Greek Migrants’ Stories Become Documentaries

Nnew-diaspora-webew Diaspora is a new online platform featuring stories from Greeks forced to leave the country within the crisis. It is an independent web documentary movement as listed in its official webpage that presents various narratives directed by Nickolas Stamboulopoulos.

More than just a website for the Greeks living abroad, the site aims to offer a viable online community, where the so called new age expatriates can write about their lives, experiences, wishes and fears while living and working away from home.

Expats can upload video or photo footage commenting on the new waves of migration that has been skyrocketing the past few years within the borders of the EU. According to official government data, 120,000 Greeks have already left the country in search of better jobs and overall prospects.

“Beginning our journey from what unites us instead of what divides us, our aim is to intervene jointly and dynamically in the public debate concerning what’s happening in our homeland. Also, to redefine our collective identity and to offer an alternative perspective on the international image of Greeks” reads the official webpage initiative that has triggered the interest of many both inside and outside Greece.

Stamboulopoulos has been living and working in Amsterdam since 2009. As he pointed out in his interview to, each of the stories presented in the documentary series is totally unique because their protagonists are unique individuals. Unlike the 60’s massive migration waves from Greece to other countries, the new Greek wave includes whole families desperately looking for work, students who are afraid they will not make it in their own country and highly skilled professionals that sometimes end up working as waiters.

Το maintain its independent character, the project is crowd funded and everyone willing to help the purpose of the initiative is called to contribute any amount possible to

Watch the official trailer of New Diaspora here: