Greek Truck Drivers Upset by Gay Ad

FORTHGATZHDES_686_355Truck drivers in Greece are demanding the removal of an ad by an online travel agency that shows an apparently gay truck driver trying to seduce a young male hitchhiker.

The Truck Drivers Association of Greece maintains that the spot is insulting to their profession.  According to their announcement, “in the last days, our association has received many messages of drivers protesting against the offensive advertisement, which insults, defames, provokes and humiliates unjustifiably an entire sector of thousands of workers who struggle day and night to make a living for their families. Truck drivers contribute a lot to the commercial activity, which is one of the basic economic pillars of the country.”

It added: “ For the moment the minimum we demand is to stop immediately and definitively displaying this spot. In general, we will not stand any other insult to our sector. We are looking for the company’s written excuse in the press and TV channels to all Greek truck drivers.”

The advertising spot that made truck drivers so angry shows that when the hitchhiker gets into the truck it is suddenly lit up in pink and the driver blows him a provocative kiss and uses a Greek double entendre that has a sexual connotation. It has also angered gay rights organizations who said they find it offensive.



  1. 99% of the population has to bend over to accommodate 1% every kinky whim….otherwise they are homophobes.

    Get lost. Do whatever you want to do behind closed doors but I if you want respect, respect others. You don’t want to be offended, yet you have no problem offending.

  2. RIght on. Gays are offended by anything that doesn’t promote their cause. Biggest fascist on the planet when it comes to anyone else free speech in critisizing their actions.

  3. It’s beliefs like that that limit GDs support. If GD leadership just stuck to key issues like illegals and Skopian issue rather than branching out into extremists positions like that, GD would be polling 50% right now. I myself would be supporting the party.

    Some homosexuals are extremists that take their homosexuality too far. I once went to gay parade and was disgusted to see degenerates gleefully exposing their gentiles on public streets under the guise of “gay pride”. (something I would find inconsiderate even if heterosexuals were doing).

    And although it may be politically incorrect to say, frankly I see homosexuality as an illness rather than normal human behavior. Without heterosexual sex, the human species would not exist. That’s reality. The rest is empty moralizing narratives of gay’s struggling to deal with their sexual urges and the leftist buffoons that support deviant sexual behavior carte blanche.

    That said, its not their fault their biology drives them to be sexual deviants. Mocking gay people for their urges is like mocking someone who’s born with any other sort of disability…. In bad taste and lacking in compassion. If a medical cure for homosexuality arises, we should strongly support it rather than treat homosexuality as normal. However, as long homosexuals don’t expect special rights for themselves they have a right to their freedom just like everyone else.

  4. A re aderfe’s. vots da matter vith dis? I remember ven I vas hitchhiking Vincent from Athens to the Poopoonese a seksi truck driver named Dimitri picked me up & we relived the Ancient Greek dream of erastes eromenos, only we were both eromenos. We made love all night long under the Rio Antirio bridge. Next morning Dimitri threw me out of his cabin because I farts so loud. A night to remember.

  5. Homo. What have the Macedonians got to do with you shaving your balls & ou cutting yourself?

    Keep it real & shut up.

  6. What are you the gay mafia enforcer? He has a point. Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they can’t be criticized any less than someone heterosexual. Having uncontrollable urge to put one’s p*nis into a man’s *ss is not exactly charity work dude.

  7. Go get your own identity Skopian. Its not our fault your are ashamed of your own blatently obvious SLAVIC heritage. Unless they are Greek, there isn’t a single Macedonain in FYROM.

  8. You clearly lapse in & out forgetting who you support. Read your other rants where you do support your butt buddies.

    You need to BASE jump off the Akropolis, minus the parachute . One less mouth for the EU to feed

  9. Alex u r the only idiot who needs treatment. Homosexuality has been found in many animal species, it is as common as it is in human species. It is as natural as it gets cause it was here as long as the heterosexuals were. Since we are overpopulated, and since gays only account for approx 10% of the world, then I could see it as a natural birth control. Perhaps a different role than the curent one destroying the planet. Our sole existence is not to repopulate with idiots and name them Alex’s. Regards

  10. Golden dawn isn’t for attacking or killing homosexuals, only for them to keep their private business behind closed doors, instead of going out and trying to recruit for their perversion. The normalization of homosexuality is repulsive and has a malicious political agenda behind it.

    Most gays ARE victims. Often victims of sexual molestation in their childhood and they grow up messed up. Others see it all over TV, advertising (like this one) , or are encouraged in school, so they do it because they think it’s cool and trendy. Homosexuality is a mental illness that spreads life-threatening sexual disease at a rate hundreds of times higher than normal people, and has violence and substance abuse intertwined with the subculture.

    Homosexuals are no different than schizophrenics and other sick people. The elites who empower them are using them as pawns in their war against mankind.

  11. There are also animals where when the female is done mating, she kills the male half way into sex. There are also animals that kill their offspring if it doesn’t smell right. Did I mention sexual consent doesn’t exist in the animal world?

    We are human beings, not animals. For all the whining about the “Fascists” being such dinosaurs, it’s you “progressives” that want us to become brain dead, shameless animals.

  12. get real willtopower. Much more danger from straight men raping girls. It’s an ad for goodness sake.


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