Junta Lovers Host Political Memorial

juntaUnrepentant defenders of Greece’s brutal military dictatorship, the junta carried out by the Colonels, will gather on April 21, the 46th anniversary of the government’s takeover, to commemorate what they believe was a great period in Greek history.

The featured speaker at the event will junta apologist Paraskevas Bolaris, from the so-called Pajamas Movement, with speeches from Aristides Dimopoulos, a close colleagues of the late dictator George Papadopoulos, and a greeting from Papadopoulos’s cousin Angelos Papathanou, who was director of the political office.

There will also be a presentation of the book Comparative History August 4 – April 21, where the author Manos Hatzidakis will talk about the regimes of Greece then.

As part of the political commemoration of junta an audiovisual material will be screened. The event will be held at 7 p.m. at the Hotel President. Papadopoulos’ widow, Despina, has also been invited.

The 1967 coup and the following seven years of military rule were the culmination of 30 years of national division between the forces of the Left and the Right that can be traced to the time of the resistance against Axis occupation of Greece during World War II. After the liberation in 1944, Greece descended into a civil war, fought between the communist forces and the now returned government-in-exile.

Papadopoulos is still revered by some Greeks, including the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party which adores the dictatorship period. He was a Nazi collaborator who worked for the CIA

The junta tortured and exiled many people and stifled free speech and was backed by the United States which wanted to keep down Communism, for which many Greeks have never forgiven American leaders.

After a student-led rebellion in 1973 brought down the dictatorship the next year, he was later sentenced to death, which was commuted to life imprisonment. He died in 1999 at 80, unapologetic for his actions.


  1. The Traitors that have ruled Greece for the last 30 years since the CIA orchestrated events of the Polytechnic are going to have their day in court soon and they’re all going to day in jail too.

  2. Proof about this : “He was a Nazi collaborator”, please ?

    On the others hands, it is well known and sourced that KKE communists didn’t
    wanted to fight Fashist Italia, a country allied with Nazi Germany, who wanted to invade Hellas. All that because the communists and Nazi Germany were allied at that time.

    The far-left and especially the communists were nazi collaborators and not only in Hellas, in others countries too. In France for example, the communists even sabotaged the country’s defences so the German nazis can invade faster …

  3. I wonder what would have happened if Papandreou Sr. was successful in his two coup attempts, which forced the Junta to seize power, how Greece would look today. Even better yet, the communists baby kidnappers and murderers won the civil war and made Greece something of a mess like Albania under communism was.

  4. Typical paranoid delusional thinking that runs rampant with many “Greeks”, on one end the US supported the Junta and on the other they orchestrated the Polytechnic events. If this is all true the US has been playing Greece for decades now. Papadopoulos did not work for the CIA, ever, it was good ol Andreas Papandreou who worked with the CIA, but ultimately betrayed them and fled to Greece as the biggest anti-American. Papadopoulos was a Greek nationalist, and not a nazi sympathizer or supporter, to conclude otherwise is downright laughable. The Juntas rise to power was necessary, as Papandreou orchestrated two failed coup attempts, so they stepped in. Stop rewriting history to suit your own biased backwards thinking.

  5. No mention of 30 percent of our electorate current vote for leftwing extremists like communist Syriza?

    No mention of the “unrepentent” far leftwing extremists that glorify communists that were responsible for a 100 million dead ? (including the tens of thousands of Greeks murdered by Greek communists for mass murderers like Tito and Stalin back when they were trying to detach Macedonia from Greece and turn us into a communist dictatorship)

    Are communists “human rights” activists according to leftist Greek Reporter now?

  6. What would that accomplish? Even looking at things purely strategically such a government would not be able to hold power. In the 70s the US backed the military junta (as they feared the socialists nationalizing everything and aligning with the Soviet Union) This was also the case during WW2 when they supported the Metaxas government against the Nazis as well as our communist civil war.

    Today however the US government backs the descendents of Skopian Nazi and communist terrorists that threatened our country. while pretending they don’t notice or remember those events. (along with treasonous cowards like Andy Dablis who’s too frightened to defend Greece so not only doesn’t say a peep of criticize his fellow Americans for their unprincipled subsidizing of IMRO today but even attacks other Greeks trying to defend their country to hide his cowardice.)

    “This (US) government considers talk of Macedonian “nation”, Macedonian
    “Fatherland”, or Macedonia “national consciousness” to be
    unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees
    in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against
    Greece” – US State Department Dec, 1944 (Foreign Relations Vol. VIII
    Washington D.C. Circular Airgram – 868.014/26)

  7. I learned a long time ago leftist extremists eventually call anyone who isn’t a leftist ‘fascist”. Its their method to shut down debate about their political views.

  8. Seems that some on leftists on “Greek” Reporter have forgotten that far leftist extremists was actually the biggest oppressor of human rights in the 20th century. (see brutal far leftist single party dictatorships that made most of the Soviet Union)

    It is estimated 100 MILLION PEOPLE were either directly or indirectly killed by communists. (either through straight mass murder or starving millions of their citizens to death with their incompetent economic policies)


  9. Why would a US President (Bill Clinton 1999) officially and publically acknowledge America’s support for the Junta if it weren’t true?

  10. Do you understand the difference between support and creation? The US had no role in creating the Junta. Andreas tried a coup or two and failed, that’s when the military stepped in. The Junta was to be short lived, under a year till elections were held, they lost US support after a while when they got too comfortable and didn’t call elections.

  11. the nazis killed that many as well. and really are we defending golden dawn fascist nazis, by saying that communism also killed people. quite a pathetic argument.

  12. Colonel Georgios Papadopoulos (Greek: Γεώργιος Παπαδόπουλος) (5 May 1919 – 27 June 1999) was the head of the military coup d’état that took place in Greece on 21 April 1967 and leader of the junta that ruled the country from 1967 to 1974. Papadopoulos was a Colonel of Artillery. During World War II, he had initially fought against the Italian 1940 invasion and then he became a Nazi collaborator in the Security Battalions…..During World War II. Papadopoulos saw field action as an artillery second lieutenant against both Italian and Nazi German forces which attacked Greece on 6 April 1941. During the subsequent occupation of Greece by Nazi Germany, Italy and Bulgaria, he worked in the Greek administration’s “Patras Food Supply Office” under the command of Colonel Kourkoulakos, who was responsible for the formation of the “Security Battalions” in Patras. These were collaborationist military units created by the Greek puppet government of Ioannis Rallis in 1943 to support the German occupation troops. They were supported by the extreme right and pro-Nazis Source among many other places: Giannis Katris, The Birth of Neo-fascism in Greece, 1971. no surprise here that golden dawn nazis support undemocratic nazi collaborators like papadopoulos. they are after-all the ancestors of the security battalion and junta traitors

  13. Papadopoulos was a dictator but not a “fascist”. This is just the stupid framing of words by leftsts extremist that insinuate everything on the right is “fsacist” (which I myself used to fall for). Rightwing dictatorship is not a synonym for “fascism”.

  14. No its not. There are many many ideologies between communism and fascism. I highly recommend you open any academic book to learn about them. (rather than read leftist extremist propaganda pawned off as “facts”)

  15. You don’t know even basics that fasiscism isn’t really “right wing” (i.e. less government not more). Fascism was a mix of leftist and rightwing elements.

    In practice economically speaking the Nazis were far closer to communism than a rightwing ideology like libertarianism. Why Nazis are associated with rightwing is partly due to leftist propaganda and because of the nationalist part of its name (since the right tend to be patriots and the left are more prone to treason for the sake of their alleged foreign “comrades”)

  16. economic fascism is equivalent to a centrally planned economy whereby government and private sector are married (see bailouts etc) you have no idea what you’re talking about. social fascism (see XA) is as right wing as it gets. but from a non-greek living in his parent’s basement having never visited, lived, or spent any time in Greece, your ignorance is not surprising. since the right tend to be patriots hahahahahaha really “The Security Battalions (Greek: Τάγματα Ασφαλείας, Tágmata Asfalías, derisively known as Germanotsoliades or Tagmatasfalites) were Greek collaborationist military groups, formed during the Axis occupation of Greece during World War II in order to support the German occupation troops………They were supported by the extreme right and Nazi sympathisers …

  17. Right wing nazis hanging out with right wing nazis. you want to talk treason here you go.

    German neo-Nazis with leader of Golden Dawn Nikolaos Mihaloliakos, http://www.grreporter.info/en/sites/default/files/2%20%281%29_0.jpg

    Members of the Bavarian neo-Nazi organization “Freies Netz Süd” proudly announced their visit to the parliamentary office of Golden Dawn. Pictures posted on the German extreme right organisation’s website proved this visit of their representatives. This organisation is known as one of the most extreme in the German extreme right-wing and authorities have often dealt with it because of acts against immigrants. Members of the “Freies Netz Süd” visited Athens on the day when Golden Dawn organised a procession in the city centre on the occasion of the anniversary of the events on the Island of Imia. Their website also informed about the delegation’s meeting with Golden Dawn’s leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos.


    Recently, the German magazine Der Spiegel made revelations of Golden Dawn’s connections with extremist organisations in Bavaria, which are under investigation by the German police. According to the magazine, “the Bavarian police are concerned about the Bavarian Nazis’ contacts with right-wing extremists from Greece.” A representative of the Bavarian Office of the Federal Bureau of Protection of the Constitution, said for the magazine Der Spiegel that “Golden Dawn has an international network of contacts and maintains contacts with Bavarian Nazis. These contacts are encouraged via mutual visits to Bavaria and Greece as well as via meetings at various events of far-right organisations in Europe.”

    Der Spiegel’s revelations provoked a strong reaction from the Golden Dawn party, which, in a statement, said that they are not identical with German neo-Nazis. “We want to inform everyone that the Golden Dawn party has no relations with foreign political organisations or parties” – a claim that was refuted by the photographs posted on the website of the Bavarian far-right organisation “Freies Netz Süd”.

    Along with the publication of the photographs, German neo-Nazis wrote on their website that their visit to Athens was a response to the participation of representatives of the Golden Dawn party in the National Socialist Congress, held in November 2012 in Nuremberg. Der Spiegel also focused on this congress. Golden Dawn denied this in a statement of 5 February, saying that “The German magazine reveals that, not so long ago, Golden Dawn organised a congress in this town in Southern Germany.”

  18. You are the one that has no clue what you are taking about. You just frame everything not leftist “fascist” like a stereotypical leftist.

    You keep glossing over.,..

    A. Communist collaboration with Nazis in dividing Poland — as well as a an Molotov–Ribbentrop pact between the Soviet Union and Nazis

    B. Metaxas right-wing government (what leftist revisionists call “Fascist” today)… fought Nazis (our right-wing government was PRAISED by the allies.

    C. There is no linear connection between GD and Juntu or WW2. GD is an entirely new party that only recently gained support due to over reaction of failed policies middle ground parties. GD is not a “Nazi” party. It is a Nationalist party. “Nationalist” is not a synonym for “Nazi: (other than in the brains of leftist buffoons)

    D. The civil war was directly the direct result of treason by FAR LEFTIST EXTREMISTS. (communists). Our communists were perfectly content to murder Greeks for mass murdered dictators like Tito and Stalin while trying to detach Macedonia from Greece.(back when the US was our ally)

    “That is what we did in Greece, when that nation was threatened by the aggression of international communism. The attack against Greece could have led to general war. But this country came to the aid of Greece. The United Nations supported Greek resistance.
    With our help, the determination and efforts of the Greek people defeated the attack on the spot. ” – President Harry Truman

  19. why do i care about poland? metaxas was great in that he fought the italians. golden dawn nazi security battalion collaborators are not and metaxas would be DISGUSTED BY XA

    “There is no linear connection between GD and Juntu or WW2” yes there is. the XA bouleutes and voters praise hitler, the junta, and the security battalions.

    “The civil war was directly the direct result of treason by FAR LEFTIST EXTREMISTS.” wrong again that’s not the only cause. not to mention more greeks were killed in ww2 than in the civil war.

  20. There is no such thing as “economic fascism”. You are just throwing around words without caring if they appropriately match concepts. You view of history is completely distorted as well.

    “Today the situation in Greece is greatly changed. The guerilla bands which threatened Greece’s internal security have been defeated in the Grammos Mountains, and remnants are being brought under control by the Greek National Army troops, which are supplied by United States aid.” – President Harry Truman

    “Since the initiation of our major bi-partisan foreign aid program in 1947, the accomplishments of the free world have been very great. In Greece, the onrush of communist imperialism has been halted and forced to recede. Out of the ruins left by that aggression, a proud, self-reliant nation has re-established itself. Threatened economic and political collapse in Western Europe was averted through the intensive efforts of the great peoples of that continent aided by American resources.” – US President Dwight Eisenhower

  21. Yes the right tend to be patriots and leftists tend to be more prone to being treasonous anti-nationalist extremists. Its the nature of the ideologies. Conservative values try to preserve the nation. Leftists tend to be proud anti-nationalists. (why they end up framing everyone on the right as “fascist”)

    This is also why… virtually to a man…. it is LEFTISTS that argue for illegals (and sometimes in support of Skopians)

    Another example of this is communists treasonously murdered other Greeks to detach Macedonia from Greece for the sake of IMRO during Greek civil war. Bringing up any WW2 occupation collaborators (most of whom fought the Nazis prior to occupation I would add) is hardly the same as the communists who were not under occupation post WW2….. but still choose to murder Greeks for the sake of communist tyranny and to partition a third of our country for their IMRO comrades.

  22. Metaxas, would be far far more disgusted by parties like Syriza, KKE and probably even alleged moderate leftists. (

    You point that more were killed in WW2 than civil war is an irrelevent red herring. The assertion that civil war wasn’t due to communists is empty narrative. Had Greek communists not chossen to murder other Greeks for IMRO and to detach Macedonia from Greece, there would have been no civil war. Far leftist extremism was the exactly the cause of the civil war (which other western countries, that also had Nazi occupation government, didn’t have to go through because their leftist weren’t quite as extreme as ours)

  23. i only bring up casualty numbers because you constantly bring up the fact that millions died under communism (while ignoring an equal amount died under the nazis). THAT IS NOT THE SOLE CAUSE OF THE CIVIL WAR. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD.

  24. The failed far leftist ideology you keep trying to defend is about primarily about treason and cowardice for the sake of their alleged foreign “comrades” (mostly whom incidentally don’t give a damn about Greeks – see how they pretend not to notice FYROM). Its a fact far leftist extremists spend far far more time arguing for illegals and ranting against Greeks than actually protecting Greeks.

    Case in point….

    “The youth of SYRIZA demonstrated in Skopje several years ago supporting FYROM in its use of the name “Macedonia”.”


  25. I am not arguing for Nazism . . However the core parties that make Syriza ARE arguing for communism (that has twice as many voters as GD).


    As for the civil war, there were of couse ancillary causes (as their are with every issue) but unquestionable the biggest single reason was the treason of far leftist extremists that put their communist ideology and foreign IMRO “comrades” ahead of the Greek people.

  26. those causing the most damage to the Greeks are ND/Pasok and their subservience to the EU and Wall St. nothing else even comes close at this point and certainly not the illegal issue. keep on defending nazis and security battalions and glossing over the fact that EAM killed more german nazis, whom you LOVE, than any other organization in the war by far. and yet again, in a topic unrelated to FYROM etc you just so happen to bring it up as yet another strawman argument. this article is about the JUNTA, which XA supports, and papadopoulos who was a nazi collaborator. as for fyrom, shame on those who support giving up the Greek name. see you can be against treasonous XA nazis without being a leftists that bows down to illegals and skopians.

  27. You didn’t even bother to read your own reference. The first line says…

    “Historians and other scholars disagree on the question of whether a
    specifically fascist type of economic policies can be said to exist.”

    There is no such thing as “economic fascism”. It’s a term invented by leftists to try and disassociate the SOCIALIST economics of fascism with the right. Righting wing economic polices are inherently ANTI-fascist. (small government not big government like the fascists). National SOCIALISTS loved their big tax and big social programs… just like far leftist extremists do. Someone on the right argues for less government and less taxation not more.


  28. did i reference that wiki link or one of 14 mln hits that came up with the query “economic fascism” and since you are intellectually challenged, since when did “disagree” mean that it DOES NOT EXIST. it certainly does exist and stares Greece right in the face everyday with never-ending bailouts (for German banks) and the eu currency. no – they only argue for less government and less taxation for parasites like wall st, but have a problem when a family of 4 makes 20k a year and isn’t paying their “fair” share. or they only want less government unless it comes to social issues or starting multi-trillion $ wars in the mid east

  29. ND/Pasok screwed up but they are not “subservient” to the EU. They have to make the difficult choice to either leave the Euro and deal with austarity on our own terms or stay in the EU and deal with austarity on the EU’s terms. Either way austerity was going to happen (aka finally balancing our budgets despite what ranting leftist parasitic extremists demand)

    xa don’t support giving Greek name. Its those on the left that do. Read any article written by a Greek leftist in foreign press. The treaonous cowards all call FYROM ‘Macedonia”.

    As for myself, even though I argue against the left (as it seems to be the ideology of choice for treasonous anti-Hellenic cowards) I am not blind to the elements on the right that are cowards themselves.

    For instance all the Greek parties outside of GD have agreed to a compromise of a composite name for FYROM… a position I strongly disagree with (as unprincipled appeasement to blackmailers threatening our country will not solve the issues) I personally will never reference FYROM as “Macedonia” no matter what any Greek government agrees to under pressure.

    I tries to stay open minded towards the issues but when IMRO’s pretentious foreign apologists started to whitewash their sudden identity change into “descendents of ancient Macedonians” I no longer needed historical narratives to see they were motivated by hatred and prejudices towards Greeks. IMRO scum can’t be trusted anywhere near the name. As far as I am concerned we are in an undeclared state of war. I will not be satisfied until either FYROM ceases to exist or has a completely new name devoid of any Greek references. That is the only stable long term solution. Otherwise these IMRO word game irredentism will continue for decades to come.

  30. So why did they get rid if for denying Israel the use of Greek airspace in the Yom kippur war against Egypt & Syria 2 months prior to the CIA orchestrated Polytechnic uprising by the traitors that have ruled Greece since then?
    Thes8niki you are a perfect example of how ignorant and uneducated people are.

  31. As I’m sure you know, the CIA does not exactly have a good track record of long term loyalty to its assets, in this case the nazi collaborator papadopoulos (the equivalent of mousolinni). papadopoulos actually secretly allowed Israel to use airspace in the first few days of the war, only to have that directive, at least in an official capacity, overturned. When the us realized that turkey would allow the use of its airspace while simultaneously getting back at the official policy of the junta for not allowing the use of airspace, they quickly pushed the already building momentum to get rid of the treasonous junta over the edge. They knew ioannidis ( a true nazi) the hot head would go ahead with his dangerous plans with Cyprus. Once ioannidis removed one of the last remaining greek divisions in Cyprus, in addition to calling back planes my theo was on, the green light for turkey to invade Cyprus was given all while the us sat back and got its revenge and air space for Israel. To hell with papadopoulos CIA agent or not. And this my friends the future of Greece if those fascist nazis golden dawn gain any majority – their dream of a military dictatorship run by their nazi bouleutes emulating ioannidis and to a lesser extent papadopoulos and in general the years of the murderous junta.

  32. Like every communist buffoon responsible for the deaths of over 50 million people the dribble you wrote is a bunch of lies and misinformation, and with communist traitors like your Theo in the ranks it’s no wonder Turkey took half the island.

    Να χαίρεσαι τα χάλια from the polytechnic generation and your retired communist hobbit Papariga.

  33. Ok nazi. the above account is what happened. my Theo was on his way there to fight in a plane when your idol ioniddis and the junta pulled him back. We are certainly not commies and by no means nazis unlike your 50 kilo muscleless frame. And for your info my papou fought alongside metaxas in Italy, received a purple heart, went to the metaxas line at maliagha, killed nazis for years after that unlike your disgusting family’s participation (with pride may I add) in the security battalions, then fought commies and was unfortunately killed in the civil war. Sheep like you who are preyed on and influenced by nazis don’t realize that one can be against nazis like xa and the junta without being a commie. Cyprus fell because of nazis like yourself. It was nazis like your ancestors who collaborated with the Germans in ww2. It was nazis like yourself who killed tens of millions of people and even more Greeks than the commies did. Shocking that scum like yourself who praise hitler and the junta exist. You and your german nazi friends in xa will soon perish just like they did. Why so angry my little nazi. Small man syndrome like the rest of your xa treasonous nazis. No surprise there

  34. You mean he was a fascist pig! All the fascist junta was pro-Nazi just as the goldendawn fascist pigs are today!

    You walk in any XA office in Athens and the first portrait you see is Hitler!

    There are too many diasporic fascist pigs here!
    The first mounopano is Alex the goldendawn fascist pig, then geospaa the Greek-American fascist mounopano, and of course the AussieGreek the fascist immigrant in Australia.

  35. You are all xestes pustides – why don’t you hate the bankers and politicians who are the real traitors by working together to put them in jail – xestes!

  36. Unlike the Military Junta of 1967-1974, the nationalists of Golden Dawn will gain power via the democratic process. They will be VOTED into power by a clear majority of the Greek population and an overwhelming majority of the members of the Greek Armed Forces and Greek police.
    Thus the CIA will have no power to control or depose Golden Dawn.
    Golden Dawn has no masters, except for the Greek people whom it serves with an open heart.