TEI Patras Brouhaha Over Athena Project

images.watchit.grStudents at the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Patras engaged in scuffles over disagreements concerning the government’s so-called Athena project to consolidate colleges. It reportedly began when some assembly members refused to resign their positions.

A large group of students prevented the President and members of the TEI Administrative Assembly from exiting the conference room, demanding the resignation of  school’s President, Socrates Kaplanis. It was reported that several people were injured.

Groups of students scuffled with each other and  four people were injured. According to information, one of them has serious injuries.

Police had to intervene to quell the disturbance and Kaplanis said and professors were kept as hostages during the trouble. The previous Administrative Council of TEI called for the collective resignation of the permanent administrative and staff, if the responses of the Ministry of Education over Athena weren’t to their satisfaction.