

      Here is for you :

      Quotes from the article :

      Most hardworking nations :
      “South Korea’s hard-working citizenry is not alone. Greece comes second in the OECD’s rankings with 2,052 hours worked on average each year, and just behind is a trio of Eastern European nations: Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. The U.S. is also above the OECD average of 32 nations, coming at No. 9, with 1,797 hours worked on average each year”.

      Least hardworking nations :
      “One nation that is famed for a short working week is France, whose
      35-hour week is currently in a state of flux. But even the French aren’t
      the OECD’s most leisurely workers: Bottom of the list are the tall and
      amiable Dutch, who work an average 1,391 hours per year, preceded by
      NORWAY and Germany”.

      And so :
      Nordic (that means YOU) Mode ON :
      So you are a Nordic ? You must be very lazy then.
      Nordic (that means YOU) Mode OFF :

      See, me too I can repeat what the medias say … against your Nordic countries.

      And why is Greece a hardworking country ?
      Here is the reason :
      Quote : “Greece and Italy are also near the top, at No.s 2 and 8, respectively, because of their large number of self-employed citizens”.

      And so what you hear in the medias concerns only … The privileged public workers and the workers of some professions who have derogations and who can retire at 55 years old.

      The total number of theses privileged peoples is around 10% of the whole population.
      Now for the rest of my fellow countrymen and by that I mean 90% of the population, they work longer and harder (without good equipement
      because criminal politicians steal the money we need to developp
      the infrastructure) than you in the nortic countries.

      That is why the production level is inferior to yours.

      For example if 2 workers have to cut the grass of tree and one (the nordic) possesses a tractor and the others (the Greek) only a Scythe to do the job, of course the nordic will be far more productive. But does that means that the Greek hasn’t worked hard ?

      Now for the taxes : Most of theses taxes end in the pockets of the politicians, that is why many peoples like restaurants owners don’t want to pay them. And theses same guys, when they open a restaurant in the USA, UK, ect … they pay their taxes because they know that most of their taxes don’t end into the pocket of the politicians who rule their new country.

      Now if you want Hellas to leave the EU because of corruption of the elites and the 10% privileged riches which makes the country being a burden, I agree with you.

      Now (again), you shouldn’t trust the medias when they say that Hellas is the whole responsible for the Eurozone problem because my country is only 2% of the economy of the EU. The problem is that most EU countries and especially France and Germany are near bancrupcy.

      Anyways I want OUT of the EU project so whaterver the reason you want my country OUT of the EU, I agree with you. We need out.

    37. The Greek population don’t want theses loans … Only Germany and France want them … to save their banks (and it is a Greek-French living in France who tell you this).
      90% of theses loans “granted” to the Hellenic governement go back to pay interests to French and German banks who badly need this money.
      If the loans stop, the French and German economic system are down.
      Your Northern European polticiians are robbing my country to save your own countries and our crook politicians are agreeing with that to stay in power …
      That is what is happening.
      Now, a revolution isn’t that easy to make … and if I would be an hypocrite brainwashed idiot like you, I would say : That you Nordics are exactly what people say you are and by that I mean, p-uss-i*s and cowards unable to defend yourselves when you are under attacks whether theses attacks are economical or physicals. If you aren’t happy, why don’t peoples like YOU too make a Revolution against your officials who are stealing from you ?
      Basically, YOu want us Greeks to do the dirty job and taking all the risks because you haven’t the balls to make a revolution against your own governement who is betraying you ?
      Well, if there is a revolt or something, it will not been made for you.
      Try to solve your national problems in your Nordic countries (and I wish you good luck) and we Greeks, whether we are from the diaspora like me or living in Hellas, we will try to solve our own national ones the best we can.

    38. Obviously an April’s Fool joke. To have even the most remote trace of credibility, there would have to be a link the the original statement from the European commission. No such source is presented, thus the credibility = zero.