Boutaris Defends Mosque Youth Prayers

    Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris
    Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris isn’t apologetic

    Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris isn’t backing down from giving permission to a group of students from the Muslim School of Komotini, in northern Greece, to visit and pray in Thessaloniki’s New (Yeni) Mosque – for the first time in 88 years – which drew fire from Greek Orthodox priests and nationalists.

    Writing for the newspaper Kathimerini’s April 7 Sunday edition, Boutaris, a Leftist who has said that Greeks and Turks are brothers and should be closer, said the move will “promote the city by highlighting the full range of its historical and cultural legacy.”

    Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, retains several Ottoman and Jewish structures. “The students’ visit… is a clear sign of respect and religious tolerance not just toward our Muslim citizens but also toward societies with majority Muslim populations,” he added.

    Boutaris has also said he wants the birthplace of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Thessaloniki to be recognized and be an attraction to visitors, although the founder of the modern Turkish Republic was in power during the slaughter of Greeks and the burning of Smyrna in Asia Minor in 1922.

    His move to open the mosque comes as Athens is preparing to build one for the city’s Muslim population and Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus  asked a court to block it, heating up up religious rhetoric and opposition from groups such as the ultra-religious neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.

    Athens Mayor George Kaminis said he expects there could be dozens of mosques in the nation’s capital, angering critics who point out that Turkey still hasn’t allowed the reopening of the Halki Seminary, and that the government shouldn’t pay for building a mosque.

    There is no separation of church and state in Greece as the government pays for the salaries of priests and religion is intertwined with politics. Before its economic crisis took hold, Greece had been seeing an increase in immigrants across the board, including from Africa and Middle East countries with large Muslim populations, who are demanding an official mosque.


    1. Yia SOU MANGA Boutari!

      All the goldendawn fascist pigs will squeal all day today!

      But even fuunier will be how our big fat ugly vile priests who also support the fascist ideology of red neck racism will also squeal like the bigoted fascist pigs they also are!

    2. Alahu Akbar. Finally I can escape my mamas basement & pray in the mosque with pride & dignity

    3. “our big fat ugly vile priests”.
      No matters how I look at it, that is religious racism toward Orthodox Christians.

      Now if you are really a far-leftist Savas and not a guy who is racist towards Greek-Orthodox Christians because you are muslim (or another religion), here is for you :

      Below are Quotes from the British article if you don’t want to read the whole of it :

      “When I was a Revolutionary Marxist, we were all in favour of as much immigration as possible. It wasn’t because we liked immigrants, but because we didn’t like Britain. We saw immigrants – from anywhere – as allies against the staid, settled, conservative society that our country still was at the end of the
      Sixties. Also, we liked to feel oh, so superior to the bewildered people
      – usually in the poorest parts of Britain – who found their neighbourhoods suddenly transformed into supposedly ‘vibrant communities’. If they dared to express the mildest objections, we called them bigots.

      “Revolutionary students didn’t come from such ‘vibrant’ areas (we came, as far as I could tell, mostly from Surrey and the nicer parts of London)”.

      “When we graduated and began to earn
      serious money, we generally headed for expensive London enclaves and
      became extremely choosy about where our children went to school, a
      choice we happily denied the urban poor, the ones we sneered at as

      “What did we know, or care, of the great
      silent revolution which even then was beginning to transform the lives
      of the British poor? To us, it meant patriotism and tradition could
      always be derided as ‘racist’. And it also meant cheap servants for the
      rich new middle-class, for the first time since 1939, as well as cheap
      restaurants and – later on – cheap builders and plumbers working off the

      “It wasn’t our wages that were depressed, or our work that was priced out of the market. Immigrants didn’t do the sort of jobs we did. They were no threat to us. The only threat might have come from the aggrieved British people, but we could always stifle their protests by suggesting that they were modern-day fascists”.

      Pretty sums well the situation, isn’t it ?

      Now a lots of this m*ss was created by the far-leftists out of hate for the workers and the poors and logically this new “deal” created” out of hate created only misery for the UK.

      The positions you take (out of hate) really seems similars to thoses taken by the UK far-leftists who have partially (the crook officials and liberals are responsibles too) created a hell in some parts of the UK.

      For me the difference between Golden Dawn and some of you members of the far left is that Golden Dawn members are racist towards illegals and that many of you far-leftists, you are racists towards the local peoples an especially the poors and the workers and you want to hurt them, make them suffer … out of hate for them and if they complain, you call them racists, bigots, nazis, fashists (and so on).

    4. While the initiative to welcome this group for prayers may look admirable to some it is not advisable to make it a regular practice or more importantly allow the construction of any mosques in Greece until the Turks allow the re-opening of the Halki seminary and occasional prayers in the Hagia Sophia! Both sides need to respect the wishes of the other but unfortunately the Turks do not respect our religion and continue to persecute the Greek Orthodox minority in Turkey.

    5. “Boutaris has also said he wants the birthplace of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
      in Thessaloniki to be recognized and be an attraction to visitors,
      although the founder of the modern Turkish Republic was in power during
      the slaughter of Greeks and the burning of Smyrna in Asia Minor in 1922”

      This is like Jewish people honoring Hitler for tourism. Ataturk was directly responsible for the murder of many Greeks. Please Thessalonkians vote this idiot Boutaris out of power

    6. I am so ashamed of my ethnic Bulgarian past, I will instead pretend to be Macedonian,

    7. So let us get this straight moron…. you support illegal islamists in Greece, many of whom want to turn Greece into a sharia run government…. yet call all orthodox priest s”big fat ugly vile priest” and “fascists and racists”… then claim you stand for tolerance?

      You are not Greek you lying POS. You are a lying ultra natioanlist from another country playing us with SEVERE PREJUDICES against Greeks. Feel free to go f-ck yourself you manipulative liar.

    8. Savas isn’t far left. He isn’t Greek. He makes so many outragioous anti-Greek statements he’s obviously racist against Greeks. He’s a manipulative foriegn nationalist trolling us pretending to be Greek.

    9. Uprising against the government and against all corrupt politicians…Greece must be cleared from corruption which brought the country to it’s knees…Past and present politicians must be charged with treason against the country and it’s people…

    10. “We are Bulgarian more than the Bulgarians in Bulgaria”

      Serbian not only want to colonize Macedonia with Serbs from other part of
      Yugoslavia, but they wish to kill our Bulgarian consciousness The population of Skopje is pure Bulgarian.”

      “No matter whether we call ourselves Bulgarians or Macedonians we shall always feel as a nationality with a Bulgarian national consciousness”

    11. A daily anti-Greek article by AMERICAN Andy Dablis instead of articles mentioning behavior of Skopians and their supporters. What a surprise.

      By framing “illegals” as “immigrants’, AMERICAN Andy Diablis is effectively working for the American government not Greece This is not an exaggeration. He literally gets commissioned to write articles for US military funded “news” organziation

      Its leftist like Dablis (that supported Pasok but now pretends he didn’t) that are destroying Greece. In 100 years, Greece will be a non-Greek state if we support the non-existent immigration policies of leftist fanatics like anti-Greek AMERICAN Dablis (that slanders anyone that disagrees with his political views as “fascist”)

      I am an AMERICAN journalist living in Athens, working as a correspondent for Southeast European Times, and The National Herald.” – Andy Dablis describing himself on his twitter page

    12. Some (not all) far leftists behave in this self-hating manner. Savas (who claimed to be Greek but I don’t believe him) would match this stereotype to a tee. He rants in favour of illegal immigration carte blache (many of whom are muslim extremists that wish to make Greece run by Shiara).. while simulataniously calling the entire orthodox religion “facists and racist” and rants on and on about Greeks. This is clearly a rationally inconsistent position.

      Whether he’s a false flag foreigner with an agenda or a leftist Greek, either way Savas is clearly racist against Greeks.

    13. Mr. Mayor
      you are in the politic business, I suggest you should get in touch with the Turkish government ,and ask them if we can open for prayers the Agia Sofia ,I suggest get on the phone and ask the prime minister of the Turkish government .If you can e-mail me that will be fantastic ,thank you .

    14. Alex where do you live? I don’t know why you’re getting on about Andy being Greek, at least he actually lives in this country, unlike people like you who talk a lot of rubbish safely sitting eating a bucket of KFC in the States…

    15. What a joke???

      No wonder our country is in mess….We are doomed…

      Muslims have more rights than a Greek…No wonder so many are leaving their own country…With leaders like these who needs to invade..Its cheaper..

    16. greeks and turks are brothers.. yess i agree
      but greeks and pakistanis are not brothers and there is more muslims from Subsaharan africa and south asia then there are turks…so building these mosques wont be for turks who live in greece it will be used more for those illegal migrants whom greeks have no similarities with..also most terrorist and hateful muslims come from those countries and not of the ones from arab countries or turks

    17. Using my handle troll? What’s the matter you handle swapping coward. Still can’t face me with your regular one so you keep generating new ones?

      Whatever the case, let me quote Andy own Twittter page again. His words verbatim trollski.

      I am an AMERICAN journalist living in Athens, working as a correspondent for Southeast European Times, and The National Herald.” – Andy Dablis describing himself on his twitter page

    18. Some in the media are treasonous too.

      I call Andy Dablis treasonous but I’m not sure if he counts because he calls himself an “AMERICAN journalist living in Athens” rather than “a Greek journalist living Athens” on his twitter page. Either way though sums up perfectly where his loyalties lay

      “I am an AMERICAN journalist living in Athens, working as a correspondent for Southeast European Times, and The National Herald.” – Andy Dablis

    19. Yesterday 07/04/2013, muslims of Egypt attacked the Christian Coptic Cathedral in Cairo by all means including showering it with bullets…Is that what we want for our country??? Unfortunately, this is islam and soon after it will hit us back…

    20. Greeks and Turks are not brothers. Would the Jewish people saying Hitler is our brother? No. The same to Greeks. Turks are not our brothers, because they invaded Greece, killed Greeks and so on. Also they are violating Greek sea and airspace. 90% of Turks hate Greeks and 10% of Turks saying we are ok with Greeks and we are friendly with them.

    21. “Before its economic crisis took hold, Greece had been seeing an increase
      in immigrants across the board, including from Africa and Middle East”

      ILLEGALS are not “immigrants’ Che Dablis.

      We realize pleasing your fellow Americans at US military funded and other non-Greek media and foreign funded NGOs is important to your financial situation but the Greek people would appreciate it if self-identifying AMERICANS like yourself stopped supporting an illegal invasion of our homeland.

      Please move back to America if you hate a primarily Greek Greece so much. Please stop behaving like the ethnic engineers of the Soviet Union by trying to demographically “fix” Greece to be non-Greek. The Greek people don’t want to be ethnically erased.

      Thank you,

      The Greek people

      “I am an American journalist living in Athens, working as a correspondent
      for Southeast European Times, and The National Herald” in Athens, Greece – Andy Dablis describing himself on Twitter

    22. I don’t agree with Samaras with this. Unlike you though I do not follow any party blindly. I follow my conscious and views which do not align perfectly with anyone but me. The same is true of you if you’d listen more objectively to yourself rather than turn GD into some sort of panacea of absolute patriotism and morality.

      The main reason I support Samaras is because although he is imperfect he is far more rational then the perpetually hysterical leftists. As for Golden Dawn it is simply is not a viable option. While I have no doubts the party is mostly filled with well meaning patriots (although some extremists appear to be be mixed in), well meaning alone can’t fix Greece.

      If there was a party of unapologetic patriots that had the common sense to forego the salutes, skin head look, black shirts, homophobia, Holocaust denial, and race rhetoric and instead used the language of human rights and justice I would support that in a heartbeat.

    23. Yours was 5 minutes ago you fascist pig! She wa so tight!
      Your fascist father must have really let hi arse do all the talking I guess!t

    24. Your such a goldendawn fascist pig Alex aren’t you!
      You think because I stand up for our Greek citizens of muslim faith so they can have a house of prayer makes me anti-Greek you wanker!
      Just because you and your goldendawn fascist pigs on this site want only red neck Greeks around doesn’t mean that the rest of us who are liberal, freedom fighting and support human rights should ignore you PALIO PUSTIDES FASISTES!
      You lot are no different to the fascist junta who committed many crimes against our people!
      As for the priests who are also racists and intolerant of all non-orthodox I despise them also because they have also a lot of blood on their hands!
      So yes ‘Alex the arsehole” you and your pusti goldendawn fasist pig bedpartner geospa can give all your priests a good fellatio.

    25. Really ?

      It is in French but the video below is an interview of a person who is working in a good school located in a calm/good neighborood.

      The job of the interviewed person consists of studying candidatures from Journalists who try to bypass the common system and place their children in schools located outside their attributed region … to avoid having their precious sons and daughers being surrounded by thoses of the immigrants, illegals and former illegals now regularized by the authorities under their very own pressure.

      And in France, most journalists are left wing and are supporting mass immigration (at condition of course, and like it was perfectly written in the dailymail article I quoted below, that the immigrants are kept far from their homes and their precious children).

      That is the syndrom “Not in my backyard”.

      Not only that, but the last socialist presidential candidate, Ségolène Royal, beaten by Nicolas Sarkozy in the presidential course in 2007 wanted her son to follow courses in a well known theater school but when she learned that the place wher the course would have taken place (XIX arrondissement de Paris which is known to have many immigrants and some problems), she renounced and left with her son.

      Here is one of the articles about it (in French) :

      You can’t deny that a good part of leftists whether they are journalists, politicians, rich youths, ect … don’t like immigrants and are racist peoples, they use immigrants to hurt the local workers and the poors that they hate and despise so much, they use them also to make the salaries don’t mount to high, they also profit from the misery of poor legal migrants by employing them undeclared, ect …

    26. “your was 5 minutes ago” Nothing you said makes sense you uneducated inbread retard, your communist pig farther must have bent you over one to many times.

    27. And god did your fascist mana squeal! She was SO SO tight!
      She begged for more, but we decided to let our communist boys have a turn or two with your fascist patera whose begged for more while crying about his little weener!

    28. What about people who aren’t on the far left and disapprove of Golden Dawn? What about when we point out what they truly are?

    29. Same question for you : What about the people who aren’t on the far right and disapprove of Syriza and the KKE ? What about many of theses peoples pointing out what Syrizans and KKEists truly are : Maoists, trotskysts, anarchists, stalinists, terrorists, and racists towards Greeks, Germans, Americans and Jews … ?

      Just look at Savas’ comment … His comment is racist. GREEK Orthodox Christianity is the Religion of 96% of us, by attacking this he attacks Greeks.

      And so if you are not a far-leftist as you claim, what about you denouncing the racist statements of the far-leftist activist Savas ? Doesn’t this kind of statement shock you if you aren’t a far-leftist ? Where is your condamnation against what he said about my Religion ? Or are you religiously racist too against Orthodox Christians ? Aren’t you shock by our far-leftists who bomb the house, shops, ect … of peoples who disagree with them ?
      Aren’t you shock by the racism of our far-leftists who don’t only hate us their fellow countrymen but also hate Germans (many say ALL Germans are nazis), Jews (many far-leftists are antizionists AND antisemitics) and Americans (for many of the far-leftists, most problems happens because of the Americans) like our far-leftists do ?

      I don’t understand why so many peoples denounce GD as racists while theses same peoples don’t say a thing about the far-leftists who are as racists as the Golden Dawners.
      Now I’m more concerned about the racism of the far-leftists because this racism is directed towards me, my family and many of my countrymen only because they aren’t leftists.

    30. I do not support GD or Fascism but you DO support communist pigs,

      Your RACIST rants against any Greek also show you are not ethnic Greek. You are just some false flag troll that rants and rants against Greeks. You are a racist BIGOT.

    31. I’m in no way associated with either Syriza or KKE.

      Also, please don’t judge the entire left side of the political spectrum by Savas. Honestly, I think the guy’s an idiot. Or a troll. Or mentally ill. I REALLY don’t know where he pulls the garbage he posts from, but I’m on the left (not the far left, mind. I disagree with them, too.) but I am seriously annoyed by his posts, at least as much as anyone else on here.

      If there’s anything I’ve learned on Greek Reporter, it’s to not be surprised by trolls, and political extremists, and (blank)-hate. Again, Savas does not represent the entirety of the left, but I do not approve of any of those things he mentioned- they were discriminatory, and absolutely DISGUSTING. He’d of loved Stalin, I’m sure.
      I don’t have anything against any religion, much less my own. Again, Savas is….ugh. A disgrace to the left.
      I can’t really say anything about the hatred of leftists, or rightists, or anyone really. I honestly thing everyone ‘anti-something’ is nuts. So, really, I was shocked by it all back when I was like…six, or seven, when I first learned about racism.
      (Note- I’ve encountered Golden Dawners who are quite openly anti-semitic, and call Germans Nazis, so it is clearly on both sides of the spectrum.)

    32. Lol, that’s because there isn’t any moderation on this site but that is why I like this site. After all, everyone can expresses freely his own opinion.
      Sure, there can be problems with trolls but if the owners begin to censor posts, then the freedom of speech will go away like on many sites 🙂

      And regarding the left, I don’t criticize the classic leftists or the center left but only the extremists from the far-left.

      As for the Golden Dawners, sure some of them are racists towards Germans since this party is multiforms and regroup peoples with a different ideologies (pagan Greeks, ultra-orthodox Christians, regular nationalists, white supremacists, ultranationalists, normal peoples fed-up with mass illegal immigration, policemen, religious, military personnels and a lots of youths).
      And so in this party you have peoples who hate Germans, are neutral towards Germans and thoses who hate Germans.
      Like you see, the opinions are diverses.

      Same for the Jews, if many GD members hate Jews, some GD members are supporting … Israel towards the Palestinians (because most Palestinians living now in Palestine are Muslims and since now Hellas is facing an islamic invasion …).

      Basically XA is becoming the main Nationalist party of the whole Fatherland and in a big party, there are differents tendances and the GD leadership has had to make efforts to accommodate their new members.
      For example, basically the original members are for many Pagan Greeks and they have had to give a more important place to the Orthodox faith to please their new members.

      Ideologies aside, fringes parties like XA or Syriza which become bigs have to adapt and change tactics to spead their messages to wider audiances and attract voters and so many times when theses parties become big, they softens their tone and become … just like thoses they have replaced.
      And that is way a party like XA is becoming more and more popular : Because Golden Dawners are trying the best they can to adapt to their new popularity and try to reach new voters while they also do their best to not betray their ideology.
      Also, they give the images of Hellenic resistants who won’t surrender to orders coming from foreign countries like Germany (very important in theses troubled times).
      And the more they get powerful the more the chrysavgites try to become useful to their voters and they open local chapters to reach new places, they also try to “build bridges” with us from the diaspora, ect … There are doing a lots of work to appeal to the peoples.

      Now on the other hand, Syriza has stopped being a radical leftist party to become a center party similar to Pasok who has betrayed the country.
      IMF officials even qualified Tsipras as “very moderate” and Syriza is now making a common front with us Nationalists from the ANEL party over what is happening in Cyprus …
      Syriza leaders are betraying their voters who for some of them … switched sides and joined GD ….

    33. Well, I don’t think there needs to be moderation either- just, if somebody is clearly just posting for the sake of annoying people (he’s an attention beggar- I’ve realized a solution and here it is) ignore the stupid post. Don’t respond- God knows I’ve gone and responded to trolls in the past, and what did that ever get me? More insane trolling. Don’t bother with known trolls.

      And please understand my slight paranoia with Golden Dawn, Syriza, and really ANY party. There’s no such thing as a perfect human being. Please forgive my pessimism, but Christ was the only truly good human I really believe in. And I’m not saying everyone sucks and belongs in hell, but power corrupts. ESPECIALLY in this sort of political/economic/social climate.

      This sort of climate polarizes. That’s why parties like SYRIZA and Golden Dawn are gaining so much popularity. Basically, if this gets any worse (and I really am praying that is doesn’t) then GD goes more right, SYRIZA goes more left. Then our country really is polarized between communists and fascists (I’m not saying anything about right now, okay? Just if they go more extreme than they are), and whichever one comes out on top…I’m leaving the country. I’m not living under either extremes.

      Hm. Got sidetracked…

    34. Don’t worry, I respect and understand your position 😉
      Me too, I would have prefered that the situation would be better so that neither extrem would rule us.
      But we shouldn’t forget that it’s the center parties which destroyed the country. That is the problem.
      If the classic leftists and classic right wing have had heard the peoples and their complaints, if they had find a way to solve the very problems of the common peoples, we wouldn’t be hear.
      No matters how we look at it, it’s not Syriza or GD who have bankrupted the country or who failed to solve the mass illegal immigration problem.
      Anyways, even if non of theses parties are elected, Hellas will most likely have a civil war because most of the illegals are muslims while 96% of our countrymen are Orthodox Christians.
      Remember what happened in Kosovo between Muslim Albanians and Orthodox Serbs.
      It’s only my opinion but I think the only 3 choices we have are either an extremist leftist or rightist governement, a new junta or a civil wars between Orthodox Christians (Natives) and Muslims (Invaders).
      I know I’m pessimistic about the situation but it’s the Balkans …

    35. “Muslims have more rights than a Greek” !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Which Greece do you live in ? The one I live in is in southern Europe. Greeks and Muslims (and even Greek Muslims) have the same rights. The sad thing is, as it turns out, these rights don’t really add up to much.

    36. To Alex (all of you),

      You are repetitive, delusional, rude and boring. Why don’t you all meet up (somewhere away from the internet where occasionally it would be nice if the grown-ups could talk) and have a good old rant at each other.

      The rest of us have got your message/messages already (a LONG way back) and would like to read something intelligent once in a while.

    37. Sighing, sighing more, sighing.
      Yeah, I understand. Just, really… My family’s not exactly Greek. That is, we haven’t lived in Greece for centuries. But over the past century, both sides of my family’s been on the run, I suppose you could say. Nazis, commies, both sides ended up relocating several times. I, at least, relate to Greece, cause that’s where I’ve grown up. I know for a fact that I still have relatives in other countries, primarily the Baltic States (father’s side) but we lost contact while they were part of the Soviet Union. My mother’s side has German blood, and to be plain, they were not Hitler’s biggest fans. They left before the war began.
      That said, if any extreme party does rise to power, I’d have to leave…which would suck, because I don’t really know what I’d do, but political extremes are pretty much my family’s arch enemy, forgive the cornyness.
      In regards to the center’s failings: really, just…yeah. Greece’s politics right now… That’s why I haven’t really picked any party. They’ve retty much all failed us in the past, or are extremists that I’m no trusting any time soon. Forgive any paranoia in my part.
      And in regards to the muslims… I really hope there isn’t a civil war, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. Just… I’d prefer it’s all settled in a…not bloody way. I know some muslims- some I’d happily punch, but some I’d qualify as friends. I worry that some people forget not to lump everyone in a group together. THAT is something that seriously scare the sh-t out of me, you know?

    38. Sorry to hear that and no you aren’t paranoiac, extrem parties are … extrems but when the situation has deteriorated too much, sometimes only extrem measures can solve the problem. And that is precisely why I’m so pissed off about the center parties : If they would have done their job, no extrem measures, even locally, should be necessery. But instead they let the situation grwoing nearly out of control and then only a certain amount of violence can solve the problem and that is really annoying. If they are serious violences, they will be mainly the child of the centrist parties and centrist politicians who failed to do their jobs and who have let the situation finish like this.

      Now if the situation become to much difficult for you and if you really need to move, just be careful because in a country like France, the mood isn’t really good too and peoples are becoming more radicals so be carefull what destination you choose.
      You know, it’s really a pity. The problem with the Europeans (the common peoples only) is that we are too kind and to naive and we always fail to solve our problems in time. Then when we have suffered too much or at in great danger of being destroyed, at that time we become the worst …
      That is why I’m so much against appeasers and want radical actions to solve the problems we currently have in Greece now because if we let the situation escalate even more, later just some violence won’t be enough to solve theses problems … it will be take a lots more than that …

      As for the muslims, the problems aren’t that if they are good peoples or not but that they have a different religion that the majority of the population and when in a country a minority is reaching 10% of the population … the troubles begin and this is what is currently happening.

      Now if you add to all this that most of the muslims aren’t immigrants but illegals who have disrespected our borders and whose past is unknown (who are they ? are they criminal trying to escape the justice of their country ? what is their past ?) It is a catastrophe and especially if you look at the numbers : 2 millions illegals+immigrants on a country of 11 millions inhabitants. That makes around 18% of foreigners in Greece and they came in a very very short period of times. No good. No good at all. No country could tolerate that, especially a country like Hellas which have suffered 400 years of brutal islamic occupation.
      It’s a catastrophe what is happening but in the same time it’s very logical.

      I wish you the best and I hope you won’t have to move out again.

    39. US? Who is “us”? Lol. Are you part of some commitee? You speak for yourself troll. Let me know when you have something to discuss.beyond your peacock assurances of your magnificent intelligence.