Cyprus, Israel in Joint Exercise

tromaktiko3798The Ministry of Defense in Cyprus announced that in the context of the cooperation between the Republic of Cyprus and the State of Israel in matters of search and rescue within the Exclusive Economic Zone and the areas of responsibility for search and rescue of the two countries, a joint search and rescue exercise will take place on April 23.

The exercise will be carried out in a marine area southwest of the Cypriot city of Limassol.

On the Cypriot side, patrol vessels of the Cyprus Port and Marine Police and of the Cyprus Navy, search and rescue helicopters of the Police and the Aviation of Cyprus, as well as the Medical Rescue Teams of the Cyprus Civil Defense and of the Medical and Nursing Services will participate in the exercise.

On the side of Israel, five ships of the Israeli Navy will participate in the exercise.

The exercise has been planned by a joint design team and is coordinated by the Search and Rescue Center in Larnaca, in cooperation with its counterpart in Haifa.


  1. An alignment between Israel and Greece makes sense in a sea of Muslim theocracies but it would have include Israel withdrawing recognition of FYROM, and any Zionists stop lobbying for the SKopians behind the scenes (as they have been doing for years while pretending not to notice their sudden change into descendents of ancient Macedonians).

    In return Greeks, would stop supporting Palestinian statehood. The “Palestinians” are much like the Skopians. An ethnic group invented in the 20th century. They manipulated the name Palestinian just like the Skopians did over a fight over territory, In the 19th century they were just Muslim Arabs like any Muslim Arabs. They could just as easily have called themselves “ethnic Jordinians”. We defended the Palis for years because we felt sorry for them, at great political cost to Greece, and in return the Arabs betrayed us to FYROM.

    The bottom line is allies consciously attack allies, Allies help allies.

    If Jews are serious about a relationship with Greeks, they must take public steps against the Skopians in our defense. (not militarily so, just using the enormous media and political influence to condemn Skopians rather than support them by pretending not to notice) If they did so, support for groups like Golden Dawn that are vocal against Jews would disappear overnight.

    Given many are seemingly out to ethnically eradicate Greeks, we are no position to trust anyone that calls FYROM “Macedonia”. Given Jews are in the position of strength, they have to make the first step to show they are not one of them (beyond simply pretending to care about Greeks as simply a method to annoy the Turks for continuing to interfering on Palestinian issue).

  2. Israel is on a PR charm offensive with Greece so they can later steal their oil & natural gas – suckers

  3. Jewish people are already enormously wealthy beyond their numbers. They don’t particularly need the natural gas with new emerging technologies arising and an already nuclear capable state. Their chief goal is survival as a state. All the Muslim countries side with the Palestinians (including the Turks) so Osrael wants allies in the region.

    Relations have always been rocky between Greece and Israel but never extremely hostile. Some Jews hate us for the silly reason many others hate us (i.e. our history which is second to none) Some also hate us for supporting the Palis. Some Greeks hate Jews because for nearly a century until very recently they virtually always sided with Turks (even under the Ottomans). Even today Zionists lobby for the Skopians.

    I want Greece to be an ally with Israel. It makes a great deal of sense given both our long histories, our situation with neighbours with recently invented “ancient” cultures threatening our sovereignty and the situation with Islamic extremists trying to once again islamify the region politically. However it requires Zionists first stop interfering against Greeks in our disputes and start morally supporting us. (especially on FYROM issue). We in turn would need to reciprocate with a no-nonsense support of Israel on the Pali issue. Without that, no real alliance is possible,


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