Greece Legalizes Envelope Bribes

    280912133800_0652The Greek Parliament’s March 6 vote declaring that the traditional method of passing bribes in small envelopes called “fakelaki” may not be unlawful because they are just Greeks way of saying thanks for favors is continuing to spark reaction.
    The provision came after the proposal by MP Giannis Panousis of the Democratic Left (DIMAR) party, which also planned to include a critical reference to the monetary value. According to this legislation, “the mere material inducements of no monetary value do not constitute bribery, but an expression of gratitude.”
    On the TV show MEGA Weekend, Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis, explained why the provision does not include a reference on the monetary value, noting that there could never be a gift of no monetary value.
    The President of the Hellenic Medical Society Matina Pagoni, who was also a guest on the same TV show, asked the withdrawal of the provision from the law about bribery, highlighting that it does not honor any doctor.
    Moreover, prosecutor Vasilis Floridis argued that this legislation is totally misplaced and asked, “ The existence of the word ‘gratitude’ in a legal text? Do we even understand what it means? This reverses any rule of good administration.”


    1. Gratitude? As a dutchmen i have to pay on every euro received. Its not appropriate that black money will be legal in Greece. If this will be approved, i will change my vote to anti euro, trying to avoid more Eu money flowing to this Fakilaki country

    2. I agree it would be foolish for leftist DIMAR to argue to effectively legalize bribery in this manner but offensively referencing Greece as a “fakilaki country” doesn’t suggest your concern is justice.

      Yhere is no way such language as “gratitude” being acceptable will pass into law – especially not under the current conditions.

    3. What the hell? As if there isn’t enough corruption, now bribery’s legal?

      How are we supposed to run our democracy? Things are just going to go downhill… actually, it’s more like jumping off a cliff at this point.

    4. I agree with your sentiment, but not your “holier than thou” mentality. The Dutch government and NGO’s waste untaxed millions of Euros all around south eastern Europe, financing unwanted gay pride parades and certain interloping NGOs.

      The European Union is bad for everyone. Some Greek political practices are bad for Dutch pocketbooks, and your countries normalized perversions are bad for Greek culture.

    5. Democrats only know how to steal, plain and simple. The 19th century, imposed Anglo creation of Parliamentary deMOCKcracy in Greece is not compatible with the Greek temperment and should be abolished. Honestly, it’s a failure for most of Europe, even the countries like Sweden who are somewhat getting by on it, would be much better off without it.

    6. Where have you been living??? NN the insurance company has had a fakelaki clause in their health insurance coverage for years. By the way NN is a dutch company.

    7. bribery is corruption. my father in law had to give 400 euro to the work ministary if he is to see his pension any time soon, had to give 250 to get a car licence to the government examiner, ika (nhs) doctors don’t want to see you during the mornings once they find out you have a private heath policy so you pay them, this is a tiny example of recent personal experience of corruption in athens.

    8. “The Dutch government and NGO’s waste untaxed millions of Euros all
      around south eastern Europe, financing unwanted gay pride parades”

      UNWANTED? Wrong! They ARE wanted by the 100s of 1000s of homosexual men and women who live (and suffer) in Greece!

      For goodness’ sake, you don’t believe that there are NO homosexual Greek people, do you!

    9. The passing of envelopes of cash in Greece MUST BE BANNED by the government, not made legal!

      As long as fakilaki remains unpunishable, corruption and bribery in Greece will continue.

    10. If it was wanted in Greece, it would not need foreign NGO money. How would you like it if Greece started subsidizing some group that could step on the toes of your cultural Marxism. Hmmm…what about the Greek government funding anti-abortion groups? Anti-gay adoption groups?

      Homosexuals in Greece are free to sodomize themselves all they want in the privacy of their own homes. But generally, countries like Greece, Russia, Serbia, etc are not as comfortable as the dutch with walking down the street with their kids and having a “gay pride” protest of a bunch of queer perverts blowing one another or parading around with erections in public. Look up the Fulsom street gay pride party online, this crap doesn’t belong on the streets of a rational country.

    11. WillToPower, you have now displayed and proven your arrant homophobia for all to see.

      One can only presume that you would also like to see all black people relegated to the back of the bus, along with all Jews, all disabled people, and various other minorities whom you deride as abnormal.

      That attitude is shameful. Come out of your medieval mindset. The dinosaurs are dead.


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