Detained Immigrants on Hunger Strike

 A police officer patrols a detention centre for immigrants in the Amygdaleza suburb in AthensAccording to the United Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat (KEERFA), more than 2,000 immigrants held in reception centers in Greece have been on a hunger strike since April 6 to denounce the intolerable conditions.

KEERFA activists said at a press conference on April 8, “The culmination of the poor detention conditions, the mistreatment and tortures migrants have to deal with in reception centers was the three suicide attempts which happened in Amygdaleza center in northern Athens last weekend”.

KEERFA coordinator, Petros Constantinou, talked about the inhuman conditions in reception centers, adding that hunger strikes have spread across Greece, while many police departments have turned into places of abuse for immigrants and refugees.



  1. Indeed. The blame for this is self-righteous ranters like Am-nasty International and leftist groups that keep crying “racism” every time we try to mass deport illegals so they end up like this. (because there is no way any sane would agree to give millions of illegals citizenship in a country of only 11 million with more streaming in every day)

    Keeping illegals in inhumane conditions is plain wrong, wastes taxpayer money, and creates a bad image of our country. The solution is rapid deportation rather than prison but to do so incompetentleftist groups and foreign funded NGOs that have caused this bureaucratic nightmare have to be ignored.

    Give them a small amount of money (money that could come from what would have been used to keep them jailed) as a gift for voluntary repatriation and create few jobs for local airlines by chartering non-stop flights. If any foreign funded NGO objects, offer to ship them to their home addresses or STFU.

    Get the job done.

  2. ILLEGALS are not “immigrants”.

    Only manipulative double speak -ssholes try to frame border violators as being no different than people that first ask to immigrant.

  3. Ahhh…another garbage article about “immigrants”. Show me their immigrant status and I’ll give a damn. Oh wait, they have none, They are ILLEGAL MIGRANTS on their way to somewhere else AFTER They use Greece as a doormat.

    Maria…Maria……stick to twitter whining.

  4. “more than 2,000 immigrants”.

    Correction : More than 2.000 OUTLAWS who have entered Greece illegally and who give a bad name to REAL (= Legal) Immigrants are complaining that Greeks aren’t submitting to their ORDERS.

    And for the lying anti-Greek POS who try to call racists and fashists the many Greek citizens who are against OUTLAWS like the ones pictured in this article, I would like to remember that Hellas has became the home of many LEGAL Lebaneses, Coptic Christians from Egypt, ect … and many of theses same anti-OUTLAWS Greek citizens didn’t have anything to say about welcoming theses real refugees persons.

    The solution is simple : Send the outlaws and criminals known as ILLEGALS (and NOT immigrants) to their home country.

    Respect to legal immigrants.

  5. “The solution is simple : Send the outlaws and criminals known as ILLEGALS (and NOT immigrants) to their home country. Respect to legal immigrants.”

    Exactly. Our moronic leftists just repeat what they read in anti-Greek newspapers like the Guardian and Am-nasty International. (both long time self-righteous apoligsts for the former Yugoslavians that now try to whitewash their behavior to hide their shame for recognizing them – by trying to delete our very identity)


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