Greek Tweeters Press Golden Dawn Boycott

fuhrer-thumb-mediumAngry that a prominent Greek TV station hosted four members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party on a show, critics have begun a Twitter campaign pushing a boycott of any media that gives time to the extremists, who have 18 seats in the Parliament.

The campaign was launched after SKAI host Yiorgos Tragkas had the Golden Dawners on his Sniper show on April 7. A tweet under @ypopto_mousi’s urged followers to boycott companies that advertise on shows giving air time to the far-right party. It is under the hashtag #xa_advertising and led to the advertisers of the show receiving hundreds of complaints.

Most of the companies – including WIND Hellas, Coca-Cola, Tria Epsilon, Novartis Hellas, Lidl Hellas, among others –  stated they didn’t know what was going to be on the show but admitted that in some cases, that they will sponsor segments if Golden Dawn officials appear on them. There was no response from the party and backers of the boycott didn’t indicate if they felt they were pushing censorship at the same time.

Golden Dawn’s rise in power has coincided with growing opposition from its critics, particularly Leftists, who have occasionally clashed with them on the streets. Apart from news clips and coverage of events, party officials haven’t frequently appeared on TV or other media.

The party has an openly anti-immigrant, ultra-religious, jingoistic stance and has been accused of being anti-Semitic, anti-gay and of participating in beatings of foreigners, which it has denied.