Police Station Attacked in Gold Protest

    Skouries_HalkididkiAuthorities say a police station has been attacked in a village in northern Greece where frequent protests have broken out against plans to develop a gold mine in the area by a Canadian mining company.
    The attack took place in the village of Ierissos early Wednesday after police special forces entered the homes of two local residents and arrested them over their alleged involvement in a February arson attack at the nearby gold mine installations.

    Local campaigners fiercely oppose the plans to develop the mine by Vancouver, Canada-based Eldorado Gold Corp. and argue that the venture will harm the economy in Greece’s northern Halkidiki peninsula which relies heavily on farming and tourism.
    Police said no officers were in the police station at the time of the attack.
    (source: AP)


    1. @alex: lol to Greece “democratic government”. Troika is an illusion you think?
      and lol to the north korea analogy. This is some kind of Godwin point, replacing nazis with communists. lol to oversimplification and childlish rhetorics.

    2. Good work Citizens, don’t let these criminals destory Greece and it lands for Political bribes to PASOK and ND corrupt Politicans because they will be out of office soon!

    3. Notice how you support the Government made up of far left extremists and pasok scum. You as blind as Savas the degenerate communist when it comes to this issue. Get it through your thick head Alex the People of this area dont want this project to go ahead and ruin their lives. Oh and did you know that Syrizas Κατερίνα Ιγγλέζη worked for the gold company?????????

    4. Alex also called the Meander known as the Greek key, the most recognizable ancient Greek symbol which the Golden Dawn uses “a Nazi like symbol” these are the exact words Andy Dabilis(the stupid left wing idiot journalist) uses.
      Could it be he’s a closet lefty?

    5. Ahh yes, the whackos came out. How dare they touch Greek rocks when we all know they are sacred.

      NOBODY in his right mind will invest in Greece. Between the commies, the envirowhackos and the far left socialists, Greece will remain the laughingstock of the Western world.

    6. I have said many times I don’t see GD as fascist., Although I believe there a minority of racists within the party I believe the vast majority are just average Greeks fed up with our middle ground parties that have failed to defend our borders, the name issue, and the anti-Greek hysteria.

      While I sympathize with GD on those particular issues, repeatedly using imaginary and rhetoric that is close enough to be interpreted as fascism is just evidence of irrationally by GD leadership. I fail to see how wearing blackshirts, homophoba, “sub-human” description of foreigners, and sticking out ones hands out in Nazi-like salutes has anything to do with patriotism or helping Greece.

      Its common sense such behavior HARMS our causes. Like the communists GD leadership mean well, but what they are doing is HARMING our homeland.

      My interest is preserving Hellensim not turning any particular party into some sort of cult. Even though I think Samaras is a patriot I don’t think he is strong enough on national defense. Unfortunately between all bad choices I have little option but to choose the one that will do the least damage.

      Bizarrely and offensively suggesting that I support Syriza, when I criticize leftists and Skopians on a near daily basis, only shows you prefer you put your ego ahead of defence of our country.. All you achieve by supporting GD is splitting the vote on the right. In so doing YOU are the one effectively helping communist Syriza.

    7. If instead of criticizing the various leftists and anti-greek false flaggers trolling this website you see fit to spend your energies attack me… a person who day-in day-out criticized leftists and Skopians… you are utterly irrational.

    8. Greece is a democratic state. There were free and fair elections where the people decided. The people that try to spin the results of our democratic elections as “anti-democratic” (because they don’t like the result)… are in fact the ones that are anti-democratic.

      Democracy does stand for a particular ideology (like the communists in North Korea that simply Orwellian frame their communist tyranny as “democracy”) All democracy represents is a voting process were all citizens have an equal vote either directly voting on issues or indirectly choosing leaders to make decisions (i.e. a republic).

      Anyone that tries to portray their personal beliefs as a synonym for “democracy” is anti-democratic.

    9. Its our handleswapping friend Paul Johnston PhD…. that supports communist Syriza.

      You rant every day on this website while pretending to be Greek, but no one can seem to find any of your posts criticzing Skopians. All you do is support a party that is most anti-Greek pro-illegal and pro-Skopian?

      Why so if you are “Greek”?

    10. I don’t support them. I am against the left in case you didn’t notice. If the allies had listened to your version of strategy they would have lost the war fighting Stalin while Hitler was attacking them.

      The more energy you waste criticizing me rather the illegals, Skopians and leftists, the more irrationally you are behaving.

    11. The fact is that you criticize the left but you support a government made up of Pasok and DHMAR scum and there’s no way you can explain your way out of it. And if it wasn’t for the Greeks and the Serbs the Allies would never have one the war.

    12. You mean splitting the vote like when Samaras SHAFTED Mitsotakis and started the Siemans funded political Spring party giving us a decade of Pasok scum.

    13. You seem to have left out the part he disagreed with Mistotakis over the Macedonia issue.

      You attack me rather than Savas? Rather than Skopians? That makes sense to you ?Most GD supporters I have spoken to have better common sense than you.

    14. Also strange how you keep attacking those on the right rather than the leftists and Skopians. Althia is a good guy.

    15. I have already said, I don’t agree with everything that Samraras does. I just have to choose between a collection of limited choices.

      If there was a party that was no-nonsense on national defence but without the salutes et al…and more in turn with human rights lingo.,. I would support it.

      Unfortunately GD think the can ignore these “human rights” propagandists (to give them a taste of their own self-righteous manipulative medicine) while our leftist morons take everything that comes out of their mouth as gospel.

    16. As opposed to what? The communists? That’s all supporting GD will achieve.

      As for the alleged Serbs “alllies”, you are behind the times..

      “Macedonia, Serbia boost military co-operation”

      You don’t get it. One can be a friend on a personal level with a foriegner but there is no such thing as friends when it comes to national interests. There is just interests. When interests align, nations are friendly with one another. When they don’t, they back stab each other (as our alleged Nato “allies” have done to us by appeasing FYROM for the sake of alleged peace… that they will not get)

    17. Rather than attack the leftists and Skopians…you focus your energies on attacking Greek patriots. You are irrational.

    18. What the hell are you talking about!!!! What’s Metaxas first allied victory and the serb resistace during WW2 got to do with “Macedonia, Serbia boost military co-operation” have you lost all your senses?

    19. The way you phrased your sentence it implied some sort of special alliance between Serbs and Greeks. There is no such thing as friends between nations. The Serbs have f-cked us over just like our Nato allies. They all pretend not to notice the Skopians.

      As for “losing senses” you are the one that’s using your energy attacking patriots rather than Greece’s primary enemies.