SYRIZA Leads in Latest Polls

dimoskopisiThe company Metrisi has conducted a poll for the newspaper Parapolitika. The poll shows that the Greek political parties SYRIZA and New Democracy are neck and neck in voting intentions, with SYRIZA preceding by 0.4 percent.

According to the polling institute Pulse RC, which conducted a poll for the weekly newspaper 6 days, SYRIZA is at 20 percent in voting intentions, while New Democracy at 19.5 percent.

Golden Dawn comes third with 12 percent and PASOK follows with 7 percent. The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Independent Greeks are at 5 percent and the Democratic Left (DIMAR) at 3.5 percent.

“Other party” is the answer for 5.5 percent of people questioned and unclear votes reach 10 percent. Blank votes and a low turnout were at 12.5 percent.

With the reduction, SYRIZA reaches 23 percent and New Democracy 22.5 percent. Golden Dawn follows with 13.5 percent and PASOK with 8 percent. The Independent Greeks and KKE are at 5.5 percent each and Democratic Left at 4 percent.


  1. As bad as SYRIZA and the KKE are on immigration, they are not Wall Street’s first choice. The Weimarisation of political rhetoric is not good for Greece. Your number one enemy are the corrupt forces in PASOK/ND/DIMAR, secondly maybe the cultural Marxists in SYRIZA. But the KKE is more patriotic than most forces in parliament.

    You need to organise all the patriotic forces against the globalists and make alliances with non-Western powers. If you end up with a Far Left vs. Far Right civil war, Wall Street will fund whichever side they think will win. They backed Hitler and Mussolini, they can back you too. Then you’d win, but the win would be hollow. Probably they’d just use you to cleanse out the Left then manipulate you into a war with Turkey and … game over, just like in 1974.

  2. SYRIZA has plateaued. Tsipras is travelling around the world telling everyone he is a safe investment. That is a bad sign.

    He had a chance in 2012 for a SYRIZA-ANEL government but blew it.

  3. For the love of God, get over the Macedonia name already. Why is it hard to say there are Greek Macedonians and Slavic Macedonians? Thessaloniki was half Slavic when Sts. Cyril & Methodius were based there and devised the Cyrillic alphabet and Old Slavonic liturgy. Slavs have been there for a long time. Calling them Macedonians of a sort is not to accept extremist ideas linking their hybrid language and culture to Ancient Macedonia.

    It is really a typical sort of BS subject for a corrupt government to fixate on. Some politicians will vote to sell out to the IMF, Dublin II, etc., but not to allow other places to be called ‘Macedonia’. Wow, should that make anyone proud? There are lots of towns named Athens in the US…

  4. The only nazi-party you mean… Good thing ppl steping on creeps like that. All You Fascists Bound To Lose!