Kaiki At 1st Traditional Greek Boat Show

paradosiakoDuring the 1st Traditional Greek Boat Show which will be held in Methana, from May 24-26, visitors will be given the chance to visit the town of Methana and admire many traditional Greek boats crafted with skill on the foreshore of the shipyard (Nafpigia).

Kaiki, or Caique, is the Greek word taken from the Turkish Kayik, a name given to wooden boats usually found among the waters of the Ionian or the Aegean Sea.

Each kaiki is unique. Most are built from the boat builder’s passion for the sea and it’s their favorite past time. Kaikis are built from memory without any plans.

The organizers of the tourist boats festival of Poros, the Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners Association (EPEST), chaired by Antonis Steliatos, along with the societ yFriends of Traditional Vessels, chaired by Manolis Psarros, took this initiative and invited the public to the event sponsored by the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT).