U.S. Visitors To Greece Up 40%

tourismWith Greece counting on tourism to rebound after a disappointing 2012 in which people stayed away in droves in the aftermath of protests, strikes and riots against austerity measures making it difficult to get around the country, officials said bookings from the United States are up 40 percent.

The report came from the head of the Hellenic-American Tourism Chamber, Giorgos Trivizas, the newspaper Kathimerini reported. Speaking at an event in Athens concerning the US travel market, Trivizas attributed the rise to the drop in hotel rates, an increase in flights from the US and a lessening of bad publicity that Greece had received in international media.

Arrivals from the US in 2012 declined for a fifth year to 373,800 in 2012, according to Bank of Greece data. The American market is seen as key because of the large Diaspora there but Greece’s tourism office rarely advertises or tries to promote itself there.


  1. Wait until the summer and a million strikes! We will teach those idiots that they are simply cash cows that they only need to show up at the airport, hand us all their money and go away. We’re too busy with screaming about our entitlements to care about tourism.

  2. It is my “human right” to demand you give me your hard earned money. It is also my “human right” to invade your country. If you don’t hand it over money and let me stay, I am going to go out in the street and throw rocks at you while waving placards calling you fascist.

    Now hand over your wallet and you country.

  3. I’m happy for Athens that tourism is returning back to normal and that more and more visitors will be coming to the city. An increase of visitors from Denmark to Athens has also increased by 40% so that’s good news too. Athens is a great city and it’s about time people saw the real city and not the propaganda rubbish they show on the news. As a newbie to Athens my only qalm with this city is the Athenian people……my God are they rude! Anyway I can live with that and in time the younger more educated generation will make this place better.


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