Dodoni Finalist For IASON Award

DodoniThe Greek Agricultural Dairy Industry of Epirus, Dodoni, has been included in the six finalists for the top exporter company of the year for the IASON award for Greek exports, and now is allowed to use a special logo when marketing its products.

Dodoni was established in 1963 by the Agricultural Bank of Greece and six Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives of the Epirus region. Today, Dodoni is the leading Greek producer and exporter of cheese products. The company’s exports were up to 26% in 2012, and jumped 35 percent in the first two months of this year.

Dodoni makes highly-regarded Feta cheese, which is produced exclusively from fresh pasteurized ewe’s and goat’s milk. Exported to 30 countries, Dodoni Feta is the most branded Greek cheese, synonymous to superior and standard quality and authenticity all over the world, according to its website. Scandinavia and the Middle East are the new markets where Dodoni will be exporting its products.



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